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  1. No, barriers stay always at the top and are always found until defeated or with some special means of evasion. Allies and blessings dont allow you to explore past a barrier, that behaviour is correct; the problem is that its not possible to ACTUALLY encounter it again, without the hidden procedure above.
  2. Still a problem in The bug prevents any char in the area to do much (had to forfeit a game) and the solution is impossible to figure out, one has to know through here beforehand.
  3. Yes, very frustating, nasty bug. Only managed to pass Heroic because got the wildcard that made all boons cost 4 extra, and always made what i could (choose lowest skill die, no buffs) to fail on the boons that would trigger the burying. The damage triggered by ALL henchmen type monsters (not just the scenario ones) is bad enough, with this bug its really nasty.
  4. Its the problem with the "chains" visual cue: you can still try to use spells with them on, but it will trigger the check. Not a very good visual cue for the effect.
  5. Yes, it is indeed confusing, the shackes should only appear AFTER the check failed IMO, no need to add those before trying the check (or mark them some other way).
  6. Also try going into the Vault and back again, sometimes fixes UI problems.
  7. Got the same problem in 3.2, had to forfeit as quiting wouldn't fix the problem (didnt try the Vault workaround).
  8. When trying to fight an henchmen Hook Mountain Hag with Lini, she (Lini) doesnt have a chance to do the Divine check to be able to use spells, just goes to the Combat check, with the spells shackled.
  9. During the Black Fang scenario, Seoni was fighting a Spectre in the Shrine to Lamashtu: - tried using Arcane Blast (discarding lockpicks) but only got a d12 (missing a 1d6) - Seelah tried to help by discarding a Blessing of Pharasma , but only got 1d12, not 2d12 (isnt Arcane Blast considered as a spell) - after being it with more than enough, it was still considered undefeated (doesnt Arcane Blast grants the Magic trait) and moved to a random location.
  10. Yes this is working as intended currently, but this is something we would like to revisit in the furture; The ability to have you edit your deck between scenarios until you beat Black Fang's. DungeonIt ist also very intuitive how to get missing cards. I knew about the rule of adding missing cards from the box (in the boardgame, vault in the digital) to complete the deck building, but even then,only after reading this post was i able to continue. Some clarification for those who dont know the rules about deck rebuilding and a more visual way showing how to proceed are definately required.
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