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  1. I've been running on my Galaxy Note 10.1 v2014 (Android 5.1.1) since Pathfinder was released. I have encountered some bugs, but AFAICT nothing that didn't afflict users on other devices. Nothing glitchy that seemed like hardware compatibility problems. Hope this is helpful to someone
  2. Scenario: Attack on Sandpoint Characters, Seoni, Harsk and Amiri (playing in that order) Locations: Town Square, The Rusty Dragon (closed), Swallowtail Festival, City Gate and Sandpoint Cathedral Seoni encounters Ripnugget and Stickfoot at Town Square. In villian temporary closing check, Harsk is at Swallowtail Festival with only one card remaining - Tsuto. He defeats Tsuto and is asked if I want to close location. I select "close". Instead of temporarily closing Swallowtail and proceeding to Amiri's temporary close check at the City Gate, the turn is ended. Seoni does not attempt an
  3. I have exeperienced this regularly over the past 3 days - no indication of progress on the daily goals. I am getting gold when defeating banes, but goal is still 0/25 today.
  4. Ezren has attack spells disabled, but never had a chance to attempt the arcane/divine check. I have a screenshot, but don't see how to attach it here Chris
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