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  1. Thanks, this threw me too since the "you can't" messages are usually more clear and I didn't even consider the limit of per type (which makes sense so you can't go too nuts on enchanting)
  2. Welcome to modern times. Complex software has bugs - whether it's your phone, your tablet, your console, your computer - reality happens. If you are so absolutely devastated by bugs - most of which you probably never notice yourself - then wait til a year or two after any piece of software releases - then buy it.
  3. Looks good, bring it on. I can see why it took them so long to get a patch out since there's a ton of stuff in it, but I still think they should've fixed the biggies messing with stats that affected lots of people quicker and done up the rest of this stuff after that. Oh well. Better late-ish than never.
  4. The wait thing does seem intentionally not there and likely due to cheesing the stronghold. It's really not the end of the world if you have to travel and use up a camping supply for just one run while waiting for Brighthollow. Let's see. You have to travel a little tiny bit for a few seconds and maybe use ~80c for one camping supply for the return trip tiredness, or devs add a new feature for what is usually not going to be an issue. Hmmm. Brighthollow doesn't "cure" everything either, since you still won't have a vendor to resupply your camping supplies (yet) and may have to travel to vale just for that.
  5. Reality happens? Extremely large and comlex code projects are going to have bugs or support issues. I'm a coder so I can sympathize and since they didn't do early access (big mistake IMO since it can be very valuable for 'testing') a lot of bugs didn't get caught (more people pounding the game would've found more stuff ealier). However, even though bugs are going to happen, how you deal with them and communicate is more of the factor for me. I feel like the lack of communication from Obsidian is pretty sad, and the fact that there hasn't been a patch to at least handle the more brutal bugs, is also pretty sad. Steam is pretty amazing for patching and I'd imagine most players have the game thru Steam so failing to address the more nasty bugs day of release or day after to me is amost unheard of in this day and age.
  6. The things that bug me so far are some of the more huge bugs, the lack of communication on them from obsidian, and more so, the lack of a timely patch to deal with them. Beyond that I think the sooner some people realize this isn't D&D and stop trying to frame this game as D&D, the better off they'll be. I think Obsidian has created a great game with some really cool mechanics and systems, and with some nice tweaks and takes on elements commonly found in this type of game. I'm also not a masochist but to each his own! The economy thing to me isn't an issue because there are numerous gold sinks - crafting, learning spells, enchanting, stronghold, and you might buy consumables (camping supplies) or gear. There are also many mobs you don't need to kill, and you don't get xp for many mobs, so the loot can end up being the only reason to ever find and slay them. Why make loot miserable on top of the pain (it's tough to handle /twitch) of not getting xp for kills? I also don't see encumbrance as an issue. Do people seriously miss juggling crap in their packs or having to go to town just to sell if you want to loot anything? It's a lot of micromanagement and tedium that adds nothing. If you go out of your way to clear maps, you deserve your money from loot. If you really hate it you can do not use your stash. And punch yourself in the nads between fights just to show how hardcore you are. Stealth on party member level would be nice but is a big non issue IMO. Why? Because positioning isn't that hard, half of what people want to do is cheese, and if you don't get to do that ONE backstab you still need to consider that rogues are ridiculous dps if used even remotely well and get damage bonuses from tons of easily activated situations. It's a party based game, IF you have a rogue they are still dominating, and this is a really tiny factor.Crafting/enchanting - already costs you copper and I guess I'm not a masochist - I don't mind that I can craft some stuff anywhere. It's kind of like the stash thing. You could have more vendors/facilities littering the map like some cheeseball MMORPG such that you had to go to town every time you wanted to do every minor thing or sell your junk, or you can have fewer real towns and vendor locations and ditch all the hassle. Your entire party could be perpetually fatigued from travel while you micro manage pointless trivial details. I'm fine with it as it is. Might cannot designate both mental and physical strength. It's too hurtful to the very roleplay aspect to have a good wizard whose side-talent is breaking iron bars with his bare hands. - I totally disagree because not only is it fine for Might to represent power generically, it's more a RP thing to envision it as such and less to split it up into seperate stats. It's also so much better for gameplay and mechanics IMO. Might doesn't mean muscles. This isn't D&D. Stronghold - can't comment on this one yet - ...so basically you levy a bunch of criticisms and design suggestions on a game you've barely played (since the stronghold is pretty early in the game)...seems kind of hasty
  7. I haven't seen anything except a we have a fix from a thread days ago, which is also mentioned here: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/03/31/the-emperors-borked-clothes-pillars-of-eternity-uber-bug/ (and it's kind of sad that their lack of dealing with this has gone on so long that it's become a news item at gaming sites - this should have had an immediate fix, IMO, and for most devs thru steam these days it usually is) I understand how patches go (I'm a developer myself) but it's a bit concerning that they weren't able to fix the more brutal issues faster. Steam is pretty slick for patching purposes and I'd imagine most copies of this game are thru Steam. I consider some of these issues to be pretty severe and the complete lack of communication and slowness of getting anything done about them is odd to sad to annoying.
  8. This issue is even showing up on gaming sites now - and next to no mention of it by obsidian or mention of when a patch will drop. The only place I've seen confirmation of any of the more brutal issues is in this thread. Pretty sad communication and execution IMO.
  9. 1. If traps were too OP then they'd have to ratchet up encounter strength and all players would need to use traps all the time. I'll pass on that. 2. It's also somewhat silly to think you're invading this dungeon, scouting out your enemies, and setting up these elaborate trap setups. Maybe if the enemies all cloaked and stealthily approached when you aggro them and had a chance to disarm your traps on the way in rather than blindly stumbling thru them like a sloppy adventurer. 3. Somewhat agree but it's not that big a deal since rogues in this game can do insane damage nonstop AND get extra damage from a wide variety of easily produced disabled and even get sneak damage on ranged attacks. Generous indeed. It would be nice if your rogue could stay stealth going into battles, for sure, but it's hardly the end of the world. 4. Haven't had a problem with this since I do the more basic pull with tank and everything seems to stick to the tank most of the time. Seems like people have "interesting" ways of doing things in games like this that I would probably consider exploitive, cheesy, or not in the spirit/intention of the game. Not saying that's what the OP is doing, but either way - this is an RPG, not Dishonored or Assassin's Creed - stealth/sneak tactics are the focus. 5. So, why should the player get an advantage going into combat, which is what you get if you scout your enemy and fully buff up before combat. Shouldn't all the enemies sit around buffing and resting to refresh spells constantly so that they're all fully buffed up too? I don't like having spells locked for combat only since that's kind of goofy, but, it's a game mechanic for balance, and I can accept that. The enemies probably don't like that our parties recharge endurance to full in a few seconds after fights or that we can freely/safely rest anywhere in their domain. Give and take.
  10. Kinda feeling the same way about shelving for now. Some of these bugs are utterly brutal and I can't believe they made it to production. Maybe early access would've been a good idea to get more "testers" involved? It's also kind of annoying that Obsidian will use the "indie" thing when it's convenient in describing this game, its budget, or whatever, but when it comes to patching most indies would've had a patch out immediately, and in this they're behaving more like a corporate behemoth and doing a disservice to their players. So on top of some of these bugs existing at all it's kind of weak that these things haven't already been addressed. Love the game, don't love this lack of a quick patch situation.
  11. I feel this spell is balanced too. It's tougher to use. The level of the spell doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be a stronger spell. Fireball is way easier to use. People saying they can consistently use fan at 100% effectiveness in all situations such that it's dramatically OP vs fireball are full of it or exploiting/cheesing or they're theorycrafting utopian combat scenarios that don't reflect what actually happens in the game. As I said in another thread. I have more faith in obsidian - a proven dev with a track record of many great games - of some random armchair wanna be dev or modder. If they think it needs tweaked, it'll get tweaked. Obsidian knows better the full scope and ramifications of something like this in the big picture than somebody who's upset that fireball isn't a win button or that it's not exactly the way it exists in old D&D.
  12. Yeah, which means it's like D&D, and which means it's a sensible system where you need to think and use resources. Couple this with how resting works in this game (an attempt and preventing players from dumping everything they have ever battle then resting for 8 hours between each fight) and overall you have to manage your party's resources a wee bit or spend a ton of time waking too/from town. The opposite IMO is a system like DAI/DA2 where you can basically cast nonstop (they do kind of limit you with a cheesey mana/stam pool that recharges fast during combat) such that you basically spam every ability you have (and you have far fewer and less distinct abilities) off cooldown and there's next to zero tactical thought.
  13. I also don't consider might to be physical bulk and can usually remember I'm playing a game and that some things have to be abstracted or some disbelief suspended. I'll take obsidian;s large team of professional designers/coders with numerous successful games bought by hundreds of thousands of players over your 30 years of doing things your own way with a few friends. Or over what any armchair nobody wannabe designer/developer (modder) thinks the game should be like (in fact I'd go so far as to say I find many modders who think they know how to balance games created by other people better than those people to be very annoying most of the time) /shrug Plus, the idea of having strength be the only stat melee dps cares about along with int being the only stat casters care about (in your system) is part of the problem. No mage needs strength in D&D or typical systems and no melee needs int. At least in the PoE system there is SOME degree of need for more stats for more characters and more options for builds. PoE may not be perfect but it's refreshing to see some different ideas and approaches rather than just the generic, and I like that the game isn't D&D since as much as I love D&D and grew up playing pnp D&D it's not a perfect system by any means either. Some people are overly attached to it and are having troubles accepting a different take, that much seems to be happening.
  14. To update, I redid the fight on the throne dias area and after beating down raedric again I got the cutscene and quest completion. Taking Raedric away from his throne area is apparently a no go. On my first pass I'd setup in the room with the dead wife and dragged Raedric and friends there, and killed him away from his throne area, which apparently hoses the quest trigger or something. Or luck/bad luck.
  15. To update, I redid the fight on the throne dias area and after beating down raedric again I got the cutscene and quest completion. Taking Raedric away from his throne area is apparently a no go.
  16. I have a similar situation but I didn't turn down anything and had a quest to go there and confront raedric. After doing lots of dialog with and defeating raedric my party is in some semi still in combat state (chanter verses didn't clear and chanter skeles never disappeared but combat seemed to end and I looted the bodies) and the quest log never updated. I don't think I did anything cheesy. It's a tough fight so I had my people buff with food, laid a trap, gave my tank a speed potion, had him initiate dialog with everybody else in the room with the dead wife (screwy how the main char can have a convo from there but it's also annoying as hell to get forced into crap positioning for hard as hell battles due to dialogs), lead them to there and fought there.
  17. I've had this happen if an enemy is obscured by a wall or map feature. You can't click on the enemy to attack.
  18. I'm also having a problem here. I did all the dialog, did the battle and won, but combat didn't end right - my chanter still retains verses, summoned skeles didn't poof - and my quest log still says confront raedric even though I did just about every dialog option possible before picking the attack option. Most annoying since it's a hell of a battle and I don't really want to do it yet again, especially if it's just going to cheese out yet again.
  19. In this kind of game you usually have "freedom" and that often equates to having no clue where to be that's appropriate for your party's level and abilities. It's a good idea to quicksave regularly in case you get in way over your head and wipe. It's a good idea to keep at least one "main" save so you can back up a ways if you really hose something badly. This game has some pretty hard fights on even on normal - you need to be using all of the many abilities you get. Beyond that, explore what you can and find stuff you can defeat. You can always recruit a few custom heros at an inn to make a bigger party and fill in gaps in party composition (I did and I'm dropping them as I find more companions since I want to see their backstories/quests during my first time thru - kind of like BG style, then I may do a full custom run more like IWD style).
  20. Well clearly camping is a "game" concept of consumable resources - your firewood, food, water, bandages, etc aren't infinite. Your campsite probably does "remain" if you wanna RP it that way but it's just a small useless are with a burned out fire, some litter, and some buried poop. The idea is to make players balance resources as a whole, to manage health over the course of battles and have limited ability to dump ALL abilities every battle and freely rest. I actually really love the way they've set this up. You get the convenience of everybody healing up endurance automagically after fights so you don't have the tedium of sitting there casting healing spells and whatnot after every fight, yet you still have to pace your party resources vs resting to maximize/extend your trips out. Like other systems in this game, I think it's very slickly done and very cool. There are consumables and don't forget to you can craft too - if you're using TAB to highlight regularly you should be gathering plants plus other junk from looting. Look for the crafting button in your inventory screen and go to town. And that brings up another slick system. It's "gamey" to have enchanting and crafting cost money (where exactly does that money go when crafting in the middle of nowhere, for ex) but it's a good game system to help get rid of player money. This game has a lot of "gold sinks" via enchanting, crafting, hiring custom characters, and the keep (on top of buying from vendors) to make money something else that has to be managed and balanced. I like it.
  21. Agreed. I find the design of the classes, spell, mechanics - everything to be refreshing and pretty awesome. I've been playing pnp rpgs and crpgs for years and this is one of the slicker systems I've ever seen. Put your tank into defensive stance and gear them up with all your best defensive items. Let your tank initiate so mobs go for him. In this game you get a ton of abilities, spells, per battle abilities, per "rest" abilities - and you kinda need to use them because the combat isn't generally a pushover. You don't need to unload everything in every battle but since you can rest within reason there's no reason to hold back either - do what you need to do to survive and thrive.
  22. Can't you just put it in your bottomless stash and ultimately sell it (I've sold zero value items)? Seems like not that big a deal.
  23. It'd be nice if one could stay stealthed, like your rogue, but you're really not losing out on much since you can scout a ton anyways leaving the group behind and you get "sneak attack" bonus on so many different states that lack of a backstab open really isn't that big a deal.
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