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  1. This has basically been my problem. If I wait to send in a melee dps until the tanks are fully engaged by the time they actually get near something the casters and ranged have usually mopped up everything. I'm just having an issue justifying all the extra babysitting a melee dps needs, since they don't even seem to bring that much more oomph than a ranged does.
  2. So, in BG 1 and 2 I loved playing well made melee dps classes. Fighter/Thief multi usually being my favorite. Between stealth openers and invis potions and other ways of being sneaky you had an active class that was squishy, but had lots of ways to get out of combat. Now in PoE so far I've tried pretty much all the melee archetypes and cannot find a dps class that can put out numbers on par with a ranged rogue. It seems to me that being up in the thick of things should have some benefit, but all it does is allow you to catch a stray aoe or an unencountered mob and get insta-killed. Is there something I'm missing here for melee dps? I've tried heavy armor, medium armor, no armor, but I just can't find any way to make it worth using over range.
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