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  1. So, it wasnt necessary to comment and state whether you placed it on PC or not.
  2. Exactly, some of them ideas suckz0rx, and pretty much would ruin the games storyline. Some of the things would be almost impossible to do because what a lot of people are asking for is too much, and most is unnecessary.
  3. All the links where to other forums, and I have a severe condition of CBA when it comes to reading whats in other forums. ps. CBA meaning Number one suits me perfectly. Psychological/medical condition?! O NOES
  4. I <3 my new wurdz. OMG ANOTHER! ps. Spoilerlicious?
  5. Yeah, you can tell me the spoiler, its not like I read books. Or have any intent of reading one.. Therefore I am not going to be reading this Star Wars one. ps. Lamest introduction post for the thread everrrr.
  6. Not any more than lightsaber or force people lose I THINK NOT
  7. o noez i fink tht biowre iznt dng anyfink liek that no ktr3 ! ! ! ! !
  8. Yeah Power Battles werent that bad, but I just didnt like its set up... the sort of LotR games style, I still prefered Episode 1 as the better game. In JPB I always wanted to get to level 4, just so I could get in the tank, lol. Yeah the levels were extremely long, especially the swamp one which was level two I think.
  9. That's something Xard would have done. AXE AXE AXE AXE AXE I mean.. uh... uhh down to 25?!
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