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  1. I would REALLY love to hear what they are working on... Hope for a beta patch in the close future
  2. I believe it has something to do with the additional foes the game adds in PotD - it might not be possible to add and remove them at any given time.
  3. Thank you so much for the answers, BMac and Kohwalter! If I could reduce all ability costs like Kohwalter suggested, it would achieve quite a bit of what I desired.
  4. As possible balance adjustement/buff for ciphers I'd like to give them more starting focus and maybe also a larger max focus pool. But I failed to find the relevant entry - can anyone help???
  5. Thank you Shadowstrider! Your examples are most helpful for some plan I have!
  6. Could anybody capable of datamining please update the list for 1.1? Has anything changed except for the hull strenght?
  7. I have to agree! Great game! I rarely had this feeling of a believable world I wanna engage in, reminds me of the first Dragon Age. A believable quest, and an enjoyable felling of progression by hiring crew and upgrading your ship. It also brings back fond childhood memories of Baldurs Gate. I also LOVE the scripted events, non-combat-situations have never been done better in any CRPG I ever played. I'd wish the we'd already be able to to play the game in the polished state it will no doubt reach later this summer. Then again, Baldurs Gate 2, as iconic as it was, never turned out to b
  8. Thank you! This is exactly what I hoped for, guess I'll have to start modding once 1.1 is final...
  9. All changes for the early June patch should be in the beta branch now. However I know there is more that the team wants to change, so do expect more in future patches. Thanks for the info, even if it is a bit disappointing. As cipher player, I had hoped that some of the recent balance feedback would already flow into the final 1.1. version...
  10. Thank you for the mod! I already considered modding the abilities myself, great to have a starting point
  11. I'm abroad and can't check myself - are there ongoing (ability/character) balance changes in the two later beta builds? If not, do you expect any further changes in the final patch?
  12. Are there any further ability changes? May we expect any more or is the ability balance final?
  13. To be fair: a dev said that several regions are not yet changed in this build - I believe somewhere in the beta patch forum
  14. Would it work to give them full focus at the start of combat? Most other casters also start the fight ready to blast after all... Regarding subclasses, soul annihilation was nerfed anyway, so using it right away might not be too much, even for mindstalkers. Beguilers would be get the desperately needed buff, and their fathers make more sense at the beginning of a fight anyway. Ascendants would get the same amount of starting focus as the others, making their path to ascension shorter while not making them OP
  15. Thank you Ezekiel! What you say about veteran is exactly what I want - being encouraged to use consumables and all other previously underused aspects of the game, but without being forced to use cheese, meta-knowledge, or extremely min-maxed hirelings. Reload orgies, strictly following a certain order of quests or returning much later also takes out the immersion for me. I do share your concerns about later levels, however. A pity we can't change the difficulty later...
  16. They were among the weakest classes in several polls even before the patch, 1.1 weakened some of their few decent abilities. They are not only (perceived as) weaker than many other classes, many of their spells seen to be hardly worth casting (if an ability that stuns someone for 6 sec blocks you from doing anything else for 6 sec as well, you've not gained much). Furthermore, ciphers only somewhat shine as crowd controllers, but don't have viable tools for other roles (DPS, tanking, buffing, healing, ...)
  17. Ciphers are perceived as one of the weakest classes by many, builds that still work rely heavily on a few select spells ( mostly whispers of treason). Some said they are weak because their biggest benefit in poe1 - their unlimited resource pool - is no longer an advantage now that most classes have per encounter spells. But I haven't seen any good suggestions how to fix them. By changing individual spells? Or is there something that could be done as a general measure? Some ideas: Start with full focus (except ascendant) Bigger damage bonus? Faster focus generation?
  18. I've seen that during beta they could all hit the same enemy if he was alone, that's what I meant
  19. I would love to make mind blades able to hit the same enemy multiple time s like in the beta - how? Thanks in advance!
  20. Thank you! I can't play for the next 3 days, so I'm grateful to see some impressions.
  21. Great to hear! I just wondered if POTD wasn't a bit much for me... EDIT: Seems you can't change upwards from veteran to POTD! Are you sure it works both ways? I can confirm the other options are no longer greyed out...
  22. It seems like everyone only gives feedback about POTD. I really want some kind of challenge, but real life (50-60h job) just doesn't allow me to try each important fight 3-4 times. Was veteran difficulty improved as well? Or is it just harder due to nerfs? Any impressions?
  23. I really hope they change it to work with dual wielding in the final 1.1 build, in which case the percentage reduction would make a lot of sense.
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