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  1. Anyone figure out when the best time is to hit the side quest stack? My AD6 party facerolled it due to the villian and henchman checks cuz I was expecting the Veteran trait to pop up as I play lots of OP. Im enjoying the content more with a fresh party that did some of AD1. The reward cards from the scenarios, do those go into the collection or should they be popping for deck selection? Also the owner trait is one we haven't seen in game yet, does this mean that Valeros can select these when making a fresh char?
  2. So what's a good level to actually play the side quest? I started with my Pathfinder Legends party that's followed me listening to Big Finish's audio drama of RotL. Valeros, Harsk, Ezren and Meri quickly facerolled the farmers daughter. A new party of Tonzi, Val, Ranzak and Poog are tackling now. Also, where do the reward cards shoot off to? Collection? And how is the owner tag working then? If I make a new Val do I get the chance to pop em in?
  3. See! There are Pathfinders everywhere! Btw my group is out of Fairfax, VA for anyone in the D.C. Area looking for a group to check out organized play.
  4. Where are you at Yewstance? There may be a few hidden players in your Pathfinder Society Chapter. We've got one or two from the RPG group that join us off and on, we'd have more but we meet on the same night as Pathfinder Society. You can grab your local Venture Captain's contact info here: http://paizo.com/pathfinderSociety Your local VC should know of at least 1 or 2 people who've also said something about the card game. Depending on where you live, some chapters may be a bit more regional but North America has pretty good support. And if you cant find a local VC to talk to you can reach out to the regional heads. Also a lot of PFS players can be enticed to try the game if you show up
  5. That CD subscription is super useful. Having all the content available for people definitely helped grow the game locally, even helped increase sales because people wanted to buy their own stuff to play at home or other places! While I would love to see multiplayer show up in the app, as user experience designer, I'm not going to hold my breath. There are huge technical challenges into getting something of that scale set up on a small team without dedicated resources, not to mention the huge amount of design & testing iterations needed to get an acceptable UX. What I could see for "multiplayer" is releasing a version of the authoring tools and a portal, and releasing the hounds. One of my players did an entire Game of Thrones conversion using Wrath that was brutal!
  6. Stands for Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild, the official organized play program for the Pathfinder card game. http://paizo.com/pathfinderSociety/acg Ive got a regular group of 5-12 that meets Tuesdays and some days, people are slow on their turns because they are playing a game in the app as well! Just wondering who else is playing in the OP program and the app. And if you aren't playing OP cuz theres no group, our group started from me and my old roommate playing at a local spot. Over the next few months we went from 2 people to 3 then 5 then 9. We are about to add public games to our local Pathfinder Society meetup, and for all our new players we push them towards the app to learn how to play at their own pace if they cant attend a demo game. Any other PACG members out here?
  7. Chiming in as one of the silent folks who are thankful for the update and with this out the door, a better content stream. I love this game and have paid for bundle and daily gold on each platform. I'll pay again on MAc, already bought a number of runes. I've got 25k in stockpiled gold, any plans to release new char bundles, or can I just buy a bunch of boons? Also, did collection salvage disappear?
  8. Seems like a good thing to ask at the dev stream tomorrow! Also - regardless of how the new account thing works, I'll buy the game again on PC. I've bought rotr and daily gold since release on iOS and Android, because I want you guys to keep making stuff to consume!
  9. I'm right now running the "Big Finish" team based on the Big Finish audio drama of Runelords. Merisiel 2, Valeros 2, Harsk 2, Ezren 2. All v2 because I've already completed with all chars lol The team took a while to get out of Sandpoint and burned many blessings swaying Father Zantus and Poog to come along. After finding a second staff of minor healing, the group began to really gel and started to become a powerhouse once everyone had an examination method and a heal. When I finally was able to leave Sandpoint: Merri - spy glass x2, staff of minor Valeros - spyglass, watch, Father Zantus Harsk - staff of minor, poog, innate exam Ezren - Augry, potion of healing In Adv5 now with lots of new toys. This themed party is one of my fave play through so far.
  10. Do wild card powers not work for this now? Just played one that was on bless, item or ally acquire bury a card. Still at 0/15 after scenario with loot pickups.
  11. Yes, you'll see armors like crocodile skin that blocks cold, acid, combat or fire on discard for 2 or bury for 5. Other armors will change types or offer the ability to do something when using. Some armors gain a discard to prevent all at higher tiers or a recharge to add to a check like the Mardu shield which adds 1 and the piercing trait to a Melee combat. Also Rise armors usually have the banish/bury to reduce all incoming damage to zero from all types.
  12. You start to see the armor bits fixed up in the Class Decks where character powers can make armors do things i.e. Dwarf Warpriest that can display armors or blessings on anyone's combat check to give +1 per card, and then can redraw those cards from display at the start of their turn if they wish. You also see a lot of armors in the CDs that have options like Legion Armor or Snakeskin where you can do other things with them. Having run all the PFS organized play seasons, armor is very useful conditionally. There are villains that will have thematic stuff before combat like everyone does a Acrobatics 12 check or take 1d4+1 acid damage. Armor is useful, just less so in Rise which we have to remember was the first try.
  13. Popped a unity of Shelby and melly last night. The strange thing I noticed was that I finally saw 4 golds in my holiday bundle chests.
  14. I would second this. I have the bundle so give me another bundle to purchase all the alt skins for a lump sum, I'd pay 20-40 for it. Or let me buy the existing bundles but at a discount cuz I already have the chars.
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