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  1. One thing I thought would happen was a dialog between Aldern Foxglove and Iesha Foxglove (or some change in her dialog, at least). I went great lenghts to encounter her with a character carrying Aldern in his hand just to find that it doesn't change a thing... Maybe there is an opportunity there... ;-) Cheers! Mauricio
  2. If they were selling lots of gold and treasure, they would have no need for specials. The fact that there are specials every month, for me, it's a sign that things are not so well... But who could blame the players? To buy gold is an awfully bad deal, and chests are better only if you buy 50 of them. And if a special is only marginally better than chests, how can they expect it to sell? US$ 25 makes a very expensive tablet game. The company should be happy to have that kind of money from each of its players. Buy if you decide not to pay for that and use the money on specials instead, you would be doing a bad deal. In my opinion, they should sweeten the specials to make them at least close to the benefits of the full price tag... Cheers! Mauricio PS: And they should also consider giving players reasons to buy the full package after he/she already unlocked some characters/campaigns with gold. We should at least be able to retrieve the gold we have already spent, but the way it is now, old players are decouraged to pay the 25 bucks if they regret not doing so earlier...
  3. Many thanks on the info! I am well aware that they are offering a 'shortcut' into acquiring these four blessings. If I had an almost full collection of cards and still had two or three of those missing, I'd consider purchasing this bundle. But with so many holes in my collection, I think that acquiring 35 extra cards it's not such a bad deal, specially considering I can buy them anytime in the future (and, who knows, maybe benefit from an eventual 'sale' of chests)... Cheers! Mauricio
  4. Exactly what I think. A "Limited Offer" kinda must beat 'normal' offers hands down - and with this one we trade 10 chests (potentially 40 cards/dice) for 4 cards and one die (even if they are all Legendary). A 5 to 40 rating it's not 'hands down' on my book. I really want to support this game, but for 20 bucks, I think I'll pass on this one... Better luck next time! Mauricio PS: Can anyone tell me if this dice set is exclusive? Opening the dice menu always makes my game crash...
  5. Had the same problem a few times. It seems you have to uninstall the game and then re-install it again, so the Quest Mode save game is erased and a new one can be created. Well, at least this worked for me... once. Cheers, Mauricio
  6. There is a spiritual tradition in Brazil that tells about "encostos", spirits that can follow you around everywhere you go, usually to influence you (and more ofter than not, in a negative way). This one is not really a monster, but an "encosto"... Cheers! Mauricio
  7. While I like Special Offers and encourage the developers to come up with some every now and then, I must say I am a little underwhelmed with this one. If you don't care for dice, you can pay the same $4,99 and buy 12 chests instead of 10 + a new dice set + a promo monster. 8 new boons (and up to 2 of these could be new dice) or one new die skin and one... monster? I'm not sure I would recommend the second option... Cheers! Mauricio
  8. So I guess I'll have to wait for the Steam release... Or manage to pay all my bills and get an extra US$ 1,000 somehow! :-P Cheers, Mauricio
  9. One thing that 'came alive' on the electronic version was the story. While I played with my friends, we barely noticed the twists of the plot: Aldern Foxglove, the invasion of Thistletop, the travel between cities... The dialogs created by Obsidian added a lot more flavor to he game! Cheers! Mauricio
  10. I think there are two main reasons to split the party: to corner the villain (keeping him/her from running everywhere) and to better use some characters (like Harsk and Merisiel). So, if I manage to locate the villain (with an Augury spell, for example), I usually stop spreading everyone and start using together the characters that benefit from company (like Valeros and Lem). But some locations can change that. I usually leave the Warrens empty, until I close everywhere else (even a Goblin Raid opened elsewhere can be troublesome if there is someone in the Warrens). And I usually place a character at the Shadow Clock, even if there is a chance I won't have an ally in hands when it's time to close it... Cheers! Mauricio
  11. Only thing is: all progress I have made so far is in my iOS iPad. Can I transfer everything to an Android-based emulator? Thanks! Mauricio
  12. Hello there, Discard? You only discard if your character is above hand size. So, if you did not pick up any goodies (weapons, spells, etc) on your turn, you don't have to discard anything... On the other hand, if you are exploring (opening cards from the Location deck), then you must do so until you find the villain - and then you must defeat it/him/her. No need to move if there is only one location left. Hope that helps, Mauricio
  13. Hello there! When I started playing Pathfinder Adventures, I usually played parties of 4 characters. I admit I have a sub-minimal system (iPad Mini), so the game crashed a lot with parties of 5 or 6 - but with 4 it crashed only every now and then. As patches and additional content were released, parties of 4 became too much for my system to handle. I started playing with 3 characters instead of 4. But now it is crashing way too much, even with groups of 3. Yesterday, it took me 3 hours to complete the daily challenge with a party of 3. The game crashed at a rate of once per dice roll (no kidding). It helps if I play parties of 2, but I think in the very near future I will be limited to soloing... Maybe the devs could show some sympathy for their below-min-spec audience and create a really stripped-down effects version for us. Something like 8-bit music/backgrounds could help, I guess... (or, in my case, they could finally release the Steam version - for in my country, an iPad Mini 4 costs around US$ 1,000...) Cheers! Mauricio
  14. I'm afraid you are right. Best way to equip the cards you want is to make 'hunting expeditions', usually with 6 characters on normal difficulty, without worrying about completing the scenario. Focus on the Locations with more boons and use strategies to maximize your chances of acquiring them (place Lem with the others, do not use Seela's power, etc). Good luck! Mauricio
  15. Usually, losing a combat is a bad deal: you lose both cards *and* you exploration. Mirror Image is not that great, but it may help against the enemies that deal Special Damage or multiple damage (like the Enchantress). Way better than Arcane Armour, that only protects against Combat damage and only once. And I am not comparing it to Amulet of Life - I agree that it's good, but it's also an item, not a spell... And obviously I do not try to fill my characters with healing potions - I am just saying that while healing potions will probably be a waste of an item slot, the chances that it will be useful is higher than an item that serves just one purpose (like knowledge or fortitude checks). Cheers, Mauricio
  16. Ezren is equally capable (or uncapable) with both Melee and Ranged weapons, but not the ones who require proficency. So Flaming Mace and Deathbane Light Crossbow +1 (from deck C) are probably the better ones for him at the start of the game... The only defensive spell I consider using is Mirror Image. If possible, stack Ezren with Attack spells (but keep his weapon ready for an emergency...) and a couple of Augurys (best spell in the early game). He will not need much healing, since he almost always recharge all the spells he uses. I usually build Kyra around Strenght and Melee, and increase her weapon slots first. It's true that she does not always start with a weapon in hand, but she doesn't have enough spells slots to consistently rely on them. So try to give her one Cure, one Holy Light and one Find Traps. Oh, and a Masterwork Tools is a must for her! And try to replace the items that are too specific (Tome of Knowledge, Amulet of Fortitude, etc). They usually don't end up being useful at all. Sometimes I'd rather start a game with a healing potion (that will be banished if used) than with some one-dimensional item... Cheers! Mauricio
  17. New characters also demand time to write new dialog for each one of them in Story Mode. I guess I would be curious to test the second version of Lem or Ezren as per the original Class Decks, but the other characters of those packs would be much more appealing (and, unfortunately, less likely to be released...). Best regards, Mauricio
  18. Well, I never said they were tested and balanced - they are just a few ideas that crossed my mind... I personally wouldn't mind more wildcards that would place my characters in danger, since the worst of the lot, until now, are the ones who attack the blessings deck... Best! Mauricio
  19. Discard from the blessings deck if you fail to acquire a boon is the worst wildcard, by a safe margin. The ones that buries boons are just annoying, not hard. The one that buries one card if you take 2 or more damage is almost innocous, compared to some of the others. I feel there is room for more wildcards to be created. A few ideas: - All combat damage received becomes fire damage - When you search a deck, bury a card from your hand (Augury-killer, Harsk-killer) - All difficulty checks to close locations are increased by 3 - When you encounter a barrier/monster, all characters at that location encounter the same barrier/monster - Every time you take damage, that damage is increased by 1 (Shrine of Lamashtu, anyone?) - Take 1 mental damage whenever you recharge a card (or fail to do so) - Whenever you banish a card, bury a card Cheers! Mauricio
  20. Ended up buying more to support the game than anything else. $20 for 50 chests is a bit expensive, but $10 for 25 chests and some extras is a little bit better... Cheers! Mauricio
  21. Great! Another idea I had, not for the contest and less silly than the previous one... Cheers! Mauricio
  22. Hi there, I know Adventure 4 kinda just came out, but I was wondering... what comes next? Adventure 5? Steam release? Another, unforseen feature? Best! Mauricio
  23. My take on #3: Buy the character you would enjoy the most playing with. Valeros is a good choice, Ezren is a good choice, Lem is a good choice, etc... All very different, all very efficient (in their own unique ways). That said, I would recommend you save for the Character Add-On, for sure! I may be wrong, but I guess you can't mix up quest mode characters with story mode characters. Even their progressions seems to be different, so you have to keep them in separated groups... Cheers! Mauricio
  24. I have never done that - and since they cannot gain Arcane or Divine skills, probaby will never do so. I mean, there are better card options for them, I guess, so I unless I discover an awsome combo that involve spells, I don't see myself doing this anytime soon... Best! Mauricio
  25. Had a silly idea for another card and decided to post it here. But it's not meant to be part of the contest, ok? Cheers! Mauricio
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