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  1. could just allow us to see hidden things while walking using a perception check. wait is there even a way to walk?
  2. why not make a upgrade to the keep that adds a supply?? each supply you wish to add cost dbl what the last supply cost. 1k for the first 2k second 4k 3rd and so on.
  3. As the title says after the patch ghost that would run away near the first solo field before town are now all but impossible to see. I have started over many times testing builds so I know to look for them. some are still abit visible while others you would have no hope of seeing if you did not know they were there and exactly were to look. The two standing by the overturned cart for example are very difficult to see. the one that runs across the water can only be seen from his head up and can see any part of him except when he crosses the water in the area with the crazy priest companion one of the ghosts is visible while another is nearly impossible to see.
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