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  1. not really because it only happened once and probly wont for a long time
  2. Some more games not mentioned Jedi starfighter Bount hunter (Jango Fetts Game) Starwars Tarakasi (old arcade fighter) Rebal assult (old pc game) Starwars Demolition (Simular to twisted Metal) and that all of them that I can remmember right now
  3. I already know that the sith lord changes based on were in the storry you are I think Nihilus gits to much time compared to the other sith lords. I actually meen it is aclose up of Nihilus and his lightsaber. It looks alot like the Nihilus from the Atris & Nihlus close ups poster.
  4. Just recently I found an alternate main menu for KI and II In KI instead of the usual backdrop thier was a close up of malak's Chest in his red-orange armor. in KII instead of nihilus at the side the backdrop was a close up of him and his lightsaber. I have a Xbox so can't check the games files for how and why I got the diferrent menus
  5. fortuantly you are not the first person this has happened to serch the forums and you might find and answer sadly I don't have a solution to the problem. All I can say is to keep looking a way to fix it.
  6. I thought a pazzak deck had only 40 cards in it and assumed the deck was shuffled after each set, but I'm probly wrong For the meantime your just going to have to settle with usiing several decks of ordinary playing cards.
  7. I've always endded 27-29 but never 30 I always thought 30 was the max because that were my straratgy guid ends at I guese i was wrong as far as gaining expirence you have to find which method yields the most exp Setinels will leval somewhat faster from thier small boost. To max exp always have Kriea with you for her mentor bonuse thier are also the mine exp glitch that lets you gain exp for recovering your own mines when you return to an area were you planted them
  8. congrats your 50 credits richer
  9. So I went and killed the masters and everthing happened as stated above but I got the LS ending instead of the DS ending Ethier my allignment, what I said, or that i only killed one master is the confounding ellement. Most likly It was because I probly was slitly LS at the time
  10. I enjoyed the starforge much more. All those enimys attacking you, it atcually was somewhat difficult. Only wish K1 had the upgraded workbench so you could git rid of all the useless stuff you find endgame.
  11. it doesn't it just annoying I was just wonderring if Luke accually died his hair or if it was just inconsistency besides characters sould be consistant, if not whats the point if they are essibly changed into somthing thier not. P.S. Theres a thread on the Jedi and thier robes at the exile's trial in the forums which is also a triveal matter.
  12. I would like it if I could play as a species other than human I've always thought thier we never enough alliens in TSL.
  13. I just thought of asking why is Luke's hair brown in the movies but blonde in other places such as in Jedi acadamy and Lego starwars also action figues were made with Luke having blonde hair
  14. Thats exactly what I did, but a couple of times that backfired when I got to close to the corners of the pool and the sith masters caught up to me, I was doomed soon after. Nevertheless it was fun. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> that is exactly how i used Mirra to defeat Hanhar in the duelling pit on Nar Shada I evan got Hanhar to run into the mines.
  15. you can elliminate some of the sisters by makeing them leave the mat: they must abide by the same rules you do
  16. thanks for replying anyway and sorry about the bad joke I didn't think I would acually git a responce anyway by the way i don't get chewed out because i don't post that often
  17. please do not git angry if I don't respond for i don't spen a lot of time on the forums. please do not insult me for my bad joke. Please do not be angered by my poar spelling I justed finnished the game for the 8th time and wathched the dissasifing ending movie, when I relised the end was secretly written by Monty Python. I no not very funny but I just wanted to make fun at the anti-clamatic ending movie. The real ending is in the dialogue with Kriea because it resolves the issues of the story.
  18. Yeah but you're XBox - so no Team Gizka or other means to fix things for you. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> not always true I had only killed Kavar and I got force enlightenment i think I was lightside at the time or because I gave LS responces to Kriea. I have the Xbox version and have never expirenced the problem.
  19. useing force jump to attack an enemy that doesn't see you git a sneek attack bonus in k1 a scoundral gardian would deal large dammage this way.
  20. one important note you must over hear the 2 thugs before you talk to the twillek or you will not git the quest
  21. all i needed to do to complete the quest was lie to Grenn about killing them after i saw them at Cerka. I thought the problem was that they don't always spawn in the Cerka office.
  22. the quest is broken because the game was rushed the developers missed finishing the quest gitting vogga the hut to agree to shipp fuel is as far as the quest goes. the developers probly didn't have enough time to cheack that all the quest were complete
  23. each charector has a diffrent method of gaining influence some charectors like Disciple you can gain enogh influence to Jedi just by talking to him. others like Boa Dur and Mandolore you must bring with you to gain influence. In the atmosperic sensor quest you need a good awarnes or something to be able to triger the incriminating evidence quest. in the cave the sensors are in, if you meet the requirments, you can gain influnce by conferming Bao suspisions and having him examine the sensors. it is also works if you lose enough influence with your party members the downside is that they will gain negitive allignment points to you Bao CAN'T be done this way because his allinmate must be the SAME AS YOURS to Jedi him also a jedi master or sith lords special power may increase the amount of influence gained and lost with party members
  24. i got a glitch that the goto holgram justt stands by the exit ramp and doesn't go away
  25. when you know more about the game then the stratagy guide when you've played the game through 30 times when you can recite every line when you know how to speek selkath
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