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  1. Sure, you can't use the Craft to recharge it for now, but think about what else you get: "Reveal this card to reduce Cold, Combat, Electricity, or Fire damage dealt to you by 3. Recharge this card to add 1d6 to your Dexterity or Constitution check. If proficient with light armors, bury this card to reduce all damage dealt to you by 5; you may succeed at a Craft 9 check to recharge it instead." Reveal armors that reduce 3 damage tend to be 1) rare and 2) higher than AD3. And this has some elemental damage reduction in addition to just Combat damage, which is even rarer. In addition, if you don't need the actual damage reduction, you can use it on a check. I've played with the paper version of this card, and the recharge bit is actually the least used part. While 5 damage seems like a lot, you tend to take 1-4 damage or OMGWTFBBQ damage, and the reveal power tends to cover the 1-4 most of the time. And when you take OMGWTFBBQ damage, the Lamellar tends to fall a bit short.
  2. Yes, Steel Ibis Lamellar appeared in Mummy's Mask. But it actually appeared first in the Alchemist class deck, which is where a lot of the non-custom treasure cards come from (class decks in general, not this specific one) Otherwise, what Hannibal said - if the current content sells well and they believe new content will make a profit, they're going to create more content.
  3. With either the scroll wheel or clicking the arrows, the vault counts of the cards disappear. Just a visual bug it looks like, but a low hanging piece of fruit I'd imagine.
  4. Tontelizi it is. The adventure's available on the DLC list on Steam, though the price isn't available yet
  5. On top of what other people said, if people have context from Magic the Gathering destroy doesn't make sense either because destroy in that game means to put it into the discard. Everyone's context is slightly different so you can't use your own context as a universal to say that it would be easier for everyone.
  6. His official Paizo promo card (and sheet) say Favored Card Type: None. It means any hand will do.
  7. Errr... why can't the Goblins pronounce Tsuto, while Maester, a harder word to pronounce, can be pronounced perfectly? (Also Maester should be bane, should he not?)
  8. Having overleveled cards was never "illegal". However, in the physical game you can't replay old/lower level scenarios, so this wasn't a problem. In Organized Play (which uses a different set of rules), you could only play scenarios that were 1 level above/below yours, so again this wouldn't have been much of a problem. It's only a bigger problem because of the stash and the way treasure chests currently work.
  9. This is why I dislike DLC driven games, by the way - the designers are incentivized to gift you the item because you paid money for it, but it wrecks natural progression through a game. And the more a game leans towards DLC/F2P style items the worse it gets.
  10. That's because the invincible breastplate discards to reduce the damage to 0. Read the card.
  11. Eder and Pallegina are in your account (you should have a copy of each in your unclaimed), and they should show up in scenarios but they don't show up in the collection (this is a known bug)
  12. I think I've updated to but the autosalvage is still happening on my account. I had 3 Shovels yesterday and I only have 1 now.
  13. Legendaries have been disappearing from my collection, so it seems the culling is happening (OTOH I had gotten doubles from the epic/legendary DLC so I'm just very confused about the state of my collection atm). I didn't spend money on gold to get chests (only time), but I could imagine people who spent money on eg the Unity pack and then got the Epic and Legendary DLC being very, very pissed right now. Because they suddenly lost control over cards they bought, and the small amount of gold from the salvage doesn't even begin to compensate. Punishing early adopters (in this case, multiple times) is really, really bad.
  14. I don't have enough blessing cards to fill a deck. Fair enough. I also don't have any in the stash. But the end of scenario screen eyes the unclaimed card that I do have and I don't want to bring it in, yet it forces me to take it. I'd say this is a bug since I want to take basics instead. It shouldn't force me to pull out of my unclaimed pile, since I want to save those possibly.
  15. Most games made in the 80s and 90s were like that. One of the characteristics of (a lot of) Roguelikes is that consequences are heavy (like permadeath), and that genre isn't dying soon either. Visual novels can't even exist without consequential mechanisms. "Ruined game design" is more trying to assert a fact rather than an opinion, but I'll assume you meant that you don't like such mechanisms. Which is fair. Games can be good, even great with such consequential mechanisms. Games can be good, even great, without such mechanisms. You don't have to like them. It really depends on your motivation for playing is though. If you want to wade through the story (and Obsidian has made the story better than the card game has, though to really go through the story you'd have to play the tabletop RPG version of RotR), these types of mechanisms aren't bad. If your motivation for playing is to get all the loots, things like the stash and respeccing, etc are great since you really want to get to the looting part anyway. If your motivation is to see how to solve these "puzzles" efficiently, then you probably won't like things like the stash and respeccing, because they make solving the "puzzle" easier (or reduce the consequences of mistakes).
  16. I got the Epic/Legendary DLC, and it gave out cards (actually it gave out cards twice, which was weird) However, there are the 6 cards purchasable with Gold: Mountain Pattern, Gray Gardener, Improved Find Traps, Volcanic Shield, Fervor, Blessing of Achaekek, and Amulet of Colossal Fists. The Volcanic Shield does get added but not any of the others, so I was wondering if they are supposed to be in the DLC or not.
  17. I'm still having issues with the rune. I got the 300G the first time, but when I quit and came back in the scenario gave me 150 gold again.
  18. I am a VL, so yeah I play Organized Play. One of the Australian VCs was very interested in getting play in Australia (it's tough because shipping sucks), so you might want to talk to him. I don't remember which region he was from though Also, we're trying to get play by post spun up as well, which allows you to play by forum post on the paizo.com forums. We're currently doing a massive play by forum of the Cosmic Captive at the moment (which combines PbP RPG and PbP ACG tables)
  19. I got a max bundle (don't remember what characters I had in Quest mode anymore), so they are appearing.
  20. I just also realized from the trailer; you can't actually defeat Black Magga in the scenario normally. Oh, Obsidian and your easter eggs.
  21. The trailer had me thinking, where's the Wounding Spear-Axe in my Rise of the Runelords box?
  22. Thanks. It's not in the PRD. I really should use the PFSRD instead. PRD only includes books in the Core line of Paizo's books. PFSRD includes game mechanics released in all of Paizo's books, but is not allowed to include setting specific things like names of countries, deities, etc. as those are still copyrighted. Swipe is a spell from the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path books, which is why it's not in the PRD.
  23. Playing and noticed that after you act abilities don't activate anymore. Enchanter's second ping, Scout, Goblin Ranger, etc I believe 1.1.5 didn't have this issue.
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