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  1. That quote look rather legitimate, if you hadn't put "fixed" I would have most certainly believed Omelette said that, lol. But considering it was you that made the post, of course you would have done some sort of post editing banditry.
  2. Lol, Ok. I thought you were taking up a page in Xard's book or should I say my book and dulling down on your common sence and posting some spam/smart ass remark I personally never will forget some of the characters lame and abnormal warcries, like Juhanii - "I vill be your doooom!" and then there Carth - "Down you go!"
  3. Oh, I highly doubt that LA will overlook a monthly fee. Monthly revenue I'm sure would be in George Lucas' best interest and then he can fund his empire to go on conquering.
  4. Last time I remember, you start where the hanger is, and then once you have killed all of those around the battle circle area, you have to move to the other location, to the entry.
  5. Its been improved on since Jedi Outcast with the fighting and all, but its kinda pointless.. It doesnt really have much of a storyline, just an unlinear story untill the end free-roaming doing what you want sort of missions.
  6. What are some of the things that you'll always remember about Kotor? It may be such things like memories, how to do quests, dialogue etc? I personally remember, after starting Kotor1 again wont forget how to do that dreaded 9 squared puzzle within the Rakata Temple which opens up the door to that ancient computer.
  7. Dantooine again. Just cant get enough of that, especially the K1 Dantooine... K2 one just sucked but the scenery was still there.. to an extent.
  8. My ideas and suggestions for KotOR3 is for it to come out. Har har har har har
  9. Stop advancing in the boring areas of Star Wars I say. Go back to the KotOR era and continue that. I love it more then I love the movies.
  10. This is what happens when people have too much time on their hands => play KotOR => argue here => further waste of time
  11. Worst suggestions ever.. Leave the storyline for the pr0s
  12. I knew I should have taken advantange of the extremely low price of EaW at the time.
  13. Malak was annoying, what I really wanted for the end show down between Revan and Malak was a pure lightsaber duel, Malak and his annoying force spamming just after after this rediculous flurry which hit 35-30-40 sort of damage, not even giving you a turn.. so pretty much you had to result to force spamming yourself, and running around destroying the jedi so he doesnt get to them either.
  14. My knowledge of Scandenavian cultures has increased to rank 13.
  15. Action replay is a CD/DVD, you put it in and run it, comes up with thousands of game titles for the Xbox or whatever you go to the game, choose the cheats and then go to the next step where you take out the Action replay disc, and put in the game disc.
  17. Ah yes the awesome quality animated backgrounds that you see at the dueling arena on Taris, or the nicely painted background of Dxun.
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