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  1. dooku's sabre is the only one I want, and while were at it did anyone actually notice a difernce in the "styles" in the game cause to me it looked like a wack, was wack was a wack was wack, no matter if it was makashi (my favorite, in real life), sorusu, or any other form for that matter, am I just missing somthing or what? There is no difference in animations for the different lightsaber forms.
  2. The article says that the five students were female, so it could possible be gender discrimination but my own personal feelings caused me to jump to racism immediately.
  3. I don't know what the threat range is but you can git critical hits unarmed. I suggest you cheek the feed back section of journal to see what roll you need to git a critical threat. As far as force deflection...only the second leval will add a bonus to force deflection rolls.
  4. My solution is...............order it online.
  5. no, he follows your command without too much fuss. You don't need to fight him either way. if you puit him in your party again he says you made me kill mission or you killed mission and some more dialog and then he attacks you Isn't that only if you bing him on the star forge with you?
  6. Don't go beat your self up now. I've said some stupid stuff too, but I'm too lazy to did up an example. It probably was her family, but the report said no one knowns exactly who did the cheering in the crowd of 2000 people.
  7. sorry I found a better link Diploma Denied for Cheering
  8. I found this video on CNN today Diploma Denied for Cherring It probably will be on the site for a few days. I feel bad for the girl. :sad: I suspect the supper attendant is a racist ,but that could be because I'm black. edited for better link.
  9. who knows ? y would kotor only b for xbox and pc ? just tha way they want it to b ! There was probably a deal made with Lucas Arts and KOTOR...Xbox (microsoft) saw a money option and "purchased" exclusive rights Also certain games work better on certain systems. KOTOR and the Sims do well on pc and xbox because both systems have enough memory for multiple saves. However Madden is easier to play on Playstaion because the 4 trigers make using juke and stiff arm easy.
  10. Now down to 26! It might just be finished just before the end of summer.
  11. The animation looks better than the clone wars cartoon special that aired on cartoon network a couple of years back.
  12. LOL Back to the clips now. I forgot to say that the report did mention that the clips could be freely used such as spliced with other footage, or put on Youtube. Sorry people. :blush10:
  13. ghosta


    Wow, that's a cool animation. What program did you use to make it?
  14. the report didn't specify any thing but video clips available for download. The clips could be useful in personal movie making. People could make parodies of the films by replacing the clips dialog with joke dialog.
  15. It looks nice but what with all the extra glass on the edges?
  16. No just clips from the movies not the entire movie.
  17. ghosta


    I Like smilies so much I made a calculator animation of them as my final project for math class. I wish I new how to upload the program from my calculator to the computer cause I'd luve to post it.
  18. Just use a MOD! Sarry for the out burst but if you really want a difrent hilt then you should ethier downlode a mod or make one yourself.
  19. all you need to do is not kill any of the jedi masters. That means you have to do a couple of LS quests
  20. Vader's suit doesn't have a large enough power sorce to support much more than the life support systems he has operating to keep him allive. He prefers to use mind games and intimidation to distract his enemys not through brute force. And why would Vader need a flamethrower when he has the force?
  21. The anchor said that the clips will be avalible for download at starwars.com, but she didn't specify when.
  22. You could also try gitting the disk resurfaced to fix the scratches.
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