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  1. Its been more than a month since the last deck release and more than two weeks since last patch. Any chance we will see deck 5 soon, perhaps even this week? And any chance we can get the whole adventure path before the end of the year?!
  2. This is a complex bug due to all the interactions, an example of how it can be complicated if a proper functioning effect chain isnt established. Encountered the Enchanter in the scenario Sandpoint Under Siege; her power of dealing 1 force damage before one acted should have triggered then, but it didnt, went straight to the summoning of Longtooth (which was lucky as it was summoned to the same location as the Enchanter). After the defeat of Longtooth, the Enchanter power still didnt activate, it was fought, and only then did her power kicked in, for the post combat fire damage. It was lucky it didnt triggered, as the conditions were hard as it were, but its still a bug
  3. We know you hate f2p players. Can you please stop to spam in the section continually your very explained thoughts? It's VERY annoying scroll entire pages to read others players post.. This is a forum not your personal blog.. I dont hate f2p players, i hate when they get greedy and bitch about a free game that already gives a lot away without much incentive to pay back, and how that can affect the viability of the game and sequels i care about And no one forces you to read my posts, its easy to scroll, or are you that lazy? Not to mention you are one to talk, having posted countless posts on this issue, as well as others of the same type. And lets keep this out of personal issues and focused on the game issues, ok?
  4. So whats the problem then with letting people play the difficulties they enjoy for less gold than what they have the option for now? Especially if it is as easy to gather gold as you make it out to be, as it would mean it has little to no impact at all. Because story scenarios are easier to game, theres a lot less randomness, so it would only take a player to pick the SAME SPECIFIC CHARS (but picked from the unexperienced pool) for example to get the gold even easier than it is now. But the progression of this game has nothing to do with gold, unless you are a f2p gamer, in which case theres no reason to facilitate the gain of gold (unless theres a way to monetize that. And Quest gives all that, ways to gain gold AND to experiment with chars, and its easier for the devs to maintain the economy of the game (and bugs related to that) to a specific section of the game. Keep in mind they have mentioned it will be released on steam, many people don't want to buy the same game twice just to play on their preferred platform. It doesn't mean those players aren't interested in seeing the game be great, so many players will pick it up rather than ignore it completely when it finally does hit steam.Much doubt they would spend money on a pc game when they have finished it already, even for the multiplayer (which will probably be the last feature implementation, due to its complexity and necessity of finishing and fixing the actual game); perhaps on a Steam sale but by then it wont matter for development costs and assessing if a sequel is viable.
  5. For P2P, the gold goes entirely to EXTRAS like dice and treasure cards, and one gets more from Quests, challenges and even playing other scenarios (from defeating banes and closing locations), its easy to get enough for a few chests every day with little play (which can get more salvaging unneeded treasure cards). This will only help f2p players get more game content easier and without any incentive to contribute real money to the devs, whose hard work they are enjoying without any giving back.
  6. It isnt obvious, but what you need to look for are two things: - the exclamation point over a char, that means its deck is not well constructed, either because it has too many or too few of each type of cards; first its recommended you remove all extra cards a char does not want, so they can be available to other chars, and only then do a second pass-through to substitute cards and complete the deck with missing cards. - if a number is in red below it means there are not enough cards of a type BETWEEN ALL the party chars; after you fix the decks of the other chars, only then (and again this only happens if theres not enough cards of a type between all the chars, otherwise you need to fill the deck with the available cards from the party pool) will you get the missing, basic cards from the vault.
  7. The deck buidling aspect of this game is just there to simulate the development and progress of a char, you dont have direct and unrestricted access to it, so no, its not a traditional deck building game. You gain access to the cards you FOUND AND ACQUIRED during each scenario, and at the end of the scenario you get to remake your chars decks from your current char decks cards PLUS those new cards you acquired; however, any card you dont add (or remove) to the chars deck is lost (until you acquire it again, that is). I recommend you look into the How to Play the boardgame video elsewhere in these boards for more tips. As for the chest cards (treasure cards), they are extra nice cards that are added to the pool of cards from each location deck is built, and may then appear in game.
  8. Sorry, if you get to Legendary, you are not a newbie. And P2P have ALL the scenarios on Normal and Heroic to draw gold from, PLUS Quest. And again, gold is just for extras, for P2P, so not an issue as you claim there. This bitching is a f2p issue only, despite your claims.
  9. Yes, all cards from the location decks come from both the base set and treasure cards (vault cards). Theres only the limit of the deck level (AD4 cards do not appear before AD4, for example) AND from AD4 onwards, cards with the Basic keyword and level AD-3 keyword appear less frequently.
  10. Gold collections is for P2P as well ... have you ever tried to use brain before open mouth? And I don't need more. I don't play Normal or Heroic since 2 months, only Legendary 6-party... have you ever tried to ask information before to insult and accuse anyone? PLEASE, its OBVIOUS the purpose of this post. (And curious, you claim you dont need more but STILL been pressing this button relentlessly through the boards). And the gold colection is easy for P2P (i know, im ONE) since those resources go totally to THOSE EXTRA like treasure cards and dice. Only f2p that dont want to pay OR grind (and its incredibly easy to gain resources here, WE ALL KNOW IT) have to bitch. FACTS, PERIOD.
  11. Bitching because a FREE game doesnt give you more, and you dont want to pay for the developers hard work, thats why i hate f2p players..... Its very simple, given the VERY GENEROUS f2p policy of this game, its totally possible to finish the game up to current state having a normal size party (4) with several chars to choose from TOTALLY FREE (AND STILL HAVE ENOUGH GOLD TO BUY GET THE REST OF THE ADs when they come FOR FREE) WITHOUT ALMOST NO GRINDING typical of f2p games. You want to get more chars? Grind a LITTLE bit in Quest mode (or on Legendary, its EASY TO GAME IT WHICH IS WHY THEY CHANGED the gold distribution). Or do the right thing, DROP SOME MONEY ON A GAME THAT ENTERTAINS YOU (if not, why spend precious time grinding and bitching here), get those things easier and give resources to the devs to bring more content and fix things faster (MORE REAL MONEY=MORE RESOURCES FOR DEV), and show that this game is profitable and worthy of further APs. Want to try different combinations of parties? Play the AP with them, you wont get the gold, but IF WHAT YOU TRULY WANT is trying those different combinations, thres no point in gaining gold, since the chars update RPG like, with playing, which is what you will be doing. Just STOP BITCHING of a game that is FREE and REQUIRES SO LITTLE compared to other f2p games.
  12. Maybe they shouldn't have provided support for smaller devices? Maybe instead of phones they should focus on Steam and PC/laptop users? Depends on what Paizo wanted. Licensed product, after all. Me? I want it on PC more than the phone, but I played it on the phone just fine. Not often, but works when I do. Not idea from my perspective, but if Paizo demanded it as part of licensing, there you have it. Don't know.Good point. Regarding which platform they should focus first is also debatable, but they said previously that all those platforms were milestones, as is multiplayer, if an unified UI is the required way to go, its better to address it earlier rather than later, while the audience is both smaller and in the same segment (as tablets and phones are). But yes, i think they took on too much for the resources available, and the game has been suffering for it (think even before lauch, took awhile to release and missed several first release dates as well).
  13. The UI changes WERE necessary and asked for for smaller devices (if they should have kept the previous working UI for tablet size devices is debatable, but in a programmer perspective i can understand why they chose not to, different UIs require more maintenance and QA resources, which we know they are in lack of).
  14. The retro look is funny, but nothing showing the game on a phone, nor the advantages of the digital vs boardgame version takes much use of the trailer, IMHO
  15. Season pass can be (has been) used in both contexts, in this case it was clear from the beginning, that the game would be released in instalments.
  16. As for content being more important than bug fixing, cant exactly agree with that, no point in having content when there are game corrupting/game stopping bugs which prevents from even getting to it. But as time lags between content release, said content does increase in priority.
  17. The interface tweaks were for phone support mainly, which was one of their development milestones, just look at how they call the last release the phone release.
  18. Really cant figure out your point on how the increase of inflation of the ingame currency (gold) will hurt paying costumers more (which ALREADY have a different currency - real cash), its the opposite that happens. Care to elaborate? But its a good point that the delay is helping f2p and hurting premium, since the hidden tax of f2p (time, which in this game is lower than others, since there are no timers on farming, other than the daily gold, and that is more a side earning way) is less severe, and f2p can achieve the same level of rewards of premium a bit easier (not to mention the extremely favorable conditions of farming gold up until recently).
  19. Ill just respond to the second sugestion: You are only looking at the situation from a f2p perspective, the $25 for the whole bundle (minus treasure cards and dice) is for ppl like myself who prefer the premium format of paying a fixed sum for a game/app. Im sure happy that Obsidian added that choice, and sure hope they dont remove it.
  20. The problem, like its stated in the bug report, is that even if logged in, the gold value isnt properly updated in the Store panel after salvaging cards, a restart of the app is required, and obviously originates some confusion, its something that needs to be fixed. And while its not the case here, while it shouldnt, it does not mean it cant happen.
  21. Its a visual bug only, you need to restart the app to see the new total. Annoying, but just that, no gold lost
  22. That's a shame... they presented a rather nice challenge. It's not like they made the scenario unbeatable so I can't see a reason why they got removed. Because it was unbeatable for most of the players mate Which is a problem because it shouldn't be unbeatable... and it's not. You do need to adjust your strategy but it's most certainly defeatable. Another thing is that by removing them here, all those players will only have problems in the future because in upcoming AP's there are scenarios without Henchman or scenarios with Henchman that don't allow immediate closing of location. Not to mention Villains who are undefeated if they're not the only card in location deck! This could have been a nice, "safe" training session to prepare for those scenarios. But what works in an AP may not work in random Quest Mode, different beasts, different expectations.
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