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  1. No a paladin is not a fight/priest in this POE Ye conceptually it doesn't seem like these types are different but in POE1 these classes were vastly different with different abilities and different strengths so ye there is a point to all these multiclasses because they all bring different things to the tables. This isnt d&d where paladin has access to priest spells. paladins are not priest in this game at all. They are not based on gods they dont have any spells or ability overlap. Even the heal the paladin gets is different than priest heals. Paladin is fighter with healing powers. Ergo, fighter/priest. He's the same in peaty much every game. Tabletop or computer. Obviously he has different abilities, and what not in this game, but the definitions sticks. He is still closely related to dnd view of him, and has nothing to do with paladins in historical romances. So while he may have different abilities, they are still of the same theme. Healing and helping allies. They both do that, and when you combine them in multiclasses you're not doing much since he is a multiclass already. Plus you're in some conundrum with deity and order system. Then on the other side of the spectre you have mages and cyphers. There would be some benefits combining them, but firstly, they don't go together lorewise, and secondly they're of same paininflicting profession, so in current format it would be better sticking to one to get all those juicy high level spells. Lore can be expanded, but what about extra abilities available only to multiclasses to help those that are underpowered? Not much, just restrict it to different levels. mage5/cypher5 gets exclusive combo spell for example, on first look pointless figter8/mage2 gets some high level magic infused mele ability to help him out. Something along that line.
  2. So, no restrictions on class combos? I'm preaty sure that's how you make sure certain combos will be inferior to the others. I mean, Paladin is Fighter/Priest by default, what's the point in Paladin/Priest, Paladin/Fighter, Fighter/Priest, then? Or Monk/Anyfighterclass? Assuming you'll be again getting late level class specific abilities, and that they are roughly the same for all classes, then there would be no point multiclassing something like that. Some could work, Fighter/Priest could be viable Paladin alternative, but Paladin/Priest would only be getting same theme abilities for your Paladin that already gets healing stuff at the price of high level Paladin abilities. Same for Monk/Fighter, he'd get some lower level fighter things for Monk, but will then not get highest levels Monk stuff. Even always used Fighter/Mage in dnd had problems. Few mage levels on a fighter and they are useless come higher levels. Few fighter levels on mage, and you have halberd wielding killing machine. Hope they put a lot of thought into it, and a big disclaimer before somebody multiclasses. Noobs were already overwhelmed by the system as it was, and they still managed to screw their builds, give them some more options and they'll be lost completely. But really, once you go multiclasing path, every system was flawed. Nobody ever had a perfect one, and it is a SP roleplaying game, so I am looking forward to rolling something wacky like Chanter/Priest. I can already imagine him chanting gregorian chant while the skeletons of the blessed crawl up from under his feat.
  3. Offcourse it's better. It's also better than combat in all Neverwinter Nights games, and better than in both KOTOR games. It's still missing some diversity in battle positioning, some really high lvl enemy early on to scare the player, and level progression is still all over the place, but combat overall is very good.
  4. No, Margan was in alliance with Woedica. It is not 100% but very possble. See Galawain quest and speak with Durance after it. Makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider that Eothas may have not invaded Dyrwood first but was in fact the one invaded.
  5. I think that the only problem is that people are failing to notice what traps are really about. They won't outright kill enemies, but they will significantly reduce their stats, and that makes them a very effective opener to a battle, and as that even one per character makes big difference on higher difficulties. Or better, on potd. For everything else you really don't need them.
  6. But, but awakening is awesome! Just think of all those cringy atheists huffing and puffing for whole game, just to finally be able to learn the glorious Truth! Who cares about fine print and details, Atheism wins!
  7. Still, the fact remains that no way am i going to raise my mechanics to 10 on all 6 of my characters. Why would you be raising mech to all characters? Priest and rogue are obvious choices, maybe one other, you certainly don't need whole team on it.
  8. Trap aren't useless at all. You just need high mechanic skill to see their true power. Anything around 10 will be enough for them to consistently do critical damage, and then you quickly find them very useful. Anything below 5 and they'll be dealing no damage at all.
  9. Don't forget his spread damage spell. It deals massive damage to everyone around him in a start shaped aoe. It's fairly easy to kill your own party, but it's curious area effect shape offers use even in cramped situations if positioned right. There's also a nice little trick involving it and Withdraw spell since chanter continues to fill his spellpool while removed. I really quite like chanter class. It offers a unique mechanic, but there is a problem with his spells. Spells at later levels are so much better that there is virtually no need to use weaker spell when you get better tier.
  10. Nah, dev commentary says that the area was made so you fight your way out of it when you kill him.
  11. The fact that they have to act through humans. They gain power from human souls not from something else. The vision with Thaos where the game pretty much says he creates Woedica. Thaos never saying it isn't true only refusing to answer you instead. The fact that Eothas appears to be dead or at least missing and was killed by a bomb made by humans, even if a God told them how to make it. Iovara is also not the only one who implies they aren't real gods, there are the two Pwygra in Twin Elms. If they really were all powerful beings that existed from the beginning of time why do they need human worship? I thought they came first? Why can they not enter the world directly if they supposedly created it? Seriously think about it. There are plenty of hints in game beyond Iovara just "saying it". The big problem, even if you accept that thinking, is why does anyone care. Engwithian gave their own lives to create them, why they did that is up to them, but they are long dead. For the rest of the nations they are already a mystical civilization. Glanfanthans would hail them even more if they knew they created their gods. With that their view of gods wouldn't change at all. And it would hardly do so for the rest of the nations. It could convince some intelligentsia, but they are often already on the other side, for the clergy that can speak to their gods, nothing would change, and same for the faithful. To see your companions and your own character get all hysteric about it, was the least convincing thing about the whole story.
  12. IE mod ain't perfect. Best way would be to significantly lower all side quest xp gain.
  13. Kana all the way. Why even on potd you hardly need six party members, and having chanter already you must bring him for diversity's sake alone. Besides that he's perfect for sixth spot. He requires very little management, just let him stand at the side in some heavy armour and let him sing his songs while you micro the rest of the party.
  14. I think you need to bring him to endgame. Then when the big reveal comes out, he'll comment on it. I'm not sure what you can do with it, tho, as I actually encouraged him to go into Laden Key.
  15. Priest can kill Adra without resorting to petrify. It's possible to stuck the dragon by summoning a creature, and then casting Withdraw on it in right choke spot. Then the hardest thing is getting rid of his helpers.
  16. This. In early levels you want casters in heaviest possible armour. They don't have that many spells available, so it's not as important to have them cast quickly. Later in the game when spells availability skyrockets spellcasting speed becomes very important. It's just as important for priests because they need to quickly pump the party with beneficial spells. That aside, Durance looks just stunning in some metal, so I simply left him in for 'roleplaying purposes.' (I had pc priest, so he took care of protections)
  17. Renamed constitution becomes obvious dump stat. Duration and Health, even more, aren't much needed. Oh, and dexterity becomes GOD among stats. Forget anything else. Just give me action speeeeeeeeeeeeed.
  18. Game really needs proper ability documentations, for half the stuff I've no idea for what they'll work on. Does anyone know what's with extra elemental damages abilities? When I test took electrical one for my druid, his electrical spell damage output stayed the same, so after that I didn't touch them at all.
  19. Story: Subpar. Unconvincing villain and forced view on story development certainly didn't convince me. I honestly don't see it any better than horrible mess that was ME3. Setting: Good. Animancy a bad cliche of forced liberal view on controversial progress, the rest very good. Guns, period armour and weapons, Gods squabble, factions, nations and overall mood fit together nicely. Quests: Sufficient. Wasteland 2 beats it with both hands tied behind the back. It lacks reactivity and overall satisfaction in effecting the world just by walking through it. Still it also offers some really nice quests. They don't repeat, and often offer different resolutions. Content: Sufficient. At time it almost feel like there is too much stuff thrown at you, then at other times you wish for more. Mechanics: Great. Some discrepancies in unusable and overpowered abilities and classes, but overall an actual improvement over nearly all similar real time rpg systems. Definitely ahead of DAO, NWN1+2, KOTOR, and both Witchers, at the same time evenly competing with complexity of infinity engine, surpassing it in plain mechanical aspect, while loosing in scale and diversity of battles. Graphics: Awesome. Maybe I'd prefer a smaller overall scale for maps to feel bigger, but that's a design choice, graphics by them self are amazing. Even completely unused areas feel unique and well designed. I don't think the game leads the field in any specific area, and I'm certain I'll remember Wasteland 2 much better just because it allowed me to do some amazing stuff. But if I'm completely impartial, I can only judge Pillars as one of the best RPGs to come out in last decade.
  20. Spider and sporeling are in the game. It's just the question if you can find them anywere. You can spawn them with console and get inventory items, and both will show on the map when you put them into pet slot. enable cheats: iroll20s additem item_pet_tiny_spider 1 additem item_pet_tiny_sporeling 1 additem item_pet_mallard_drake 1 additem item_pet_mallard_hen 1 The last two are some ducks, but they're without custom icons and will show placehodlers when place into pet slot.
  21. Jup, wasted a slot on my Pallegina as well with this one. I thought it'll be a useful one when I took it, then I used it couple of times to see everyone die, then by the time everyone's endurance increased to a level that it wouldn't kill target, priest got his aoe resurrection, and I never had an opportunity to even think of using it again.
  22. Mine ending game save sits at 6mb, so I'm guessing i'd have just as bad times on my end. The thing is that saves are packed, and you won't see the real save size untill you open them up with unpacking software. Mine jumps to 92mb, and by my limited knowlage into file packing, I know that there is a lot of repetition in content saved for it to be able to pack the information to that extent.
  23. First of all, this is fairly untested idea for potd alternative Druid/Mag build that deppends on perceived dump stat of Perception by dumping Might. Yes, I'm indeed dumping Might... I ran a test with custom companion Wizard against potd Arda Dragon with same stats, and it worked remarkably, nevertheless low Might may pose problems early on when dispatching enemies quickly may be a better option. The idea is that you forget damage done for a high interrupt values. Focus is on interrupting enemies to such effect that they can't even retaliate. That's achieved by big aoe and lingering spells, and by just overloading enemies with cointinuous spellcasting when on higher levels. For that effect high Dex and light armours are needed. With low Might there is also not much need for weapon specializations and effort put into druids forms, so it's better to just equip the caster with as heavy shield as possible and be done with it. Druid is better overall choice, since Wizard should have a really hard time early on, nevertheless his endgame is arguably even better than Druids. His two walls and Thrust made me look into it in the first place. Race: Orlan for +2 on Perception Subrace: Hearth Orlan, for hits to crits, although I'm not quite sure that ability works for spells as well. Alternatives: Elf with 20 Dex, Godlike with three 19s, and nothing is preventing other races to join as well. Attributes: 2 Might 9 Constitution 18 Dexterity 21 Perception 18 Intelligence 10 Resolve Dex, Per, Int as high as possible, the rest can vary. In this example I went for higher protection offered by Constitution and Resolve. The idea is that character can take some damage while using shield, and wearing light armour. Around the field protections are high, except offcourse for fortitude, making this build truly glassy. Talents: Interrupting blows, weapon and shield, veil for Wizard, everything else into bonus spells. Spells: The higher the interrupt value the better, just as important are lingering area effects, and big aoe. More potential victims, higher the chance to interrupt someone. Walls and Druids storms work wonders. Notable Spells: Mage: 1st level: Thrust!! 3rd: Fireball 4th: Dimansional Shift, Wall of Flame!!! 5th: Wall of Force!!! Druid: 1st level: Talon's Reach!!, Tanglefoot 2nd: Blizzard, Insect Swarm 3rd: Returning Storm!!! 4th: Hail Storm 5th: Malignant Cloud, Wall of Thorns!!!
  24. Nah, it's Druid > Wizard > Cipher > Priest even if you never use shapeshifting. Druids are very much OP spellcasters once you get the hang of them. Cipher is op at start, but he gets right on track by the end of the game on potd. With his charging mechanic, he simply can't hold ground with proper casters. In late middgame and endgame he actually gets thrown behind the other three. At about the same time druid losses any need for Shapeshifting, making his advantage void, Wizard gains his extremely useful teleport, and Priest should gain enough points in mechanic to make his traps deal crits to everyone.
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