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  1. This is a very late reponse, so check my page if you need to remember what you wrote but:

    Personally I dont take a huge liking to the pacific part of WWII, I prefer the European scene far greater not to say that I'm not looking forward to HBO's new upcoming Pacific miniseries.

  2. Now why would you do that? A lot of these suggestions are limitless and some are really pedantic and incoherent, but on the other hand they do make valued points about what would be good in a story, what would be good eye candy, what would be good for combat etc. *Hypothetically* If I was a dev for KotOR3 and I had to take all this into consideration, or just make the game free will think of what the fans would be like "Hey they didnt put my magical unicorn on Coruscant! WTF!" There is quite a lot of things to take into account already, story for one thing would be very difficult, K2 left a lot of things out as it was uncompleted but still managed to feed us a bit about what happened, however it is just making the hole even bigger at some point they are going to have to answer us fans the questions we all seek in one game or another. Alternatively LA could just take the coward way out and not do it at all, and leave us hungry and thats what I see they'll do just 'forget' about it. But then again, there are a lot of KotOR fans and this is a good franchise, so I dont think they'll overlook it yet.
  3. Have they released it yet? Or atleast what are they down to. I hell cbf reading and all these fellow forum kamerades without avatars just make me automatically ignore them for some reason. Its all about the picture
  4. Yes, the energy beam that cleans your visor is now known as a contraption.
  5. I tried to use that as often as possible, with the helmet cleaning contraption as well, to remove the blood from your visor. Ah what a nifty little contraption indeed. It was better then fixer
  6. Fixer had the lame almost useless job of being the hackz0r dude. Sev was the leet awper Scortch was the crazy dude with napalm and such Fixer as already mentioned, was just lame
  7. OMG the Fins are systematically taking over this forum! But that doesnt change anything about your masculinity
  8. Juhani doesnt sound much like a masculine name. Then again, the Fins arent well known due to their masculinity
  9. Thinking about Juhanii in general can make anyone sick, har har har.
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