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  1. Isn't the New York Post NewsCorp, too? Advice to Americans: Don't let Murdoch buy any more. Don't let yourselves get into the position we're in over here.
  2. Murder a family because of what they represent some of the time and to some people. Yeah, that's a great basis for running a civilised society. You're not a chum of Sulla, are you?
  3. Dear Auntie Prosper, I hope you are well. Please could you tell me of any mods you have released. I would very much like to know. Lots of love, Your loving nephew Doris XXX
  4. Bourgeois literary criticism, oppression of the proletariat, perpetuation, oppression, class war, capitalist exploitation of the working left sock, &c. Portait of the Artist is the textual equivalent of masturbation. It's also extremely effective in its use of style. Doesn't mean that it isn't an awful read, though.
  5. Read Vile Bodies instead? Does it have flappers? My dear, what a too, too laugh-making question. Or to put it another way, most definitely.
  6. Whoah, Francis Urquhart. Verily you are a poster of impeccable taste. *45-degree bow*. Meanwhile, his son waffles about "financial quantum".
  7. Too true. You might generously describe Gatsby as a mediocre book.
  8. And furthermore, his football kits are not cheap football kits! On-topic: The End of Mr. Y is pop-science wrapped in a postmodernist cover. Or to put it differently: it's the sort of book you expect ot be fun and amusing, and then find yourself reading fifty pages of having Baudrillard regurgitated by one character all over another.
  9. You might very well think that. The Prime Minister could not possibly comment.
  10. At least the examples posted above are vaguely sensible. Why the French now refer to a handkerchief/tissue as "un kleenex" is anybody's guess.
  11. What did you think happened to them? The German Habsburgs were ok, but the Spanish Habsburgs' reign of terror will never be forgotten. Parker and Kamen would be a good place to start reading.
  12. Murdoch is now 80, and the years of dabbling in the dark arts have evidently not been kind to him. You can be sure if it does get to prosecution, he'll milk that for all it's worth. Not sure a criminal prosecution is necessarily the best idea, anyway. particularly since the US will probably want jurisdiction by the time it comes around.
  13. It's like a less paranoid Daily Express, except with more words, fewer naked sluts, and more stories about fat immigrant single mother celebrities on benefits. It's the meeting-point of the tabloids and the right-wing broadsheets, and, increasingly, a sister-paper to the Telegraph, thanks to the latter's slide into unreadability.
  14. KotOR II. It's the one I've played/finished the most times, and IMO is still the best-written thing OE has produced.
  15. You have to ask? OK, let's start with a basic flaw: British journalists chiefly write for other British journalists. Makes sense. Excuse my being thick, but what's your next point? That they're all totally amoral and borderline sociopathic in their obsession with 'getting a story', and will happily ignore any and all social norms in order to do so? If you aren't one of them, you're a target.
  16. You have to ask? OK, let's start with a basic flaw: British journalists chiefly write for other British journalists.
  17. OK, so having given away intimate details of my real life, relationships and personal preferences to a dubiously morally trustworthy and somewhat macchiavellian company run by a man-robot with doubtful understanding of it/his connexion to other people and the social responsibilities contained there in... ... You now want me to repeat/duplicate this mistake. What on Earth made you think I'd agree to this?
  18. The wonderful thing about lumbering the average graduate with
  19. Well, they were distinctly unoriginal and distinctly mediocre, I'll give you that. They were distinctly poorly-written, distinctly ugly, and distinctly repetitive. Oh, they were distinctly railroaded, too. If I chuck in a "verily" and perhaps some cod-Elvish, we can pretend I'm one of the six NPCs with any dialogue. Erm, I played video games around that time, as I suspect did most people around here. The Dungeon Siege games were poorly-executed Diablo clones. When DSII came out the immediately recognisable features were the ugly graphics, terrible writing, horrendous railroading, meaningless spell/ability choices and colossal reliance on grind. Even multiplayer it's a pretty poor game. And when you consider the rest of the RPG cohort it came out with - KotOR II, Jade Empire, Fable: The Lost Chapters, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, and so on - it looks (and looked at the time) incredibly lacklustre. The only thing it had going for it was its multiplayer, and that wasn't exactly brilliant.
  20. There are a mix of options. You can go full metal moron if you want, but there are manipulative DS options, too, with rather wider consequences than whether or not you make another 30 credits.
  21. Would that not require there to be a right to be born?
  22. I still favour Doctor Who's "Timey-Wimey-Stuff" explanation. That's not Doctor Who, it's raped childhood served up in a bap.
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