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  1. Well I still play both BG2 and POE2 and both are good in different ways. Liking BG2 definitely can't be reduced to nostalgia, that's just a cheap way of taking a shot at something. Blizzard actually accused people of nostalgia when they said D2 was better than D3, but nope D3 was a steaming pile when it came out. POE definitely beats BG2 in graphics and many many modern convenience features and refinements. But I never play with POE 1 or 2 NPCs after the first time. Tavern hires just have better personalities. I will say the blood pool quest was the best quest in POE 1 and the one reason I allowed an Obsidian NPC into my party. With that said I really like POE 1 and 2 and hope they will work out most of the major issues. The bad writing doesn't bother me much because I can just click through it. Love the subclasses, multiclassing, and ai customization added to POE2. Please continue to balance and refine the game and add more content.
  2. I tried a blade turning build but the character ended up just standing there casting blade turning over and over and never had time to do anyting else, not even auto-attack because he was always either casting or in recovery from casting blade turning. Does the high recovery of this build make up for this and let you actually do something besides spam blade turning?
  3. If you like something that does decent melee damage and doesn't go splat on PotD there are quite a few options. I am currently running a Brute (Devoted/Berserker) who has 2x as much damage as anyone else in my party and zero deaths through level 16. He has good hit to crit, penetration, free extra attacks, and speed increases. For survivability he is loaded up on armor, self-healing, and maxed Con so he can take a licking and keep on ticking. Dump resolve since points there are wasted with the deflection penalty of frenzy.
  4. Does this still work? I was trying it out but kept losing my buffs despite not resting or doing any of the quests mentioned in the OP.
  5. Many intimidate conversation options give the aggressive disposition, but not all of them. Bleak walker has aggressive as a favored disposition, so intimidate options would benefit him. You'd want to avoid Shieldbearers and Goldpact Knights since aggressive is a disfovored disposition for both. Darcozzi and Kind wayfarers should be neutral for most intimidate dialog options, although there may be a handful that also give cruel which is disfavored for these last two orders.
  6. I saw in another thread that someone recommend giving 2 mechanics to each party member that wasn't your main trap disarmer because party assist would contribute both of those points to the main one (so +8 mechanics to the person you have disarming traps). I imagine this would work for every other skill too. But party assist has diminishing returns and only gives a 100% bonus up to 2 points per party member. This would be an argument to spread points around and let party assist buff them up. But aren't there some situations where party assist isn't taken into account? Certainly this is the case with items that give a bonus based on skill level of the wearer.
  7. Let's compile some tips and tricks on how people distribute skill points to their party members. Which skills are most worth having and which do you normally skip? Why? Do you put 10 points into 2 different skills or 20 points into 1 skill? Or some other distribution? Does it depend on the gear you plan to you use? If so, what gear will affect how you distrbute points? Do you take party assist into account for certain skills? If so, how does this affect your skill point distribution? Do you take your class skills into account when deciding which skills to give to which character? Do you take background choices into account? When selecting a background, do you try to maximize the class skills or diversify into as many different skills as possible?
  8. I am currently playing a new game with a Thaumaturge (wizard/priest) in my party. She isn't much of a damage dealer, relying only on auto attacks with her decently high might, but she protects my squishy dps by tanking, healing, and buffing. I had no problem being in melee right from the beginning on upscaled all PoD 1.1. (Disclaimer: I started at level 4 with Blessings of Berath and am currently only level 7 in Nethataka, but this was not my PC so no extra stats or anything). I use the wizard spells pretty much exclusivly for self-buffing and the preist spells for healing, team buffing, and withdraw. This lets me run 3 glass canons plus a herald in my custom party. So far so good.
  9. Gromnir, can you share how you outfitted your ship? You said you used both long guns and double bronzers. I've used either/or but not both on the same ship. Did you mix them on the same side or use one type on each side? How did it work?
  10. Yes I agree. I guess my comment was more about it being a shame the abilities work against each other, thus preventing you from taking an otherwise good ability.
  11. I've played both and I am not a fan of either. There's some unfortunate anti-synergy with the Marauder build you outlined. As a character that wants to be flanked, One Stands Alone looks really appealing for the 20% extra damage, but the requires + 1 to be flanked makes it so you practically never get the bonus of the streetfighter. And not getting it is even worse since you get a penalty whenever you don't (which was most of the time, at least for me). I tried using the firecrackers but it never worked and would be a pain even if it did. I ended up making a ranged streetfighter with devoted and dual blunderbuss with powder burns and it works really great. Fighter makes up for the accuracy malus and the pen from devoted and penetrating strike is great for the blunderbuss and you always have the streetfighter bonus with no fuss. He had double the damage and kills of my ravager.
  12. I think they work great in conjunction with the slower ship so the timing of the reload lines up with the turn speed of the ship as you noted. The firepower can just be overwhelming. In this setup you might want to invest in hull and sails that give the most health (red dream hull/gulskin sails).
  13. Ok I had to load up the game to look this up, but they are called double bronzers. Range is 250-350, reload time 8 turns, damage 12-15. I checked Neketaka and they sell them for 700 each.
  14. I've found the ship combat to be extremely easy once I understood what I was doing. You can do very well right at the beginning of the game with your starting ship if you buy 4 of the cannons with range up to 600 (I forget the name). Get the cheapest crew you can, preferably with 1 star in the skill you want them to use and no stars in other skills (so they can max out at 4 stars in that skill). You turn, fire, jibe, hold, fire, rinse and repeat. Your range is excellent so you can usually sink them before they have a chance to do much in return. This will work on all but the highest level enemy ships. Later I bought the most expensive ship (junk) with 10 of the big damage guns (12-15 a hit - again I can't remember the name). Both the ship and guns are slower, so they work well together just like the faster ship with the faster long range guns. This setup 1-shots anything with 80 hull and 2-shots anything with 120 hull, but has lower range so you have to go full steam ahead at the beginning of combat to get into range, then turn and fire. It doesn't really matter if they try to charge you or shoot you since you just explode them before they can accomplish whatever it is they are trying to do.
  15. This is the attitude that I hope Obsidian doesn't have. The game presents the player with challenges and gives them tools to face those challenges. But according to this, if the player can actually use the right tool in the right situation, that makes the game too easy? Good game design is to prevent the player from using the tools the game provides until it's too late? Unresponsiveness is good game play? I should be punished because I didn't sit there passively doing nothing so that I wouldn't be in recovery so I could finally use an ability at that critical moment? No thank you. Honestly, as many others have said, players on the whole do want a challenge, but they want the challenge to give the feeling that it is coming from defeating powerful enemies. They don't want the challenge to feel like it comes from the players being weak and inept. They want to be part of a clash of the titans, not a clash of the wet noodles. That is why so many wish for buffs to enemies rather than nerfs to players. In my opinion.
  16. You ask for greater difficulty, then make a bunch of suggestions to make the game easier instead. 1) Lack of Terrain Interactivity and the AI's Capability of Using it: You say this will allow some of the bounties to be "completely doable at much lower levels than "intended" if you could utilize rocks and bushes and trees to break line of sight with spellcasters...." How is allowing bounties to be doable at much lower level making the game harder rather than easier? Sheesh. 2) Spellcaster Spellbook Limitations: You say you want to not be "completely screwed if you run into an encounter your blaster mage is ill-suited for" and you advocate for increased spell selection so that "all players will have the same tools available to them at all times!" Again, how does this make the game harder rather than easier? The Rest/Injury Mechanic is Designed for Attrition-based Gameplay in a Game That's Largely Done Away with Attrition-based Gameplay: You say that Empower should be made permanently available via on/off toggle and eliminate the need to rest to refresh its uses. How does this make the game harder instead if easier? It's fine to want an easier game, but your title and intro were misleading.
  17. Thanks for the reply. So most of the resources are a set number per encounter that can't be renewed? It seems like that makes renewable resources like wounds super strong im comparison.
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