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  1. Meta has my respect. But this is the internet and no one trusts or believes anyone. So technically you dont have my respect.
  2. LOL Back to the clips now. I forgot to say that the report did mention that the clips could be freely used such as spliced with other footage, or put on Youtube. Sorry people. :blush10: Ah, a fellow chemist. God bless you.
  3. George Lucas... Generous? That is like saying covalent bonds are weak.
  4. Trask used his level 25 agility and thus knocked out Bandon unconcious, and escaped in one of the two remaining escape pods leaving one for Carth and Revan. Trask had a little accident with the escape pod and bumped his head, and yes he was one of the dead republic soldiers in the Kolto tanks you find in the medical station. My conspiracy theories own face.
  5. "Too little, too late" That quote just own'd everything anyone could possibly say in this thread.
  6. Then throw in some Rodians, Trandosians and Twi'lek female dancers
  7. But then I'm sure they made a 3rd Death Star we never heard of and destroyed the planet the Ewoks were on, coincidentally a planet we havent heard of.
  8. I think that taking 2 party members isnt enough when you traverse planets. To understand characters fully you need to go through the game multiple times and try out different party combinations, having only two is very restrictive as more then two may fit the job you need to be fulfilled, whatever it may be. Although more then two would make it far too easy to defeat enemies.
  9. Haha, yeah true I remember that on Telos. That too made me laugh because Atton has it in for old T3 and generally doesnt trust droids, unreliable as he calls them. There is definately more humerous dialogue in K2 compared to K1 which is good, there was funny stuff in K1 as well but most of it wasnt planned as K2 was IMO.
  11. OMG pants in the middle of Tatooine. I need to travel to Tatooine instantly. I need some pants.
  12. I suppose "All he does is beep, therefore you cant understand what he says and he is a droid and hence cant tell any difference in his voice tone (unlike HK)" would have been a better phrase.
  13. So a lesbian relationship forms?
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