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  1. Is there really a romance bit to it? As far as I'm aware, there's a bit where it could be building up to one, and then it just... fizzles out. And even then, you blink and you've missed it.
  2. Yeah, and I'm sure these elder people wanted half the galaxy killing the other half.... Besides, from what I've read, some of you are a bit misguided. Love can be one's salvation, not one's end. Anyway, both extremes of the light and dark are thoroughly irritating. Grey is probably the best route.
  3. Action replay sometimes corrupt game saves or other things, so be very careful. I once used one on a game I had nearly completed for the second time, and it deleted the save.
  4. Exile: Hang on... that doesn't look like coruscant... (death Star preparing to fire) Exile: Oh, I see! It was 1:143:1, not 1:143:7!
  5. Yeah, but we will die knowing that LA have gone down just before us... and that we can kill them again in Hell.
  6. Or go and batter the door's control panel in the next room. Much quicker, perfect for the lazy among us.
  7. Flaappy wings? I think you are thinking of something else, although I can't remember the name of that creature. And besides, glitch or no, they can get you down to 1 hp, and they still couldn't kill me.
  8. I don't know how or why it works. I just know that a lightsider could stand there for hours being attacked by a legion of Hssiss and not die. I think you may have to have light side mastery for it to work, though.
  9. Well, its good that it hasn't gone up. Then again, it hasn't gone down either... We have a conumdrum!
  10. Absolutely. I agree. Besides which, light siders are invincible in the tomb, rendering death field unnecessary for any light user.
  11. On outcast you had lightsaber locks far more frequently than on JKA. Also, you had the Jedi Master game mode. So if you ask me (not that many people do), outcast is better than JKA, and kotor is better than them both.
  12. Ive heard it somewhere before as well.... Maybe another four years or so then?
  13. Ahh, another xbox player. And welcome to the boards, by the way. Just keep looking. One of the alien blokes on Citadel station (sorry, can't remember his name) sells pazaak cards. As does the pazaak player in the citadel bar. Other than that, I don't know what else to suggest.
  14. Odd, because almost all of my threads were original when I started them. Some still are. But that
  15. Does anyone remember a dude called Predator or something from Academy xbox live?
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