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  1. No. Our goal is 5. Please, if you want to set a goal atleast set something we could possibly get in the next 6 months. lorl. You don't see yourself getting excited in the next 6 months? No, not really.
  2. No. Our goal is 5. Please, if you want to set a goal atleast set something we could possibly get in the next 6 months. lorl.
  3. I thought that the game was left open for a sequal. Obviously not Ty LA.
  4. I'm the same, I went guardian the first time I played, but form then on I chose Consular. As already mentioned by the end of the game you practically have unlimited force points it seems.
  5. You practically over emphasised my previous post, I was being overly vague myself as there wasnt much point in going into much detail, the only point I was proving that Rommel was a Nazi, and that I personally dont see what the Nazi's did as being evil to an extent.
  6. Last time I checked, Rommel was a Field Marshal in the German armed forces, and commanded Afrika Korps Rommel only decided to assasinate Hitler when it came to the end of the war and the Germans begun losing, many of Hitler's advocates suggested that he accepted defeat and surrended. Rommel swore his allegiance to the German Empire, (WWI) Weimar Republic (Post WWI govt.) and then Nazi Germany. "Nazi" is such a harsh word, people assume that they were evil and taking into acount the whole German population was under the Nazi rule, so hypothetically the whole German population is evil. But take the SS for example, normal men... trained to become to elite of the Third Reich ended up becoming murderers from their actions but originally were just normal men.
  7. The only thing I can remember doing was putting them in set positions. How the area is highlighted in blue which is demonstrating where you can put them, I dont remember anything about putting them against walls... All I remember your squad doing is following you, and just having minimal commands for them.
  8. Ah yes, but the expansions come out how often? Yearly perhaps and they cost at a maximum of $80 A year of WoW = $240 You do the mafslol WoW and its cartoony like appearance sickens me. Guildwards ftdubs.
  9. Lol. OF ALL PEOPLE, XARD WANTING K3 OMG?! E-Bullies ftw. <3 Xard. I r voted lawl, just4you Xardeh
  10. I found Bao-Dur and Atton to be some of the best lightsaber duelists if you tend to train them up (Well of course, goes without saying) But they were the two main jedified NPC's that I took along, Handmaiden obvious is by far the best with lightsaber and pretty much any close combat weapon. But I find that Bao-Dur is rather good when he becomes stronger oh and if you equip him with a double bladed lightsaber, and Atton on the other hand pretty much the same. When you first jedify them they are most definately the worst character ever and you dont want to take them everywhere, because they are border line jedi and their previous class, so if you rush into giving them lightsabers and such, they tend to suck with it.
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