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  1. I have no idea what do you mean by this :| Tactically, those roles are very useful distinctions. Thanks! I'll fix Maia. As for Resolve and Constitution dumping. I can see where you're coming from. My argument will be "If your backline does not need Resolve and Health for this fight, it's a very easy fight, so you wouldn't need that extra PER/DEX anyway". I noticed that most fights I lose tend to tip the moment one of my backline characters is being murdered. Either by one or two rogues executing Shadowstep to Paralyze and nuke my Support, or by some stray hard-hitting Fire AoE s
  2. Gods know I spent several hours being intimidated by Character Generation screen. I'm writing for you guys / gals who stare at screen and can't for the love of it find anything reliable to help you decide where to commit those sweet points and what perks to take. I will stay away from spoilers. Only spoil a few minor things like some items. I've almost completed my first PotD run with Spellblade (Streetfighter / Wizard). I stayed away from most broken/OP things for challenge's sake, and I feel I was powerful, but not outright broken. I value RP options pretty highly. That's my point of view
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