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  1. I quite like the idea of returning to the Rakatan homeworld, and maybe searching the Star Forge wreckage for some items... An ancient Jedi and/or sith world, with tombs to explore and ancient and powerful artifacts of the light and dark side to collect. Vjun was only good for Vader's castle, if you ask me. Otherwise, it was a dead ugly rock. Oh, and please, no more Tatooine. Starting as a child (a la fable) and progressing through either the jedi or sith academy (player's choice) would also be welcome IMO.
  2. Star wars Farscape? I might watch a few minutes of that, if it were to be created. Chances are they would make a mess of it though...
  3. A customised Star Destroyer, with enough firepower and speed to keep me safe from the many, many people who want to see my head on a wall.
  4. We are being watched..... One idea that I had, is that you can play as either the exile or Revan. I would like to warn you at this point that this is only a half-formed thought. Whichever side or character you play as, the other is your complete opposite. I really haven't thought much about any particular storyline ( I'm diverting all of that to my fanfic) but the way I see it, you meet the other character at the end of the game. If you played light, you redeem them, and the final cutscene shows you and them back to back, surrounded by billions of droids (possibly like star forge droids), and then the two characters leap out at the droids, and the screen goes black. If you choose dark, you kill off the other player, and take the droid army for your own twisted whims. As I said, I haven't developed the idea much, and if anyone wishes to expand on it, feel free.
  5. It's selling for like 20 bucks. Yeah, but I have to work up the energy to earn the money. That is a challenge in itself.
  6. It could be a problem, as LS chars don't regenrate FP while in the tomb, and the character I used the glitch with was light side. However, I had given her the Drain Force power, and maxed it's level prior to entering the tomb (Master Drain Force IIRC). Alternating between Force Storm and Master Drain Force kept her pretty well supplied with FP. Thanks... I really hadn't thought of that.
  7. Whilst I do stick to the light side, sometimes there are people who infuriate me so so much that I just want to pulverize them (Colonel Tobin, anyone?)
  8. Yeah, thats very good to know. These people all deserve a knighthood for this. And who knows? When the project is released, I may have enough money to buy the computer version of K2!
  9. Yeah, sparring with her automatically boosts your influence with her. And as said before, I'm pretty sure you have to speak to Kreia.
  10. I would kill Vrook every time, but I keep forgetting to ally with the mercs. Besides, the jedi aren't even that tough, even when they outnumber you. A few rounds of force storm and they are yet more corpses lying at your feet.
  11. Its light side that you are thinking of.. And if I spawn more than 10 at a time, I get thoroughly killed. I forgot to stock up on Mandalorian power and melee shields, and I seem to be forever out of force energy.
  12. No, there is no place where you recieve them time and time again. At least, not at level 30 ish. I didn't have the patience to get my level any higher.
  13. Thats one of the problems with the Hssiss glitch. It takes far too long.
  14. Always go left. A very good approach, but someone I know took the advice a little too seriously, and half an hour later, I found them walking round in circles. They hadn't even reached the first door on Peragus.
  15. Personally, I prefer the k2 Dantooine, although I did like the perpetual sunset of k1.
  16. Lightside, first time, second time, third time, fourth..... I think you get the idea. I'm just a nice guy. What can I say?
  17. Once you leave the tomb, the door seals itself. A most annoying thing to do, really.
  18. Is there actually a difference between orange and bronze? I havent noticed any difference, except that when I put a bronze crystal in my lightsaber, I ended up with two of the same lightsaber, personal crystal and all. And then the game glitched when I tried to equip it, and I was sent back to the main menu. Oh well, easy come, easy go.
  19. I usually go under the name of Osiris kenobi. Im planning on doing a fanfic based around him, but it takes a while to get round to these things... On k1 I hid behind the alias of Jace Kindan. Though I havent thought up a backstory for him yet...
  20. Dual sabers. Mainly because doing about 50 ish damage each, they get through enemies like a hot knife through butter, but partly the animations. Particularly the one with the Exile jumping over the enemies swing... Although sometimes it just has to be one blade.
  21. T3 is likeable in the second game. In the first he wasnt talkative at all and that annoyed me. Even Zaalbar was more interesting.
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