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  1. It'll be interesting to see how Atsura reacts to a character with more focused dispositions. I was playing someone who'd managed to pick up a few stray points in Benevolent, so I got his whole "We're working for the good of the Huana" spiel. I've had him hug me the first time we met. It was weird. lol
  2. All my submarines will now be named Chekov. I like RDC the best for 2 reasons. Atsura and Submarines!
  3. He definitely has to come from Old Vailia or possibly Rauatai as an Aristocrat. I think the swashbuckler, devoted/street fighter is the best route. I have Eder as that with double sabres. He's great one on one and in a group. I would suggest Oathbreaker's End as it's the only 2 handed battle axe and Magran's Favour as the one handed. If I remember right Euron switches to two axes shortly after boarding. This video gives a good build idea and armor etc suggestions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Caev0Px7IcQ This should be moved to Builds forum so you can get more help.
  4. I wouldn't mind so much if we got to choose which schools to lose. I like the idea of being specialized but I don't like losing the freedom of choice of how I want to be specialized.
  5. Using a tank to pull one or two around a corner has been working for me along with a healer and back up healer both with multiple scrolls.
  6. I'm using a custom AI script but my wizard just keeps casting the same buffs over and over until there is no more spells left. Like Wizard's Double and Ironskin, they each have 2 uses and my wiz casts them twice. How do I make her cast them only once? I copied what the default AI had them under but it seems if I make a custom AI my toon goes nuts over casting.
  7. I have a soft spot for Vatnir. I'm a compassionate person so he really hits me in the feels. I just want to hug him and tell he's not a monster and it's not his fault.
  8. Maybe a guide can be put together for this so no one misses content. That's cool that Fassina has some lines.
  9. I like the Living Lands and White Wends best but anywhere is fine with me as long as it's somewhere new. I like Redcearas for the cute American accents, though maybe they are not authentic.
  10. Thanks! Next time I will do the bridge first so I don't have to backtrack.
  11. I keep seeing these interactive light beams but I can't do anything except look at them. How do I get to use them?
  12. I'm not finished it yet but I'm in love with it. the accents, the cute characters, poor lil Vatnir who I just want to cuddle. The fish and chips meal is my new favourite. I realy want to got the The White that Wends now! Ydwin is such a bitch I am never taking her again. I never got her appeal and I certainly dislike her completely now.
  13. I love your avatar it's super cute! I haven't seen any builds for him yet. There is a thread with some ideas for making him a pure priest though. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104567-vatnir-pure-priest-build-quick-n-dirty-first-thoughts/
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