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  1. Keep trying with the answers, just put in random ones or the most logical, because you get it in the end. With swoops, its a bug - you complete the race but the guy always says that you didnt.
  2. I would call them useless, who needs to regen forcepoints from a droid when I have 400 odd points and when I use even the opposite sides moves, it doesnt even make a difference. I would personally prefer training my party members to become Jedi, by having them in my party rather then a ranged droid.
  3. I think Lucian is going on a mass holocaust of closing threads, followed by making new ones.
  4. yeh! im sure i wuld use droids mre if they were meleeee!!1`
  5. Still pretty good though. Good combat but storyline isnt there.
  6. Droids are one of the most useless and annoying things in the game
  7. I remember downloading that one off a website.
  8. If you have it on PC there is a way to get all the music files and convert them into .mp3
  9. Oh, I'm sure that LA could afford to make K3 with their bottomless pockets.
  10. Rogue Squadron, the first one on N64 was really good, I got a lot of enjoyment out of it. It just had a lot of realism to it for such a game, like Stormtroopers coming out of blown up buildings, I remember wasting all my time trying to kill every last one of them Shame that "Battle for Naboo" with a similar engine too Rogue Squadron wasnt as good, and I would have really loved a good Episode 1 game which was vehicle orientated. Episode 1 was really good, didnt last too long but it was like a really version of KotOR and Jedi Knight put together, it had dialogue and you could choose different options - although not as much dialogue as KotOR has.
  11. Use the floating swoop to your advantage then.
  12. Well, they are compared to strong nuclear interactions (up above mass-energies of 1TeV, and below mass-energies of 10^15GeV, where strong and electroweak are Grandly Unified). Yes, but then I was only merely comparing them to Metallic and Ionic bonds, and they arent man made bonds
  13. Exile: "Pff.. Nice piloting Atton"
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