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Found 4 results

  1. We all have read a book and thought "Man this would make a great video game!" And most video game developers would agree with you too! (*cough * almost every fantasy game is on Tolkien's jock *cough*) So here's the place to share it! For the rules of this thread list a book or book series: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc OR An author: Lovecraft, Tolkien, etc. Then describe what type of genre the game would be (point-n-click, RPG, FPS shooter)! and maybe give a little description or maybe a reason why it'd be a great video game. You can list multiple books/authors as well. Even if none of these get made at least we'd get some awesome book recommendations! Here's mine: I'd love an RPG set in the world of 'Speech Sounds' from Octavia Butler's book Blood Child. It's a universe where everyone's Broca's area of the brain has been damaged due to an airborne virus so everyone in the world cannot read or speak. The virus also irritates the amygdala of the brain as well so it also makes people aggressive. I'd love to see an action-adventure game based off The Odyssey, but only the journey not the setting of Ancient Greece. Kind of like The Warriors or Brother Where Art Thou. Or another RPG based off the universe of the Crystal Rain series! Crystal Rain is kinda of like 'Futuristic Caribbean Steampunk' with pirates of flying ships. Hey, it aint Shakespeare but it is very enjoyable. And then I'd love to have a video game based on anything by Gene Wolf or Harlen Ellison (yes I've played 'I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream')
  2. The Many Deaths of Joe Buckley An amusing book, that Baen are publishing with all proceeds from this collection will support two charities, both founded, supported, and run by Baen readers: Operation Baen Bulk, which sends books, ereaders, and other supplies to our men and women in uniform, and ReadAssist, which allows disabled readers free access to Baen ebooks. If you don't realise it, but in many, many books that Baen publish there will turn up a "Joe Buckley" who invariably is killed off in so many different ways. He's the Sean Bean of the collected Baen Universes. This book collects many of those deaths, along with the various perspectives of the authors, and how this tradition started. To swipe some from the collections Introduction by John Ringo,
  3. One of the interesting (and most overlooked) aspects of BG2 and many of the other really good RPGs were the items that were books and scrolls that gave depth to the environments and places that players were in. It was really nice to be able to have a library filled with books that you could read. Unfortunately, I spent all of 5 mins ruffling through the shelves looking for potions and the differently colored scrolls or books that I knew were quest items. To me, I felt really bad for the devs who spent time coding in those books and writing in those beautifully written texts. I wonder how many people actually sat and read through them. One thing that I always thought was, "Why don't we make these books reward the players who read them?" The best example I can remember was Baldur Gate 2's Sun God Amaunator books. You get plenty of hints about the role of the statue but you're never sure what to do. A lot of these hints come from books. I would really enjoy having maybe 1 or 2 "hidden" quests that really reward those players who can only find that information written in the otherwise overlooked tomes in P:E. Maybe have some of them give interesting tactics that players might not think about using against enemies. Then make the books random! You won't always find that tome in the same place in the world. You actually have to read the book! It makes replays totally worthwhile, especially for those of us who always love finding hidden gems in games we've owned for very long times. And I think this is a game that will be played for a very long time.
  4. I was wondering if flavor text is important to anyone else (lore books go along with this). What I mean is how magical items in games like Baldur's Gate and NWN have a sort of history if you right click and examine them. I loved getting a fantastic weapon and reading about it's history and learning how it ended up in my hands. It made the loot that much more interesting. This could remain in the form of examining the loot, or collecting and reading books. Or they could implement a codex feature popular in many recent games. What do you guys think? Are lore books and especially item histories important to you?
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