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  1. Possible, but then why that update description?! And for me it was only a 4MB update, probably given Googles patch system, so not that big.....
  2. Not sure if you were replying to my post. I dont have too much of a prob that is fremium (its normal these days on mobile, got used to it, at least they have a full content unlock), and none whatsoever with season type releases (which usually means not all content delivered upfront). Its only when the fremium system is badly implemented in that it gives "freeloaders" too much without an incentive to contribute somewhat (either through in-app payments or add revenue) that it starts to disrupt the return and consequently the development of the game itself that i have a problem with, particularly since premium costumers (read as having paid the $25), are the most affected, both by having longer waits between content (which they actually paid for and in advance) and because some of the development resources need to be directed to fixing the F2P part (the first patch was mainly for that, if i recall), thus even less resources for game bug fixing and content. And as for try before buy, im all for it, but that was already possible before f2p, with demo versions, lite versions and shareware, you just didnt "try" the entire game (and im not counting extra content, or difficult levels in that definition of entire game).
  3. I agreed with everything you said up to this point, after that couldnt disagree more. i did pay the $25, as i bought the physical game before, loved the game, couldt stand the long setup and teardown, shelved it, was excited when they announced the digital game that would fix that, agonized at the several delays, loved the first release, wanted to support the development and prefer the classic premium model, so payed for the bundle but getting more disappointed as time goes by for all the reasons you said before. Obsidian is not "essentially working their asses off to make a game for us for free" for those who paid, they are just delivering what was paid for, in season type release, and failing at that. And honestly, i dont believe most paid the $25 for the game, i think most went the (horrible trend IMHO of) F2P way, just look at all the posts on how best to play it that way there are in these forums; the problem was, Osidian was WAY WAY too generous and made things too easy for getting a lot (if not most) of the content by that way, thus failing to monetize on that (F2P is still a business strategy for commercial digital content, and a tricky one at that, its not freeware), which obviously impacts development, both of this and future sets, which right now honestly dont see happening sadly. Ya, but those of us who paid $25 dont particularly appreciate paying good money (and $25 is good money for a non AAA digital game, even more so in mobile than PC, not even Square goes that high) to be beta testers for a version which will most likely come out cheaper at release or be early discounted. And that PC money will, AT MOST, recoup losses, not fund future development for the other sets. I didnt agree at first (and still dont for the most part) with that thread views, but Obsidian must REALLY get their act together, or those predictions will come to pass.
  4. Ya, kind of a sick joke, given the multiple bugs and the delay. And is this the announced patch before the announced AD4 update (for which they removed any reference of release date no the map, not sure if in this patch on in a previous one)? Losing my goodwill honestly....
  5. Just a patch to fix some of bugs would give a better image to the game
  6. Did a small experiment, and although the sample was small, it points to the fact that you guys are just unlucky. Managed to cycle throw the top card 45 times, and only got 4 repetitions, on a single try. You may wanna try it yourself. The trick is using Merisiel Evade power to get the top card, evade, force reshuffle. To setup, go to a quest and create a party with Merisiel (for the peek and shuffle), Kyra (for the 6 blessings and cure Merisiel), Seela (for 6 blessings and cure), Sajan (for 8 blessings), Lem (for 5 blessings and cure) and Lini (for 4 blessings and Cure) Next put all chars on Town Hall (if available, the best since it allows a new explore with any type of card, not only blessings or allies) or another that allows extra explorations (either through discard or other effect). Merisiel turn will be: - explore, evade, use blessing/ally/location power, repeat until no more cards can be used to explore (be mindfull of always leave enouch cards in hand that you never run lower than 5 with hand reset) For OTHER chars: - give card to Merisiel (preferably blessings or allies that allow extra exploration, or other cards if location allow discard to explore), cure Merisiel if possible (Kyra has Cure spells AND Heal power) and then skip turn. For each Merisiel exploration, make note of card drawn; for better results, keep a table with a number and a card, and just keep track of card number. Do above until blessings deck runs out. Then just check number of sequential cards drawn. Results will vary of course, but doubt very much it will be 50% on average like you claim. Its obviously an empiric and limited method, since we cannot program a large number iterations of draw a card, put back card and reshuffle of the location deck that would give better results, but does gives an idea that the shuffling method isnt as flawed as claimed (not claiming its good either, like i said its an ineffective method and only allows a small sampling for testing, which cannot give a good evaluation of the algorithm, but not as flawed as claimed).
  7. Its well known to any real programmer that something with these kinds of interactions between entities, with several edge/special/unique cases are way more dificult to implement for a computer than for normal human beings, who can infer a lot that needs to be explicitly written for a computer (its that leap that machine learning and A.I. may acomplish and why those fields are getting so much backing from all the majors, from Google to IBM). Add to that several platforms with different rules of programming, and you have a lot more trouble (yes, the model is the same to all, but it still needs to be coded for each,and even if using multi-platform development toolkits, theres always problems; and after that theres all the different stuff like UIs) And as for the boardgame side, go look at the size of the FAQs and Errata and all the mistakes paizo did on the boardgame version, that required 3 editions to make it right. So my advice is give the devs a break, go play some other game (plenty of those around), and come back in a few months (its a season pass/episodic type of game, get it?) when all the content is in and most of the bugs are ironed out.
  8. Apparently is right A masterworks greatclub, how about that?! :/
  9. Some more info: - the party was created with permadeath set (dont play story mode any other way), and was the first party created (right when the game was released) - the party suffered almost a TPK on Adv2, with just one char left, so left it on standby and proceeded with my second party. - since party 2 already got all legendary on Adv3, and while waiting for Adv4, decided to bring back party 1 (adding some new chars to bring it up to speed)
  10. Its a traditional RPG thing with d20 systems, static bonuses only come from magic/masterworks items or ability/feat bonuses. (There are a few other ways to increase the static bonuses but are situational and not directly related to the item itself)
  11. Then shouldnt the permadeath switch be disabled for a not new party? Although i dont see how such policy makes sense, unless permadeath gives some kind of bonus which im unaware of (becide bragging rights)?
  12. The card Greatclub has the same text as the Greatclub +1, both giving strength/melee +1d10+1. Coundt confirm if Greatclub really gives the +1 which shouldt.
  13. May just be a small UI bug, but noticed that activating the permadeath option doesnt mark the party with a permadeath label in the story party manager. Havent confirmed if permadeath is actually active in parties without the label (the swicth is properly set, though).
  14. Minor bug, but if both wildcard/scenario effects are in play and more than one card is discarded by combat damage, only one card is buried.
  15. Its unlikely this will be implemented, as it goes against the design of the original game, particularly concept of the deck as the chars life.
  16. The bug is with the damage being triggered on a bury card wildcard event, and the devs already said it is fixed in the next patch; a workaround for now is to forfeit any game with those wildcards and try to get a game without (thats how i got through legendary). The damage triggered from killed henchmen other than those from the scenario though doesnt appear to be a bug, is as written; nasty, but survivable.
  17. Managed to finish in Legendary mode, got a game without those buggy "gain X, bury card" wildcards, so its possible (although i also got lucky that deck lookup got the henchmen and vilain early), all that force damage is nasty.
  18. Devs already posted Devs already posted it has been fixed in next patch. A workaround is to forfeit any game that has a widcard with the efect "gain X, bury card". And those before combat checks dont auto-fail, you can still use cards with chains, they will trigger those checks, its only a visual bug that makes the chains appear before the checks.
  19. Reported here, along with the triggers (its the wildcard rules). And its Force damage, not Combat damage, which most armor cant partially absorve (you need to banish/bury).
  20. Are you selecting to Discard or to Bury the Lamashtu blessing? I have several in my decks and they always worked as intended. Exactly, Lamashtu blessing gives a normal extra die when discarded, but requires burying it to get the two.
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