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  1. Bah. The first time I faced her all I had was a lightsaber doing 45 ish damage, salvaged dark jedi master robes upgraded with the top regeneration underlay, several Arkanian prototype shields and the character armband, and the old witch didnt take much longer to wipe out than sion. The sabers were easy to kill too. I was only level 25. Its simple: Activate shield Master flurry Master flurry Master flurry Master flurry Rinse and repeat.
  2. And the time with the bloke in the middle of the dune sea... I found that having HK and Bastila in the group had the funniest effect there...
  3. Im not particularly fond of silver, but I dislike viridian the most. I dont exactly hate it, but I tend to avoid using it if possible.
  4. Ive heard rumours on other posts that this particular quest cannot be completed, and every attempt at completing it that I have made failed. I think that it cant be completed because the rest of it was cut from the game, but I cant really remember. Sorry I cant be any more useful than that.
  5. No matter how dark someone could become, I still find it surprising that someone could forsake their friendship for power, let alone love. Between ultimate power and my love, my love would come first any day. But back to the point at hand, Darth Nihilus is precisely that: a Darth. And last time I checked, a Darth is the same thing as a sith lord, is it not?
  6. Its not necessarily the weapon that you use, but how it is used. I seem to be making sense again. My doctor warned me about this... I still prefer lightsabers. Im a melee fan.
  7. I like fighting him. Every other sith falls in one move. Whilst entertaining for a while, killing them gets a bit dull after the tenth wave of cannon fodder.
  8. Yeah, it can. You have to just leave them to it for a while though.
  9. Niether have I. If I had, Id be throwing myself off the nearest motorway bridge as I speak.
  10. That would explain it then. I usually forget to talk to him and get on with the fighting, then leave the planet. Thanks.
  11. The other is another weapons stash. You can get explosives from Koribaan or Dantooine that will open it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Where do you find the explosives on Dantooine? I came across them by accident on one of my first playthroughs, but Ive forgotten where they are.
  12. I agree. Its still half decent, even if it wasnt 'left on the chopping block'.
  13. I quite like Malachor. A dark, depressing planet that should technically be dead, yet isnt. When is the next shuttle there? Plus the music on malachor was pretty good.
  14. I tried that, but didnt last long. I didnt heal my character, because Id heard that fully light characters are invincible there or something. It didnt work. Has anyone else tried it?
  15. Thats a shame then. Im not sure any of them ( that I havent 'lost influence' with) are useful.
  16. Good point. I dont remember seeing Anakin reloading when he got sliced to bits... Personally, I think Revan is the most powerful. My opinions dont usually amount to much, but I think after killing Malak, when he buggered off, he discovered something that brought back all of his previous memories and powers, and gave him a few new ones as well. Although it may just be wishful thinking on my part...
  17. czerka- my game crashes if I help the ithorians... khoonda- Azkul gets on my nerves, thinking he is so tough... talia- Im just a good guy, really...
  18. Ill probably get a kicking from some of the more... devoted fangirls among us for this, but it has to be said. Di has to be one of the worst characters ever created. He really doesnt have much of a history, and he has the personality of a calculator. Plus he is a rubbish fighter... I think I might make myself scarce... Im already scared!
  19. I wait til the lightsaber I built does about 50 damage, then use another one, doing the same amount. Usually blue and green or cyan and silver.
  20. Malachors music was amazing, not creepy. I quite like malachor: yes there are loads of storm beasts lurking about, but I felt right at home in a planet that should no longer be... The hrakert rift on manaan inside the base... wasnt so much creepy, but it didnt feel right. I felt uneasy there. And the shadowlands would be a brilliant place to explore. God knows how much interesting stuff could be in the darkest dephs.....
  21. Someone who just happens to have an identical trashed ship who coincidentally happens to be passing through the sector?
  22. Errr... Definately an insult. He drives me insane!
  23. You have got to be joking... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How so? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I give up..... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Why? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You remind me of one of my best friends...
  24. You have got to be joking... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How so? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I give up.....
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