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  1. After some time off I started my Pathfinder Adventures app again (iPad Pro) and I noticed that all my characters and games were gone. Still present are my chests and gold. Not present however is that I should own Rise of the Goblins Adventure 1, I think, but the goblin iconic characters are marked as "owned". What has happened here?
  2. What do I need to do in the iOS app to get rid of the red badge on the app icon indicating there is something new? I can't find anything to make it go away.
  3. I've noticed these weird card overlap problems with the newest version, too. Sometimes 1 or 2 hand cards even are even carried over into screens that should not have the game ui at all.
  4. PRuano, unfortunately no, I've tried relogin but to no avail. My PFID# is VER-565-20160810, I think. I now also have a red notification circle with a 1 in it on the app that I can't seem to get rid of. Clicking the exclamation marks in the app doesn't help. i hav an exclamation mark on the story button, but I'm not sure what it stands for.
  5. I've noticed that on some occasions gold seems to vanish right after completeing a scenario. For example, I just completed "Them Ogre's Ain't Right" on medium difficulty, and after victory the dialog added 150 gold and showed that I now have a total of 497 gold. But when I go to the shop right after that, there's only 355 gold. And the same thing happened after the scenario right before, too. What is going on there? I'm playing on iOS, iPad Pro.
  6. The Here Comes the Flood General Store black screen bug is very nasty, as it stops play, and there is no way around it. Please consider making this a top priority.
  7. Also reported here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87455-here-comes-the-flood-issue/
  8. I have the same issue. Seelah closes the General Store, then the die comes up to roll, and as soon as she should acquire on of these cards, the background turns black, and the game cannot continue. Exiting and restarting the game, or even the app completely only returns me to the die roll. There is no option to skip the die roll, so I cannot continue playing at the moment. Please fix this issue quickly!
  9. I finished the scenario Thistletop delve with Merisiel and Kyra on normal difficulty. The reward for the scenario is "Loot: Sihedron Medallion". I did get the medallion – I believe it was assigned to Kyra –, but I also got another card, in this case a Dagger +1, assigned to Merisiel.
  10. I'm wondering about the artwork used for Nualia in the dialog sequence for the Thistletop Delve scenario in Burnt Offerings – is that new artwork? I don't think I have seen this portrait before.
  11. I was able to solve this by logging out and back in again. After that the store looks fine and I was able to buy AD1.
  12. Most of the time, the field where my gold should be displayed is empty, too.
  13. Ahh! I totally forgot to look at that. Thanks!
  14. System: iPad Pro, iOS 9.3 beta 7 Login via facebook 1) When I open the store, nowhere does it show any prices for adventures or charactres; only the season pass has a price. The proce field for adventures, characters, or treasures are simply empty. 2) On the pages for adventures and characters, only the first two choices register when tapped. Once the second option, such as Skinsaw Adventures or Valeros, is selected, no other choice on that page registers when tapped, and this only resets when I change to another page.
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