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  1. all those who like twileks feast your eyes on this
  2. Planets that suck Dantooine (k2) its bloody isolated who wants to go into a #^*$ed up jedi temple after seeing how peacefull and cool in the first 1? Nar Shadaa - that is so boring its like coruscant but more corrupted with worthless poor fkers asking for money and bloody exchange owning all the veteran loosers. Korriban (k2) the first one was better you could acctually DO something. ie go into tombs and go into academy do quests.. but in teh second one you realise you come all this way to find a worthless dead jedi and fight with "sleeps-with-vibroblades" LOL best quote from atton i couldnt stop laughing after he said that Peragus 2 - OMFG!! soooooooooooo boring!!! worthless pathetic weakling droids that just GIVE you xp and that creepy hk droid dont to mention the people you come across and meet... DEAD BODIES! its jsut a relief to get out of that depressing hellhole Malachor 5 - storm creatures *puke* weirdos... to depressing the storm and the maze of paths that lead to more storm creatures playing kotor1 and 2 is great the first time but as you play again it looses its fun-ness lol
  3. me too... is it possible to acctually get your lightsaber back though?? ive tried and tried and atris has come up with some crap like "i have to go and meditate now" and walks off with my lightsaber I WANT MY LIGHTSABER BACK!!!
  4. its pretty good i agree.. it does make things more realistic... but if you have 2 characters that clash like kreia and atton it is hard to gain influence for both, and it forces you to say things nice or things you dont really want to say... just to gain influence from a character
  5. ah.... annoying npc's there should be like an option at the bottom each time you talk something like [Force Kill] and you could inflict pain to them in K1 i hate that annoying republic jerk hiding in the locker bloody coward i soon showed him by inserting my lightsaber in there just to teach them disrespectifull npcs not believing your Revan in K1 would satisfy me one part which i loved in tatooine - K1 - cantina i think... some czerka punk trying to be big.. i force choked him hahah was taht a great feeling
  6. revan is pretty stupid... come on look if he was the great lord of the sith he should have known that everyone as strong as him would try to test him and take his power from him... as malak did he got ambushed by bastila and them jedi... how did they get on his ship in the first place??
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