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  1. That's your problem. Literally. Mind you, I don't mean to sound rude. Just frank/honest. I believe you are making an active (potentially a passive or sub-conscious) choice. There's a TL;DR ("Too Long; Didn't Read" a.k.a. "In Short" or "Summary of Post") at the bottom. I understand your problem tho. I've been going through the same journey for a lot of games throughout the ages. Even NEO Scavenger. Darkest Dungeon. TES. Yes, even Pillars of Eternity. But it hasn't been because "Oh this game sucks so much", it has mostly been because of my own motivation is -100% to play any game and
  2. I am really hoping that the new Torment game doesn't turn out like this. Basically, I started with 1.0, but couldn't bother to play a game without party AI. I mean, Baldurs Gate 1 had party AI like 15 years ago when it was released. Then, I tried getting into it on 2.0, but I just really dislike every single class and their mechanics. They don't seem FUN. How did Obsidian manage to take the fun out of these classes through the way they work? Just to look at three of the cooler ones: Monk Cipher (psionicist) Wizard The monk relies on getting damaged to do anything. Worst
  3. Maybe I'm missing something but why aren't there any keyboard short cuts? Like it in IE games you can hit "C" for cast, or other games where you can use 1, 2, 3 etc keys for spells and skills. If this is missing in the game, it's a huge oversight and makes the battle system extremely tedious...
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