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  1. In Deadfire some companions will leave the party at certain decision points in the game, most notably when choosing a faction. Is there any way to prevent this behavior with a mod? Meaning: no matter which decisions the player makes throughout the game, all companions will always stay with the party and never leave. I checked the Nexus and skimmed through all 31 pages of this subforum, but didn't find a mod like this. Could this be achieved by changing or disabling certain (conversation-) triggers in the game scripting? Thanks!
  2. Twin Elms felt kind of rushed, and i got the impression Obsidian didn't really know what to do with the Glanfathan setting so they just slapped a bunch of extremely generic quests on it and called it a day. The initial interactions with the gods in Teir Evron was well done, though. While Act 3 falls a bit flat, Act 2 is amazing! I have always been a sucker for big citys serving as expansive quest hubs in crpgs and Defiance Bay delivers on so many levels. Overall i enjoyed the game a lot, it doesn't quite reach the genius of the very best IE titles (P:T, BG2), but it is the best crpg of the
  3. Lead Spitter, Dulcanale and Pliambo per Casitas are the best ranged weapons in the game, with Long-Feller, Forgiveness and Scon Mica's Roar not far behind (assuming full enchants with Excepional/Superb and <any> Lash on everything ofc). The Blunderbusses need Penetrating Shot to be viable against high DR targets.
  4. Hiravias by far Worst voice acting in the game, uninteresting personality and unfunny quips... the whole companion feels somehow "forced" and uneven
  5. ok, i just did some math: with my current 21 might my exeptional enchanted Lead Spitter does 10-14 damage per projectile, so 12 average and has -7 DR baseline. noteworthy passive/modal (always on) modifiers that are soul whip (x1.2), biting whip (x1.2), <any> Lash (x1.25) and Penetrating Shot (-5 DR). This means that one (6 hit) Lead Spitter shot causes 6 projectiles a 12*1.2*1.2*1.25 = 21,6 which the game rounds up to 22 each --> 6*22 = 132 damage. Against a 15 DR target the damage would still be 132-6*(15-12) = 114. In these DR ranges no other gun can compete. So unless you
  6. Durance and Grieving Mother I fully expected MCA to deliver I was not disappointed
  7. my level 10 cipher hits for about 120 per shot (6x20) with Lead Spitter (21 Might, Soul Whip, Biting Whip, Penetrating Shot) on targets with 12 DR or less (because of 12 DR reduce), assuming all 6 projectiles are hits with no misses, grazes or crits. Dulcanale and Pliambo per Casitàs also hit fairly hard, but Lead Spitter is through the roof as long as the target doesn't have super high DR.
  8. 1. your math is wrong, the base damage difference is 8 not 7 (you rounded down for PpC and up for HW ) 2. ... that's only base damage, which will get heavily modified by Might and other modifiers like Soul Whip/Biting Whip (144%) and Sneak Attack, so the actual damage difference is much bigger than 8 3. -6 DR is amazing and much better than 5 accuracy, obviously 4. combat in this game favors slower, harder hitting weapons because of the flat DR effect; this is no exception 5. PpC has additional beneficial effects like +10 acc for ally and -5 def, -5 fortitude, -5 reflex, -5 will 6. firear
  9. Aedrin's Wrecker is better, don't know how to get it though, sorry. Also, Pliambo per Casitàs does way more than just 5 damage more than Hold Wall, plus it has 5 DR reduce It is way beyond Hold Wall in terms of raw damage potential. Lead Spitter with Penetrating Shot should be the highest average damage per shot up until ~15 DR targets, second and third will be Pliambo per Casitàs and Dulcanale (the latter obvously has higher potential crit damage because of the Destructive modifier)
  10. Dulcanale is the best pistol in the game, but why would you compare it to an Arbaleste when Arbalestes are mediocre at best since the damage nerf? Also, Hold-Wall isn't even the best Arbaleste in the game... The real contenders for Dulcanale in terms of best ranged weapons are Pliambo per Casitàs and Lead Spitter. Which of these guns is best for you depends on your class, stats, talents etc. - but it will but one of those three. The most damage potential per shot is probably Lead Spitter with Penetrating Shot (-12DR per projectile...) Back to my former question: does anyone know whethe
  11. Well a lot of buffs and stat modifiers in this game sadly don't stack... i also hope that Gunner and the Chanter aura stack, but at this point i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't
  12. Penetrating Shot + Lead Spitter = 12 DR reduction for each of the 6 projectiles that combo is just insane, especially on cipher with draining whip
  13. 4 Million isn't a whole lot in an industry where the budget of major titles is in the triple digit range of Millions
  14. you say you're a developer yourself... then you should be able to appreciate the insane size and complexity of the state machine that makes up the foundation of a game like this. there are so many interdependencies between different events, dialogue choices and progression paths that the resulting game states are virtually impossible to comprehend in their entirety, let alone test reliably (both isolated and in correlation) P.S.: Obisdian also doesn't have the budget of big AAA publishers to put into extended QA measures, yet these big AAA titles are often very buggy as well at release. go
  15. can we please stop nerfing classes now? mind blades was the biggest offender in terms of cipher spells and that has been taken care of, the only thing that maybe makes cipher a little too strong right now is the draining whip -> blunderbuss synergy which generates a ****load of focus. i think in general the class balance is overall suprisingly good, especially considering that they created a new ruleset from scratch and several non-cookiecutter classes on top. every class can be very strong if min/maxed correctly, and that's how it should be. P.S.: i think the 1.03 balance changes w
  16. could you be more specific? i just murdered the whole doemenel clan in search for this item (to no avail)
  17. @OP (or anyone else that knows): could you please tell where to get this item, using a spoiler tag of course now that slicken, chill fog and mind blades have been nerfed i need another way to cheese hard fights
  18. "dev resources", "falling all over themselves" - really? it would simply be a matter of uploading the (already existing) patch build to MEGA or any other free filehosting service (that's what they're there for after all) and posting a link in this forum
  19. that's not a bad attitude, but what about the people that cannot continue their playthrough because of on of the gamebreaking prepatch bugs? (in my case: raedric's hold crash) i just don't get why the obsidian devs don't simply release a stand-alone installer for the update... i couldn't care less about the GoG QA, the Obsidian guys know their game and the engine much better anyway
  20. @ the Obsidian devs: could you please provide a standalone build of the patch installer (or even just the naked binaries for manual install) for the GoG users? GoG will likely not act before tuesday next week (because of the holidays), and i suppose there are a lot of GoG customers who would very much like to make use of the holiday for playing your amazing game! i'm one of them, but i cannot continue playing until i get the patch (raedric's hold crash)
  21. meh, i will now probably just buy the game on steam and try to refund the GoG version that's also the last time i've bought anything from GoG, ever
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