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  1. Hi Ktran, my problem is solved. I wrote about it in another topic "Crash report (before even loading)" It was a problem with a missing Nvidia driver (disappeared suddenly ¿¿??). I installed lastest update and the game runs ok! Thanks Ktran, and good luck with your problem Borticus.
  2. Problem solved! Checking installed hardware drivers, Nvidia Driver had disappeared ¿¿??... may be by a wrong automatic upload, I don't know... I installed lastest driver and problem solved! Thanks for your attention...
  3. Hi Ktran, Since yesterday it happens constantly when I try to load the game. The other prevoiuos fail only happened once, so I didn't care thtat time... I tried changing to disconnected mode in the Steam config, not worked. I tried to load without Internet connection, not worked. ... Thanks
  4. Hi Borticus and everyone, It happens to me sometihing similar since yesterday (May 18th). I purchased the game from Steam one month ago, and I've played (14hours) without problems. One week ago, it happened exactly in the same way, but the problem solved itself in the next day (may be with and automatic steam upload, I guess...), so I didn't care at that time. DESCRIPTION: When I try to start the game, It simply doesn't load: - First: a Steam window appears "preparing to start Pillars of Eternity..." - Two seconds later, a small windows appears with this message: "Oops! The
  5. Hi! I purchase the game from Steam one month ago. I played somedays (14h), yesterday for example, without problems... Description: Today when I tried to load the game from "Pillars of Eternity.exe", something happened before even loading, and it chrased with a very simple report. It happened again one week ago with the same crash report (May14th), but the problem solved itself... Thanks! Screenshot: System Specs: DxDiag.txt Output log: output_log.txt
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