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  1. To much complaining? I think so yes. Is complaining bad? I don't think so. I think the right amount of complaining can be very helpful to developers. But I understand that what bothers me, might not bother others, and what bothers them might seem trivial to me. Problem is that there are maybe a handfull really important issues, that at the very least warrants closer analysis, but it is drowned in a sea of (in my view) very trivial issues that (in my view) mods should fix. Examples... Game fixes (things that should be something developers do, because it often requires deep knowledge of the coding): - "Stand your ground" or "don't be a retard and attack unless I tell you to!" - Stealth, sneak, secrets, whole group etc... Mod fixes (things that require changing single game values): - Less xp, higher xp req to lvl - Upgrade/downgrade spells/abilities/weapons - Bandits steal less I think a lot of this could be done in one swift move by making a "mod" forum, where people could post about mods etc...
  2. If you want to put spoilers in a nice clickable box you can use '' '' to close it...and ofcourse without the ''. ...as for thee whole ''ruin'' thing: i might have mi If you want to put spoilers in a nice clickable box you can use '' '' to close it...and ofcourse without the ''. ...as for thee whole ''ruin'' thing: i might have missed it, but to me it just sounded as kinda bad idea to build the Keep on a such big mystery... Edit: /sigh Of course it didn't work...no idea how to explain:)...aha: ask google...it is amazing:D ssed it, but to me it just sounded as kinda bad idea to build the Keep on a such big mystery... Edit: /sigh Of course it didn't work...no idea how to explain:)...aha: ask google...it is amazing:D Figured it out, thanks
  3. The game is to easy, some say, but at the same time they're annoyed the companions might have picked sub-optimal talents on their previous levels ups when they find them?
  4. Obviously, doesn't mean it's not a silly hyperbole. Just wanted to contribute to the hyberbole thread. It's all about finding problems, and not understanding how it would be if it was opposite. The system allows you to NOT rush to find characters early, so you don't end up finding a lvl 1 companion when your party are lvl 10, because then people would complain how finding a lvl 1 character near the end is worthless. And it would not make sense to find a lvl 9 character who has not spend any skill/talent points. He is lvl 9, and should be lvl 9 in all aspects. Everything else is for modding, cheating etc... and I am sure it will be available. But what people want is full control over an npc, in all aspects and that is not what rpg's are about, in my view. It has been like this in all IE games, and all TSR rpg's. The npc's com at a certain lvl, and what they've done till then is out of your control. Pretty generous to actually give you control over their choices after that.
  5. BG1 was infamous for ranged being stupidly OP compared to melee, sling on 6 ranged weapons and obliterate anything in the game. Kobold commandos? Anyway, it would be nice to see interrupt being more harsh on ranged.
  6. While I hate people whining about the game features, this also struck me as bad. I was incredibly surprised that my skeleton minion was confused... Wtf?
  7. I would prefer if I were able to change each new companions race/class/attributes and skills when I met them, that way I'd get full control over any bad decision they made. To me it doesn't feel right that Alroth is an elf, or a wizard for that matter. Alternative, let us at least meet all possible companions outside the ruins, they could have a social gathering, and then we can chose them there to avoid them being "wrong" in the players eyes. I'd like a mod where I could change every monster ability to align with what I think they should be.
  8. Increase xp req to lvl/decrease xp rewards = people complaining they have to do everything in the game to reach cap. Increase main quest xp+decrease side quest xp = people complaining about how meaningless doing side quests are, and how they should be more rewarding. Increase level cap = people complain the game is even more easy. Doing anything regarding in-game balance = people finding something wrong and complaining. I think it's really great to allow players the two choices: 1) do main quests and complete game 2) if 1 is to hard, do side quests to get higher level so you can complete the game Imo, best solution would be to make an extra achievement: "complete game on expert without doing side quests" But realisticly, people would likely complain about this as well.
  9. My racing bicycle, and gear, cost me roughly 3000$, I have now spend many more hours on PoE, they have fairly large margin to milk me before I'll feel like I made a poor investment Seriously, I got value from the core game and will buy dlc's. Some didn't get value I understand, and so fully get why they don't want to buy the dlc's. Calling dlc's bad is to generalize a lot, and very subjective. I never bought any Crusader dlc's, and still enjoyed the game, just had no need for more content. And in most games I kill the music fast anyway (PoE being a rare exception, very lovely track imo)
  10. If anyone can do that, it is a very small group. I can't do it. Since you talk big, can you make a video and link it for us? How about we learn from recent TB history. The game will be balanced much further over the next 6 months. I do find Hard like a Normal, but far from a total roll, unless you've found a super combo and if one did, why need buffs on top then? I'd say report it and see if they can nerf the power, but then are you really after that or wanting to prove that there are crazy powers, but also reap the benefit of those in the comfort of your own? I also would like to see a vid of this, and since the word "literally" was used, I expect poster was not just full of bs
  11. This is my problem, it just feels very wrong to allow it. Also the player casting fire protect on everyone, because player knows there is a wizard, and knows he uses fire magic.
  12. The following is not the truth, it is my view of things... Pre buffing ruins the sense of immersion for me, since in most of the cases your pre buffing will be due to beforehand knowledge. In most rpg games the player has knowledge, either from earlier games played or from actually knowing the game, of what is about to come. And so, I think, pre buffing ruins the whole sense of experiencing the fights as "real" (laughable concept in game) as possible. I absolutely love when I attack 2 lions, and only seeing 2, and then have 5 more rush me, changing an expected easy fight to hard. That feels real. Knowing this will happen, them stack up 10 buffs, spread out the group and lay down 5 traps, does not feel real. That aside, the whole immersion concept, which is ruined when you act upon knowledge your character should not have and so in most cases makes pre buffing and talk of immersion feel out of place. That aside... Pre buffing, as has been debated, means every fight where a non-trash fights are involved, and def. Boss fights, that pre buffing is expected, and not pre buffing means you are doing it wrong. It does not matter if only one pre buffing would be available every rest, any pre buffing would mean that the game would need to have the end fights, boss fights, require pre buffing! That said, I find it very very odd, that you would NOT allow pre buffing with spells, but allow it with consumables...??? Consumables should have been (my opinion) have been either scrolls/pots for in combat, or food that your group ate when resting which gave minor bonuses till next rest. I am baffled at no pre buffing, but still pre buffing, and this tells me that the whole concept was half-hearted thought through.
  13. THIS is exact the lie I was talking about! Espezialy computer games do NOT have that many code lines compared to other software. http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/million-lines-of-code/ Quake 3 engine (just the graphic) a bit over 300k lines. Cry Engine 2 or Age of Empire online a bit over 1 millions lines. Unreal 2 engine around 2 million lines. Compared to something simple like Google Chrome which has 5-7 million lines ... Facebook 60++ million lines (WTF??? what for??? *g*). Average modern car software 100++ million lines. Games are NOT that complicate and most of the code is invented 35+ years ago and can be downloaded! And just imagin ... if a computer game with let's say 3 million code lines has so many (and sometimes critical) bugs ... would you EVER again trust a modern car software? With auto park asistent, auto drive (Google-Car), break asistent, lane hold asistent, routing-planer ... what ever . The second statement is, unfortunatly, true . But it hits all and everyone working as software engineer. In germany for example we have no spezial IT union and no collective agreement . That's why I stoped to work as game coder. Yea, I did this job 3 years. Up to 18 hours 7 days every week. The closer the release date, the more hours. I started it as I LOVE games ... then I had to learn the hard way what's your position ... and what the position of the publisher/investors (the REAL bad boys) . I decided: before I'm part of a BUGed release because of greedy publishers/investors ... I'll never be part of this modern slave holders anymore. 2 tons of low qual chocolate doesn't taste better than 500 grams of high qual chocolate, all it does is give you a bigger stomach ache. When you see a program with lots of LOC's, it's very very likely what you have in your hands is the work of: "cope-paste old version + patching". Windows 7 had fewer LOC's than Vista, does that make it an inferior program. Please say no... That aside. I think what we have here is a general conspiracy from the whole gaming industry. 20 years ago (when most of us were kids and loved games), they sat together and decided to keep making games more and more buggy, to slowly lower our expectations. Obsidian, and all the other gaming companies, could make much better games with no effort (what was it? just copy the code from the internet?), but refuse to do so.
  14. I was under the assumption, that despite most of their games having bugs, commercially they've nearly all been a success? And I still only see annoying bugs/features, have yet to see or hear about any game-breaking ones. But again, game-breaking is a highly subjective term. I stopped playing Elder Scrolls (Daggerfall I think), because at times a Lich, or similiar, would spawn in dungeons and often nuke me to death in a few seconds without me being able to target it. That was game-breaking to me, but not to others. I later found out there was a patch fixing this, but by then I had come across Diablo and played that instead. Still bought Morrowwind, and ended up never buying Diablo2. Reason for that was that despite me finding the bug "game-breaking" in Elder Scrolls, I still found the system/world/etc etc... much more entertaining and refreshing, and I also knew they didn't ignore bugs, but worked to fix them so the first game having bugs didn't matter to me.
  15. Maybe have Resolve dictate if a character is able to hold the line and not charge?
  16. Of the 25 BG characters some came with the expansion? And some are from enhanced edition? And of the original ones, half of them were useless to my knowledge, and a good deal also very boring. Pretty sure most who played BG used the same group of 10 or so npc's?
  17. Reminds me of imdb.com You'll find the trolls who give a movie "1", and the hard-core fans who give them "10". Yes there are bugs, and yes some are game breaking, and I hope the people who can't see that are hard-core fans protecting a game they love, and not ignorant. But we are 1 week into launch, and I hope the people who keep screaming "Beta-product" are serious trolling. Very few games don't have problems on launch. I still laugh a little when my BG characters can't figure out how to move from one side of a bed to the other... BG2 was riddled with crashes on launch, but a lot of people never experienced this because back then you bought the games physical a while after launch and usually patched the game right away. What matters is if the company works to correct the bugs, and, if the players are very lucky, also try to modify non-bug elements that are annoying. So far they seem to be doing so. I really enjoy the game so far, but am not blind to the issues with the game. I got a good laugh out of this quote though..."When literally not a single day can go by without me reading about or encountering a new major bug" might just be me, but is kinda funny when the game has been out for a week or so
  18. I guess the stat min/max problem could be solved by making higher stats cost more points, and lowering stats to a certain point give fewer points back. Personally I like my character to have a mixed set of stats, from a rpg perspective.
  19. I think the stat system is slightly bonkers, but no clue why people gets so worked up about it. If you min/max anyway, chances are you don't play for the rpg value, and if you play for the rpg value make characters according to how you think your character should be like and disregard game mechanics. A low might wizard is not going to be bad, you just need to focus more on duration type spells.
  20. Think the people who love it are to busy playing I for one am at work, so can't play right now... Loving it, old school style, and not having to play the to familiar BG for the 20+ time. Not seen any bugs yet, and my only complaint is how stealth works bad, and how mechanics is to important. Other than that I'm confident they'll add new content over time.
  21. For someone who prefered BG1 to BG2 (the whole god level, demons and drows, omg I've always hated the drow design), this game is very close to BG1 in feel for me. Add to this that I know most of BG like my own pockets, to a degree where playthroughs gets boring to fast, this is just what I was looking for. It has many flaws, but nothing a few patches, and/or mods wont fix. So far my biggest irritation is how little stealth matters, and how much mechanics matter. I also hope they introduce more companions, and give them more scripted things to say like Xzar for example, or Edwin. But again, I think they will expand on things, I really do. And I also view the game in comparison to what else is available on the market, and either it's stuff I have played, or very bad games. So for me, this is a 8 so far, with foundation for a 9, or even 10, with the "right" tweaks and add-ons.
  22. Play on hard, with main rogue and the in-game npc's fighter, wizard and priest so far. I suspect people who find the game to easy have made optimal main character, and maybe made generic npc's. And people who find the game to hard don't micromanage combats, or take on to big fights until the proper level, and/or without a balanced party.
  23. I didn't want to make a generic npc, so I looked at the in game npc's. And rogue was notably missing, so made a wood elf one as my main. Enjoying it so far.
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