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  1. Wonderful is an understatement, really. I would give this game 12/10 if I could. I've played 3 hours so far too, and now I'm in love with this game lol.
  2. Just like in the title, reloading the game seems to fix this problem until next achievement. Btw. excellent story so far, I'm amazed.
  3. Oh my, only 24h to go, stop whining. The reason some people (reviewers) got their copies before Backers is a pure marketing, not to annoy you, do you want to see PoE2 in the future? It will not be possible without good sales. Also, you've had access to BB before anyone else.
  4. This model was from Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword
  5. You can play if you run steam in offline mode, not sure if it's illegal
  6. You must know that those two guides presented in the video will be much thinner in English version of the game. It's because they're in Polish-English.
  7. Name: Rafkos Race: Human (Meadow Folk) Class: Cipher Culture: Aedyr Background: Clergyman Main weapon: two handed sword
  8. Why even care about Forgotten Realms? They've created their own lore and I'm really excited about it, I know that most of you want to feel the nostalgia again but, let's be honest, you'll never play such a game as BG again, you'll play PoE with its own lore and story. I hope they create a rich, immersive world in which they could make expansions and sequels and I hope this game will be far more great than BG.
  9. I did a portrait with my own face, looks a bit funny but still, it's always nice to have your own face in game. making of (for those interested): http://i.imgur.com/ID8dN90.jpg
  10. Does anyone know if letters like ąśęćńółźż are supported by those ligatures?
  11. Raw models are pretty easy to make, but textures are always a big obstacle for me Also, I'm going to check if there's a way to generate normals and other image types: http://media.obsidian.net/eternity/media/updates/0079/pe-passes.jpg
  12. Mount & Blade assets are great, shame we can't use them without a license
  13. I can make a tutorial if it's good enough
  14. Not sure if there's anyone interested in it, but It seems that I've found a way on how to "convert" photos to paintings. Maybe it doesn't match PoE style that much but at least looks better than a photo.
  15. Wow, the combat music was sooo great, really, great work. Also looks like they've finally fixed problems with pathfinding.
  16. You can try to search for the achievements here https://steamdb.info/app/291650/subs/ Also, there was an update 19 hours ago which was not the BB so I guess we will see some new things on PAX
  17. Central Europe - 22:30 Western Europe - 21:30 http://24timezones.com/world_directory/current_boston_time.php
  18. Yeah, that's what lots of people do, they wait for reviews and other opinions and then decide to buy it or not. I hope PoE will be a game of the year, if so, you guys should expect a very high income after week/two after the release. I've read all of the posts here and now I think that they really should use KS in their another game, not because of the money but because of the quality of a final product. I like how PoE is being made, wish the same for PoE2. I've already preordered it on Steam but now I know that it's going to be sold in shops for a lot less price with all the books and stuff, shame on me hehe, I guess I'll have to buy this game again in a year or two as a gold collection with all of the expansions/sequels in it.
  19. I think it's a Steam's fault, if you look at the pricing you'll see that in Europe you have the same price but in Euros, in England you have exact the same number but with changed symbol from euro to pounds, same with USA. Why do people that live in Poland or Czech Republic for example have to pay more than people in USA while their revenues are a lot smaller, that's simply not fair. It's better for them to buy this game in Russia or Ukraine because the cost is much lower, ofc there's always a risk of being banned by Valve for this.
  20. Paradox doesn't give them any money, they're just "publishing" Obsidian's product. The point is that Paradox would force them to make things different as they should be or force them to release it at any date they want, even if the product is not fully polished.
  21. Everything looks great, the first screen reminds me a dungeon under the Ulcaster School in BG somehow. Btw. I don't know why after IWD2 most of cRPGs were designed in ugly, low-poly 3D while BG and other games were so detailed in 2D. I guess there was some kind of a hype for "next gen" graphics.
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