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  1. What is this +4 int ring you speak of!!! and where is it dropped. I missed that one big time. Anyways back on topic. Are you willing to lower the resolve. The Lady of Pain build is amazingly good for this hammer and maxing might. A fighters accuracy along with disciplined barrage and the stun will be epic.
  2. Maegfolc Helm gives +4 Might, but I'm sorry I can't recall where. I THINK it was one of the new bounties.
  3. My primary reason for not taking either of those talents on a rogue would be that you already have a lot of damage multipliers as a rogue. You can get extremely high Hit to Crit ratio(Dirty Fighting + Vicious fighting for 20%, Dire Blessing for another 15%, Durgan Refined depending on weapon, and 10% from hearth orlan if you want) and your sneak attack bonus, if you side with to Doemenels and get Dungeon Delver talent your already at 100% crit damage. Therefore I feel like 5 DR pierce or 20% melee damage simply is not worth the penalties. Both are very good on other melee classes, especially fighter imo, who can easily overcome to negatives. Between the two I would pick vulnerable attack before savage for use on very high DR enemies like dragons if you got the extra talent. This depends a lot on your build. If you are very offensively focused then you will have the talents. Right now I'm working on a 1h + shield melee rogue build that takes a lot of defensive talents such as Superior Deflection, Deflecting Assault, and Bear's Fortitude. It is by no means an optimized dps build but it has some flavor that I like, and will work decently to allow your rogue to have some ability to take a smack or two in melee on PotD. Also this would be a very nice build for Devil imo.
  4. I'm not to sure if I would take any of those talents on a rogue to be honest. Maybe towards the end once you start running out of other stuff. For your original question, yes, a melee rogue is perfectly viable on PoTd it just requires some micro managing . I'd also recommend a couple of defensive talents so you can GTFO of dodge when the mobs try to squish you. I wouldn't personally try to be good at both ranged and melee. Focus on one and keep a backup bow around just in case. Most of your abilities will still work. As for stats focus very heavily on Dex and Perception imo. Might can be sacrificed some because of the numerous dmg mods rogue gets. Int is ok but I would prob just leave it around 10ish. You don't want to rely on your own abilities to be proccing sneak attack. I also make sure on a rogue to always avoid talents that are per rest. I want to make sure my rogue has consistent dmg output every fight. I'm not looking to spike big only a couple times. Also if you have a specified idea of what you want your rogue to do, that might help. They are actually quite versatile. Dual wield? 2her? 1h + Shield? All viable.
  5. Working on a barb that's going to use Vile Loner and the new SB dagger atm. I want to see how much AoE dmg can be achieved with that dagger and carnage. Really unsure of my stat spread though. I was thinking something like.... M-14 C-8 D-14 P-18 I-17 R-7 I'll have to be careful but barbs naturally large health pool should help offset the con I think. Its also going to be quite a melee heavy group so he shouldn't get pounded too bad. I don't like the Might but I figure there are a lot of might boosts in the game. and Per and int are too valuable for a build that wants to interrupt in an aoe. Any suggestions though?
  6. Prima guides were always pretty useless once you became experienced at a game, but in the modern era of gaming where they can patch stuff all the time.....don't even bother. I still have a collection of all my old guides. If you reread them after you've completed a few playthroughs on a game you'll realize something.....the writes are NOOBS. Ya I said it..... I still remember the guide for BG2 I bought, and the writters couldn't figure out how to beat Kangaxx.........it read something like "If you figure out how to beat this guy, let us know"
  7. This fight was certainly fun. Challenging for sure but not impossible. Because of the open space and the fact that you start quite a ways away from the mobs, you have time to get off 2 rounds of buffing/scrolls/potions before you really need to engage. By the time I had to go toe to toe with the dragons, my team was pretty immune to stuff.
  8. As pointed out there are a lot of ways to buff per but I'd say always take a lot. Crits are always advantageous and you need high per to crit frequently. Barbs can make great use of weapons that proc, such as prone on crit.
  9. In all fairness now....there must have been a party of you that wondering if jumping into a big hole was a good plan
  10. What level were you? I played through WMII for the first time with a level 14 group I had already been ready to go to Thaos with, just to see everything. This made the dagger a lot easier to level up. I think It'll be a nightmare to do the last leg if your at an appropriate level for WMII.
  11. Sorry I'm trying to remember who/what simoc is but can't. If you give some details about the fight to help jog my memory, I'll try.
  12. This is great, especially because you could possibly justify sacrificing devil without being an evil sob. Gotta destroy the murderous construct somehow O.o?
  13. Some questions on this shield. Does the proc only work on the Bash attack? (would make sense I suppose) Does Carnage make the bash attack hit all mobs in range, and therefore be able to proc on them all?
  14. Was considering a barb build meant to tank and debuff enemies in a large AoE. Something with Vile Loner's Lance and the Dragon Shield. Use those new gloves. Would offer quite a lot of interrupting with high Per and also some nice debuffing effects in carnage range. Also some good healing from the proc on Dragons shield if I understand correctly. Thoughts?
  15. The max you can have is +19mig (+3(item)+1(Godansthunyr)+3(rest)+2(whore)+10(boon)) At least one non-weapon item now offers +4 might.
  16. Ok seriously where is Abydon's hammer. Am I just being this blind/dumbo. Someone please post it with a huge spoiler warning.
  17. Wizards are beast at all levels really. IMO they even start a lot faster than you see in most rpgs.
  18. One thing that should be mentioned here....don't drive yourself nuts on your first playthrough. Stats being a bit off won't hurt you much at all. PoE is about sound tactics in combat, so for your first time through be determined to learn what stuff does. I.e. key spells, etc.
  19. I'd say int became far more enticing for me on my fighters now. I used to always leave it around 9-10 but I could end up putting some points there now for sure.
  20. Has anyone tried the dagger on a barb? It should proc off of carnage hits correct? And the accuracy will be especially nice for a barb. Sounds like some insane AoE from the firebug procs. P.S. I second the question. where are the hammer and shield. The rest came fast.
  21. I suppose it depends on your fighter build. I love a dps oriented fighter like Lady of Pain, so the movement is really enticing to me.
  22. Wow as if Fighters weren't already amazing. Here are the new abilities I've seen so far on fighters. I've barely looked through the classes but fighters seem to have gotten some of the best. Fearless - level 7 - Immune to Frightened and Terrified. This is amazing against some enemies, dragons anyone? But I doubt I'll ever take it. My priest can simply cast Prayer Against Fear. Charge - level 13 - Wow. This ability is FAST you fly right through enemies to any mob within 10m and it deals a nice chunk of damage. Extremely useful imo. You can get around the battlefield in a flash to protect allies, get to priority targets quickly, etc, etc. Triggered Immunity - I haven't tested this but it sounds ridiculous. If I am interpreting this right, then any damage that hits for 10% or more of your total endurance, your immune to for 15 seconds, and it can trigger twice per encounter. I *think* that the description that reads slash damage is just an example. If so this is godly, if it is only slash, forget it ofc. This is going to give me a real headache! Charge is very nice, but I do love me some Sundering Blow. I feel like in most builds though I will just rely on other avenues of DR reduction and take charge. Its so just fun! Everyone please tell about your experiences. Also noticed rogues got a new ability, Permanent Distraction. So basically a rogue can now get two qualifiers for sneak attack totally by themselves just by flanking an enemy, and apply a nice debuff while at it. Zoinks.
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