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  1. Fortunately, it's going to be some time before a robot can or will want to take my job. Unfortunately, that's because it is entirely surplus to requirements and I do something almost totally useless.
  2. Flann O'Brien - The Third Policeman. I'm about halfway through. I'm beginning to think it may be about a bicycle. I'm also in theory reading Carlyle's Sartor Resartus, but those mid-19th Century sentences which clog whole pages at a time were wearing me out.
  3. Which is also true of political parties in the first place. They've (re-)inflated a housing bubble, allowed most of our capital city to (continue to) be sold to Russian mobsters, and engendered the creation of a great number of zero-hours jobs. They've cut government services and failed to make savings from it. So no, not really. But no British government has done a good job since the War. We have property in London and when I visit the capital and stay there two things that most local people talk about are Property prices in London are very expensive and only foreigners can afford them There are many Arabs and Russians who are now effectively buying up London My argument to this would be The market determines the price of a particular property based on numerous factors like location. Is it the governments fault that a flat is that expensive in Chelsea? Its a global world, can you really prevent wealthy people from other countries from investing in areas like property? How would you reasonably prevent this? Yes. It is the fault of numerous post-war governments deciding to cancel government house-building plans, while maintaining the stringent planning regulations put in place by the Attlee government, which were supposed to be offset by... government house-building. The government is very much to blame for the housing bubble. International capital was attracted to the property market in London because (a) prices were already relatively high, and (b) London is a city for **** . As for it being a global world, yes, you can reasonably prevent the kind of tax-dodging going on with, oh, One Hyde Park, by ending the non-dom rule, introducing taxes of the variety mentioned by Monte, you could introduce regulations requiring property bought to be either lived in or rented out... the point of legislation is precisely to 'redress grievances'. May be those are different people. Sadly not.
  4. Which is also true of political parties in the first place. They've (re-)inflated a housing bubble, allowed most of our capital city to (continue to) be sold to Russian mobsters, and engendered the creation of a great number of zero-hours jobs. They've cut government services and failed to make savings from it. So no, not really. But no British government has done a good job since the War.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaHMdDjNnZ8 Scarlatti (D.), "The Hunt".
  6. that senselessly and seductively stupid sack of hideously hirsute and olfactorily offensive oddments, forsoof. We're British. We've been convinced the country is going to the dogs since the Romans landed. The so-called Glorious Revolution? Still not on the scale you're talking of, I suppose. And I imagine you'd discount the Pilgrimage of Grace for being monumentally gullible. Still, I'm not sure it's a good thing that major sociopolitical changes have been imposed by a determined, highly-positioned clique rather than by a mass uprising.
  7. I'm just getting a loud buzzing noise in my left ear...
  8. And would he still be a man? I'm sure there's a pile of rotten planks around here somewhere...
  9. Google produces no results for OPs quotation, FWIW. However, if we're going to play with ancient proof-texts...
  10. de Morales (c.1500-1533), Invitatorium (regem cui omnia vivunt), Officium Defunctorum.
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pragmatics There are many different ways of greeting someone.
  12. There is no such thing as "Western ideology", and your notion that "democracies work" is (i) implicitly tautological and (ii) dubious.
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milo_Yiannopoulos http://www.theguardian.com/media/2012/jul/08/milo-yiannopoulos-kernel-technology-interview http://www.theguardian.com/media/2013/mar/01/the-kernel http://www.theguardian.com/media/2013/mar/05/kernel-close-debts-unpaid-sentinel-media http://www.londonlovesbusiness.com/business-news/politics/sophie-hobson-why-milo-yiannopoulos-makes-me-want-to-swear-profusely-a-note-on-women-in-tech-and-feminism/5840.article https://twitter.com/nerowatch
  14. But in the first place journalistic ethics don't exist, and the very term borders on self-contradiction, and in the second place, gaming "journalists" are just glorified advertisers.
  15. I really think we need to stop talking about gaming "journalists". They're not journalists. They're advert copywriters. Gaming media outlets are glorified advertising, and alwasy have been. Thus there is no conflict of interest, and no requirement for them to be neutral or to declare interests. (Of course, they never were anything but in the pocket of devs and pubishers, and the idea of journalistic ethics is in large part an impolite fiction anyway.)
  16. [influence: Success] That's exactly what I thought you said earlier, so I did get it But that has nothing to do with this being a joke "rant" and that is what I was explaining to Qistina, she mustn't think this is a legitimate rant. You mean this is not real? that's cheeky and you know it I assumed she wouldn't get it because somethings are lost in translation and English isn't her first language. She also seemed to be asking a real question. But I may be wrong, maybe she can confirm ? It was a real question, but now i get it, thanks But in anyway, generally i don't really understand what KotOR 2 is about i. Kreia want to train Exile to become powerful like Revan ii. Kreia to destroy the galaxy by destroying the Force and she hate the Force How these two mix? What exactly Kreia want? She sacrifice her hands for the Exile, in the end she want to destroy everything? It's about betrayal. And what can change the nature of a man, of course.
  17. The first two pages of Google search results disagrees with you. "Lots of people believe it, so it must be true"?
  18. Remember kids, your only choice is between total deregulation and Soviet command economics. There are no other options. Capitalism as it is today was like totally in use everywhere for all of history until Marxism came along.
  19. Giving Thragon Age 1 another go. It isn't as terrible as I remember, but the sheer amount of grind is mind-numbing. The defence of Redcliff defeated me last time, and I'm beginning to run out patience with it this time, as well.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEirKBftk_o
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjuZL6v2H9A
  22. 1. A tailored black suit Plain black/blue suits are for spivs. 2. Black dress shoes This is something worth remarking upon? 3. Brown dress shoes Most men's 'brown' shoes are in fact orange. Orange shoes are for spivs. 4. Stocks I am not sinking my money into something I do not understand and will therefore net me no use, profit, enjoyment or good. 5. A tool kit I am not a mechanic. 6. A nice wallet I have one. I use it as my wallet, imaginitively enough. 7. Cologne, NOT BODY SPRAY You too can smell like the sort of arse who wanders around choking everyone else on his affectations of 'manliness'. Literally. 8. A watch I have a phone for that, and can only read analogue watch-faces with difficulty. 9. A proper bed with proper bedding Again, this is something exceptional to possess in what way? 10. A flashlight Got it, never use it, and usually forget I own it. 11. Duct tape I have no use for it, so no. 12. A weekend bag If I am going on the sort of weekend that involves packing, I'll take a suitcase. 13. Proper glassware I have precisely as much glassware as I need, and no more. If you want a ****tail, go and sit in a hotel foyer, and think about your mistakes in life. 14. Grooming kit I'm a man, not a poodle. Of course I don't own a ****ing grooming kit. 15. Double-hinged wine key I'm not a waiter. 16. Multiple towels Again, this has to be put here? As for spa towels, do I look like I run a ****ing spa? 17. A chef’s knife For my regular masterclass on daytime TV? P*** off. 18. A passport Was this list written for effeminate troglodytes? 19. A flask Presumably to hold the spirits I don't drink. 20. Sewing kit Don't have one of these, though I probably should have something, I admit. 21. An umbrella I already own a coat. 22. Buy an ironing board, and an iron. If you own a suit and not an iron/ironing board... good luck with that. 23. Jumper cables For the car I don't own? Presumably I should keep them in case my guests get so bored of my incessant swanking they need to top themselves conveniently. 24. Undershirts No, I don't own any. 25. Playing cards Yes, I own a pack. This does not make me a seasoned mark of Monte Carlo's casino-owners. 26. A lint roller Bought for a pound at the dry cleaner's. As yet unused. 27. A leatherman No. I don't need to feel big by pulling out a glorified pen-knife in the street so I can nick myself in public. 28. Sunglasses I have an old, scratched pair, yes. I bought them cheaply and I see no reason to replace them just yet. 29. A record player I don't have one, but if I ever get one, I can keep it next to the jumper cables, and other junk of no use or value to me. 30. Football/soccer ball/basketball, etc. Yes, I'll keep materials relating to a subject of less than zero interest to me. Presumably this is "manly". 31. A French press cafetiere I use it to make myself coffee in the morning. 32. Good socks I despair. 33. Good underwear No, I buy deliberately cheap and badly made underwear. It's part of my charmlesss attempt at quirkiness. Like the record-player and the jump cables. 34. A cast-iron skillet Since my cooking is limited at best, no. 35. Multiple sheet sets If you don't change your sheets regularly by thirty, you need to rethink some things. 36. A bar set Extra washing up andor useless clutter. Just what I need. 37. Matching dishes My crockery is entirely plain, but theoretically yes. 38. A decent car Since I don't drive, I can gaze lovingly at it, or maybe keep the record-player, jump cables, bar set and other useless rubbish in it. 39. A solid book collection I possess a large number of books. Some I have read, some I intend to read, and some I use for reference purposes. If you think books are for impressing people, you should try opening one. 40. A decent bottle of booze Since I scarcely drink, and mainly drink wine when I do, I have no interest in shelling out for one. If the American president comes 'round I'll tell him to **** off. I see and hear altogether too much about him as it is.
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