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  1. The Engwithan civilisation didn't collapse, it sacrificed itself to create the gods. How Woedica got dethroned could be an interesting story though.
  2. That is interesting; I assumed it was where they made Woedica specifcally since there's only her iconography on the burial isle. Maybe the White Forge is a similar kind of place and each one is filled with that god's iconogaphy. I've thought that a good story for a sequel would be a quest to find Eothas's version of Sun In Shadow and remake him.
  3. The armour on Maneha kind of looks ceremonial rather than functional.
  4. I found a soulbound scepter in my inventory when I installed the patch and activated the stronghold quest; I don't remember ever getting it in the expansion so I assume it's newly added? Anyway, one of the enchantments for it has a *missing itemmods* There is also *missing itemmods* on the unique ring you get for completing the new quest to defend Caud Nua. Everything else in the quest looked well implemented and it was fun to do, I especially liked calling on allies from Defiance Bay and the expansion.
  5. Her theme is all about the harm done by hiding a painful truth, which ties in with what the villain of the main plot is doing. She lied to a whole village which led to devastation when the lies couldn't be sustained; after revealing this she asks you to do the same to her, and if you make her live with the painful truth then eventually she gets better. Regarding Durance, you hit the nail on the head there- he puts people through trials to change them and tries to do so with you, but it's you who ends up transforming him. I think Aloth is the worst character because he has two stories that ar
  6. I'd recommend having Aloth with you in a few areas: 1: when you go to the area called Elms' Reach for the first time to progress the main quest 2: when you go to the endgame. You don't NEED him but his ending slides assume he came with you and he's got a little more dialogue there than most other party members. Other than that, go nuts. Remember though, if you have Aloth around you can learn spells from his grimoire and vice versa, making it much easier to get all the spells.
  7. I tried saving him, he died and I didn't get the task. I did an area loot though, maybe you have to loot his body specifically or something to get it.
  8. All the "average adventure" etc have been replaced by named quests with summaries and unique items, but I got offered a "Major Adventure": I figured the named quests eventually run out and the game's programmed to still offer adventures every now and then, but I got another named adventure afterwards so it seems more like a bug. I'm not sure what info would be useful in fixing that, but it happened after the quest "The Coal Eater" and I got the Major Adventure pop-up on turn 152:
  9. I knew the DR bonuses were going to get nerfed as soon as people started saying "wow these DR bonuses are nice!" D:<
  10. I'd really like to know what affects that final Stalwart slide, I was nice to everyone and tried to be a hero and the slide I got was "the bodies left in the Watcher's wake". I killed people for the Temple of Ondra quest (they attacked me! They're thieves!) and that guy the Devil Of Caroc wanted to kill as well, would that do it?
  11. *ironically posits the existence of magic to mock a gameplay mechanic in a game which includes, as another gameplay mechanic, magic*
  12. Wait, so by resting in the woods with survival knowledge you can get faster, but by resting in a inn you can't, because forests are magical and you can't replicate said magic in a town? It's a high fantasy setting so sure, the forests are magical
  13. The witch's hat doesn't have a texture and the red Reed wand had what I assume is a placeholder inventory icon. The stronghold stuff is still work in progress I guess, but I like the extra effort put into content for it. Edit: i remember one complaint now, seeing that picture of the witch's hat. I clicked on Menpwgra's Curse to see what it does and there was nothing there. I have no idea what the witch's hat is good for because clicking on its effect leads to a blank page!
  14. And if an unlucky player has GOG version??? Start a new game and use console commands to speed through it? Use the ~ button on your keyboard and press Enter, then enter iroll20s and press Enter again, then you can make yourself invincible by entering god, or you can level yourself up by using entering addexperiencetolevel, so for example you'd type addexperiencetolevel 14 to go all the way to the highest level. Using cheats disables achievements but if you're after achievements you'd start a new game anyway, plus I'm not sure GoG has achievements.
  15. The game warns you that the pit is the point of no return and creates an auto save before you jump down. If you have steam just opt into the beta patch and start a new game in story time mode, you'll be far enough along to start the expansion within an hour.
  16. Started a new game, Story Time / Trial Of Iron, 3.0 beta patch This is the early scene at the windmill where some villagers are demanding to be let in: The second screenshot is right after the scene ends, and my characters look like they've taken some damage, healing up to full endurance right away. Later on, this is right at the beginning of the battle with Maerwald; nobody has attacked yet but all my characters are down to 80-85% endurance for some reason: They don't heal until the fight ends, of course. I reloaded and changed the difficulty to Easy and everyo
  17. I liked Eder's personal quest when some looters realise he's an Eothas worshipper and say something like "looks like we've got another one to purge, this won't take long" and when you kill them Eder says "they were right, that didn't take long"
  18. Check out this guide as well: http://www.gamebanshee.com/pillarsofeternity/equipment.php Weapon types are all down the right hand side, clicking on that will bring up the uniques and where to get each one.
  19. My game is set to auto pause when an ability is used, and this seems to be triggered by Carnage with the 1.05 patch. When I was fighting two enemies it would pause whenever I landed a hit, then when I was down to one of stopped because of course there was nobody else around for Carnage to act on. I'm not sure if this is a bug but it's a little annoying with my high-dex hit machine barbarian so please undo this change if possible!
  20. They're not real in the sense that they didn't actually create the universe and they don't maintain or even really affect the concepts they embody. There was entropy long before Rymrgand, war before Magran and redemption before (and now after) Eothas. All the gods are is a bunch of incredibly powerful beings who rule the world. Which is kind of more scary, in a way.
  21. And Azo is in the locked area in the basement. The locked area is opened by talking to the statue upstairs, but I can't access the conversation where he gives me permission to go into the locked area. That is the issue I am having.
  22. The old names are good to have in the game because they contribute to the setting in a less blatant way- you have Lle A Rhemen and Cilant Lis coexisting with Gilded Vale and Defiance Bay. It says that the New world, advancement and change, is encroaching on and displacing the old ways, without actually saying it. I do agree it's a bit standard, but they wanted to make a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate and that means meadows and wilderness. There's enough magic green stones and purple soul machines to keep it from feeling too samey imo. Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for an
  23. Update: I opened the save file in winrar and deleted all references to the sanitarium since I've seen people say that fixes issues in other areas. It did nothing. From what I remember from my first playthrough, the statue guy needs to give you permission to access the basement to unlock the door, then you use a key to unlock the north ward. So by skipping the bit where he gives you permission to go in it renders the quest impossible to complete- I can't use a console command to give myself a key, because there is no key. And since this is part of the main quest, either there's a console co
  24. I go to talk to the statue to get the key to go into the patient section of the basement and he acts as though he already gave me the key and I advanced the quest, asking "what in blazes happened down there?" Is there a console command to add the key to my inventory or reset the quest? Normally I'd shrug my shoulders but this is a main quest and if I can't get past this I'll have to start my whole game over!
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