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  1. Hi, I finally got my game working on steam but i didnt get my Base Deck & 6 Additional Adventure Decks 11 Iconic Characters ~1000 original cards Treasure Cards 1: 88 Uncommon and Rare Treasure cards Epic and Legendary Cards 1: 106 Epic and Legendary Treasure Cards Gold, Runes, and Charms: 5000 Gold, 8 Runes, and 21 Charms Pillars of Eternity Promotion Cards: 3 promotional ally cards: Eder, Pallegina, Goblin Golem of Obsidian All Alts: 11 Alternate Equipment sets for the Iconic characters Legendary Items: 3 Legendary rarity cards Future Goblin campaign Deck 1 with 2 new Gobli
  2. Hi I bought the the game today with the obsidian edition but when I want to login I doesn't do anything, I already verify and redownloaded it but i doesn't work. I also tried to use without steam but it only said wait until i got internet connection. Thanks anyway
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