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  1. Hey Sciz, Try verifying the integrity of the game cache (right click on the game > properties > Local files tab > verify integrity of game cache). This helped another member with the same issue.
  2. Guess I just had a bad download, using the "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" function on Steam fixed it. Thanks! Np, glad to help.
  3. My game just updated to on Steam, and now all the buttons on the opening page say *Missing gui* on them. This happening to anyone else? Hi Wyckydsceptre, I am sorry to hear your having this issue. Can you tell us what operating system your on and if you have install any mods? If you haven't done so, please try verifying the integrity of the game cache (right click on the game > properties > Local files tab > verify integrity of game cache). Hopefully this fixes the issue.
  4. Hey guys, I was able to confirm this issue. Thanks for reporting.
  5. Hi Pete, Thanks for reporting this issue. This is a known bug and we had it a priority issue. I don't have a timeline but you should see a fix for this in the next patch. Sorry for any inconvenience in your gameplay.
  6. Hello, I would try to verify the integrity of the game if you bought Pillars on steam (Right-click on Pillars from your game library > properties > Local files > verify integrity of game cache) or do a reinstall if you bought it from from somewhere else like gog. Also, be sure to run the game as an administer. Hope this help.
  7. Hey guys, Sorry that your having this crash issue. Are you guys login as administers (info: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72049-workarounds-for-several-known-issues-4-07-15/ )? Try this and if you haven't done so, try verifying the integrity of the game: Right-click > properties > local files > verify integrity of game cache. Post here and I'll check back in.
  8. Hi Cyberspark, Thank you for reporting this issue. I was able to reproduce the bug with your steps. I'll let the team know about this issue.
  9. Hi everyone, This is a known issue and you should see a fix for this in a future patch.
  10. Hi Adramelk, Do you mean your crashing frequently when your loading the map Valewood? If you haven't tried it yet, there's a work-around sticky post. Lets see if it helps you. You can find it here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72049-workarounds-for-several-known-issues-4-07-15/
  11. Hey guys, Thanks for reporting this issue and I am sorry you had to restart your game because of it. This bug has been written in our database.
  12. Hi PGD_FC, I am sorry your having these issues. I created a bug report and copy the link here. Hopefully, we can get a solution for your issues.
  13. Hi Argan, Yes, I think thats the best move. Hopefully this will correct your issue.
  14. Hi Hoto, Did you happen to save right as the cutscene was starting to play?
  15. Hi k_potrillo, Are you crashing constantly when you try and load the game? Or are the crashes infrequent?
  16. Hi euseka, I downloaded your save and observe the AI issue. I am not sure what's caused it but I'll make sure the team is aware of it.
  17. Thanks guys, we appreciate the help. Hi Achilles, I am sorry you felt like you post was being ignored. Responding to the threads is just one of our responsibilities as a QA tester. A lot of our time is spent testing, writing, and verifying fixes on our internally builds of the game. When we look at the forums, we try and prioritize the worst offending bugs, affecting the most people first. As complex Pillars is, verifying the issue can take as little as a few seconds to sometimes a few days when checking across the three OS. Sometimes we'll come across bug threads that we written up, know
  18. Hey guys, Can you include your system profile? you can find info here for your specific system: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72439-must-read-how-to-report-an-issue/ Thanks.
  19. We're aware of the issue and its been written up internally. Thanks.
  20. Hey guys, Just a heads up that we're aware of the issue and its been written in our database. Thanks for your support!
  21. Hey guys, Sorry it took us awhile to respond to this thread but we have been trying to reproduce this bug without any luck. Can you take a screenshot of the blurry font issue and upload your system spec: dxdiag log file (PC)/ system report (Mac)/ system setting (Linux). What type of monitors are you using? Thanks for the info.
  22. Thanks Insolentius, I was able to confirm the bug and will write up the issue.
  23. Hey guys, This minor bug has been added to our bug database. Thanks for reporting it.
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