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  1. Hi KTran, It was a Path of Iron savefile, so it was saved automatically by the areatransition. Nope, I did not save it manually, I just interacted with the door as the cutscene was about to start.
  2. Sorry, not gonna give up until me/someone comes up with a good idea, or if someone tells me to shut up... http://imgur.com/EJzczWs,qpCrALG#0 http://imgur.com/EJzczWs,qpCrALG#1 Teleporting to a area that starts a cutscene didn't help. The cutscene went normally, but the bug remains after it. =/
  3. Sorry for the bump, but I'd really appreciate if someone had any suggestions for what I could do to fix my savefile =/ I tried the "change location" cheat, but I'm still stuck in the "cannot interact with anything" mode... I don't require a fix to the bug, just hope someone could suggest a workaround. Maybe theres something I could do to my savefile? It would be quite annoying to have to do all this all over again, and having to also backup the savefile once in a while, in fear of bugs ruining it.
  4. Hello there! Hope someone can help me with this bug. Description: I walked into a new area, right before a cutscene was about to happen. Loading screen goes normally, but when finished - everything is messed up... User interface is completely bugged, can't walk around or interact with anything, but I'm allowed to open C, H, I, J, load and save etc normally. Including save file, as I'm trying hardcore - and it saved when I walked into the new area. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Walk into a new area right before a cutscene is about to start. Savegames https://www.dropbox.com/s/
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