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  1. New install for me, so the problem wasnt definately in the client side. You also need to check that your iOS Game Center or Google Play Store accounts are logged in and working. The PlayFab service works something like: - Get your Google Play Store or iOS Game Center account, and look up the PFID it's associated with (or make up a new one if nothing's found) - Log in the PFID with your device - Connect to the game server and get account info like gold and chests and DLC and stuff If your game account isn't working right, you won't log in. If your game account is working right, but has an out-of-date login, your app will think it is connected when actually it is not. PlayFab actually recommends implementing Facebook/Twitter logins into their apps because they can occasionally be a little more reliable, and provide secondary authentication methods when the host OS method goes boink. The login issue was the first one checked, was properly logged in. Hum, while i never worked with either service, it seems to me its more of a PlayFab sdk problem than an account problem. Theres also this problem which persists and IS probably a client side problem.
  2. New install for me, so the problem wasnt definately in the client side.
  3. Tried the supposed new supported phone format, but game is unplayable: -location sliding table fields are empty (other than some UI imgs). -no char is assigned to location after game starts -char spotlight aura is near bottom of map, nowhere near place ita suppposed to be. Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1
  4. Each char has a deck of 15 cards each, the number of each type depends on each char, you may check how many cards of each type (there is no limit on the same card, except if its a treasure card, in which case it depends on how many instances of that card you have in Vault/Gallery - both the same thing) in the party panel, select the char and check the cards tab. Remember that theres no side deck or deck construction from cards in vault (only if you have less cards from a specific type for a char, and no other char in the party has extras of that type will you go get others from vault, and even then there are restrictions on what cards an be chosen), you get new cards from running scenarios, and each location deck is built from the cards in the Vault (base set + treasure cards), respecting the max level of the scenario (which is why one should salvage all treasure cards that one isnt interested in, to avoid the chance of them coming up). That said, you can tecnically give a specific card one char found to another by making then go on a party together and give it to them in game or after the game (remember you STILL need to maintain each char deck setup for each char card type at the end, so if you dont have extra cards of that type, you need to trade cards). Trading cards between different instances of the same char is a bit more difficult since you cant bring different instances of the same char in the same party, but you can still do it by way of an intermediary char, and running two scenarios with the intermediary char and each of the instances and do the trades/swaps. The thing to keep in mind in this game is that while theres a deck building mechanic component in it, you dont have direct, unlimited access to it, it is used to simulate a char development through running adventures, like a RPG.
  5. Wait you can do that? Yes, Quest heroes are saved in the device, only story mode parties are saved in the clowd
  6. Note that single card rewards, like spells/weapons/armor/itens do work, it appears to be just other rewards that do not, like skills.
  7. If a scenario in story mode has been completed already in that difficult setting, the gold wont be given unless in Legendary Mode. Theres already a "Scenario previously completed" point in the scenario conditions, but i agree that the "Dificult setting gold" point and the "Party size gold" point should be removed from the conditions window and just leave the "Scenario previously completed" point, less confusion.
  8. Hum, something is wrong with your description, Necromancer damageis and always has been force damage (which is why is so nasty), check scenario description.
  9. That may be but RotR is easy enough (some would say too easy!) as it is with just base cards when playing on Normal difficulty (especially when compared to later sets). Playing on Hard or Legendary... well, you don't really need them but they are useful since those are rather heavily luck based and your chance of winning or loosing depend on what RNG gods throw at you. So if you want RotR to be challenging you don't really want those cards added to story mode anyway... Perhaps, but again thats a very personal choice (using or not using treasure cards), and again, still believe you are in the minority. It IS an interesting challenge though, going through the set with only the base cards, and one that the devs could perhaps easily implement, an "Original" setting, like Permadeath. That MIGHT be valid for a game with true multiplayer (where the player base is a big factor), but for now, IMHO those "freeloaders" dont bring much value to the game, other than perhaps bug reporters (and for that, extra grinding DOES give extra value, since more playtime is done and more bugs are uncovered).Don't designers keep promising to add multiplayer component? So chasing off portion of your player base even before you managed to fully release your game is bad business decision. Because it is really simple: People who are willing to pay for a game most likely already did, those who are not willing to pay never will. No matter what designers do in order to "force" them to pay for it (because that's what reducing gold gain is all about: forcing people to buy your product). And by making it harder for those who are not willing to pay to unlock further content you can only succeed in making them leave... Not what f2p has been demonstrating; every successfull f2p has to constantly update their resource gathering ratio both to aquire and keep their userbase, and particularly the so called "whales" which are the ones that can keep the game afloat, the ones that actually spend money. Make it too easy and theres no need to spend a dime, so no whales appear and quickly the game will dissapear, despite having a big user base (which are in that scenario only freeloaders sucking resources without any return), but not enough return. And as for sending players away too soon, that can also easily be achieved by giving too much of the experience away that those players that dont pay get their fill and then move on to another new experience; they can be recovered much easier with the eventual release of multiplayer AND still having some content to go through that they didnt had the incentive to get to (but now do).
  10. Which shows that Story mode IS much easier for farming than Quest Mode, both because of specific conditions on scenarios and because of the high possibility of creating a routine (party/scenario/strategy) to optimize going through a scenario, given the fixed conditions of Story Mode, which cannot be as easily achieved in the randomized and higher choice of Quest Mode. That said, IMHO, they should make gold in Story Mode an one time thing, like the Legendary item unlocks and be done with it. People who want to try different team combinations would do so just for that and nothing more, and leave gold picking to the Quest Mode/Daily Challenges (where everyone can go for getting gold or farming). (For daily challenges that use story mode scenarios, a special shortcut to a tailor made/not randomized quest mode scenario in the daily challenge window should be enough, as long as the scenario itself would have been unlocked in story mode).
  11. Not sure anyone wins with this model... it's more likely everyone loose with it. Those who are willing to pay for this game most likely already bought the Bundle which give access to everything so the only use gold have for them is to buy treasure chests which not everyone might be interested in (speaking for myself the only reason I might get them is those extra dice skin, I could care less about cards). A lot of the treasure cards are much better than the base ones (Favors for one, armors for another), and there are also the ppl who want to collect everything. I would say that you are in the minority if you stick to the base cards, paying players or not. That MIGHT be valid for a game with true multiplayer (where the player base is a big factor), but for now, IMHO those "freeloaders" dont bring much value to the game, other than perhaps bug reporters (and for that, extra grinding DOES give extra value, since more playtime is done and more bugs are uncovered).
  12. Had just that same problem. Chars (Kyra, Sajan, Seoni) got to lvl 12, should have gotten a skill update, none did, went strait to equipment window. None died, failed to capture villain in time though.
  13. Perhaps an extension of this bug and just a problem of the store gold not being updated without a re-login?
  14. Have you tried to start new party of 6 on difficulty other then Legendary? No, I don't see a point in playing below legendary. Much less gold for the time. And since the complaint is about how much gold is being earned, playing below legendary doesn't make much sense. I don't see a point in playing a story mode on Legendary (other than to challenge myself, but I use solo character for that) but that is another discussion. And not really relevant for this particular issue. Get the scenario items and different kinds of play (with the limited movement) are two. But yes, its irrelevant. Its to make farming harder yes, and i for one applaud that. If the OP real motive is indeed to experiment with new chars than creating several parties of different chars in each gives that and a different experience (new tactics, different cards to use). But if it was just an excuse to easy farming just by swapping a char and gaining easy gold, tough. Glad Osidian is adjusting their f2p model, so they can actually get something out from their hard work that also goes towards more resources for bug fixing and content, so that everybody wins
  15. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88652-store-gold-not-being-updated-after-salvage/ You are giving yourself a lot of trouble, but i commend you on the iniciative.
  16. First, im logged in all the time, so its not that. When one salvages a treasure, and next goes to the store, the added gold is not reflected in the store gold, appearing to have been lost. It requires closing the app and opening it again to update the store gold properly.
  17. You just missed the patch note and the hotfix that I reported as the only patches I have seen in the month I m playing... But you still can, they are pinned in the top of the Announcements and News. You can look at them and found the 10 point with the issues fixed and the clear correction of p2p purchase function... But you got the historic patch 1.0.2 of May 6th (also reported 2 times).... So: 1) learn to read date 2) learn don't miss update/patch/hotfix 3) learn to read the specifications 4) learn to understand the software specification 5) learn to look around yourself, you are still the only one who says treasure chests are f2p features... So have we to pay money to have chests or better to pay to unlock every card in the game at the beginning? Your thesis have sense only in your mind... Sorry, its clearly you who has the blinds on, probably on purpose to suit your needs. 1) learn to read, period. I clearly stated FIRST PATCH which was 1.0.2 (not obviously the later ones, so probably its also you who needs to learn to read dates - hint: 2016/07/12 AFTER 2016/05/06). And those links were NOT the same nor had the same intent, the first pointed to the patch thread, with the patch changes, the second to a SPECIFIC post BY AN OBSIDIAN DEVELOPER stating the changes i was talking about (thought it was clear, check them again, check the URLs). 2) it was you who missed 1.0.2 AND the much more recent quest gold reward changes 3 and 4) im a software developer, i know how to read specs. Do you? 5) gave ample proof of it, also recommend you instruct yourself on f2p, so you know what you are talking about and see the big picture But since clearly you have no interest in doing so, this conversation is getting negative and since we are already WAY off topic, im done with it.
  18. Of course there is, with the gold farming to buy chars , adventures and chests (which premium also need to get gold for, but no prob for me there, consider it extra content and an incentive to play more). The new gold distribution by team members was also clearly another step in fixing the system, but also meant resources directed to fix the F2P system and not bugs. No mate, the gold system is to maintain players for long term through chests to unlock cards (with a casual extraction). It would still be there if game was p2p. Please read what i said: I never said it was ONLY for f2p, but IT IS a monetization system mainly directed for f2p, since farming is one of the 2 main f2p base systems, the other being timers (non-existent in this game), and the resource farmed IS gold. Ok, now im confused, first you say theres no f2p above, then you say there is. Which is it? And bty, 30+ hours to unlock content is for me insane, you can finish entire games in that timeframe. But then again, thats whats makes sense to (and is the basis of) f2p, and why its not for me. But you just proved my point about f2p and gold in this game, i think. Really?! You never played a trading card game before?! Same system, nothing to do with f2p. Again, above. And the normal game (without treasure) is whats in the physical boardgame, treasure cards are from either class decks or made up for the digital game, you dont need it to win the game (thank god theres no p2w). Its good and fun to have, sure, and also attracts the completist type of gamer (which i wouldnt call normal, as in average player) but they can be crucial to f2p, since they usually have better value than basic ones, and so give a leg up on farming. Again all part of the monetization system based on the existing resource, gold. And again, nothing against it from a premium point of view, just consider it extra content (like dlcs). You should look again: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86626-update-patch-102-submitted/?p=1807478 - daily gold is a honey pot for f2p but was broken - Quests is the main gateway for farming and was broken - fixed specific bug regarding gold exploit (the one thing i remembered, and i know theres been more Also check further posts on that thread, most dealing with farming In between, bugs from the actual game (read story and even quests) still linger unresolved, having lower fix priority. And also this: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86626-update-patch-102-submitted/?do=findComment&comment=1807711 which resulted so far, at least, in adjustments to earned gold in quests by party size (requiring much more grinding to early farming). Bottom line is, f2p requires constant adjustments even for well implemented systems, and that takes resources to fix bugs and implement new content; double so when the system is not well adjusted from the start, which makes those issues higher priority and lowering other bug issues (which as we know, are plentiful and just increase with each AD and treasure card bundles).
  19. Of course there is, with the gold farming to buy chars , adventures and chests (which premium also need to get gold for, but no prob for me there, consider it extra content and an incentive to play more). The new gold distribution by team members was also clearly another step in fixing the system, but also meant resources directed to fix the F2P system and not bugs.
  20. But they should have been more clear in the Play update notes, that single line was a joke and in bad taste for me
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