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  1. @up Not sure about performance, I've never experienced any lag or fps drop in this game, my friend eighter
  2. Well, there are people in this world that can read 800words/sec, yes, per SECOND. It's a matter of practice and turning off a "lector's voice" inside your head
  3. I would like to see more customization for all the classes we already have
  4. "It's okay to torture, kill, rape, steal soul from an ADULT, but leave the kids alone" - what is wrong with this people??. How poor this woman is, really can't describe it. Go and find a job, do something. Personally I love murdering little kids and their parents in games. So leave it as it is.
  5. Just use the search option. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74879-patch-notes-for-103/
  6. Indeed, it's 2D image actually. I agree with you about transparency, should look like in Fallout 1-2 imho.
  7. You can try to control one of them if you have a Cipher and they should throw lightning spells on that guy, that's what I did.
  8. Edér and Aloth are my favourite characters so far, great job.
  9. Not sure if it's a bug or not, I have two rings and one helmet, both rings add +2 to constitution, helmet +1, when I equip all of them I get only +2. If it's not a bug then it should be described somewhere imho. Cheers
  10. It's not about swearing. It's about a difficult lore, this game is simply not for kids, they do not understand as much as adults. It's likę trying to make Silent Hill kids friendly.
  11. Devs, any chance it's going to be fixed in 1.03? A friend of mine is having problems with getting into the Stronghold due to shadows.
  12. Sometimes it's too easy and sometimes I get my ass kicked hard, lol. The game seems about right to me, maybe make shadows and ghosts a bit less OP.
  13. Too much text indeed. I'm gonna play Call of Duty 13 Crimea Invasion instead.
  14. Your thread sucks. I find battles to be hard and last about 1-2 minutes with normal fight and 5> while fighting with demanding ones, sometimes had to reload several times.
  15. I killed him at level 6, no need to hurry Just go to Dyrwood or do some quests in Defiance Bay.
  16. Oh my, really? What's wrong with this poem? Why do people with different beliefs, views always have such a big problem with everything and always feel harrased. I don't get it, it's just like with feminism. Please do not change this, it doesn't insult anyone, moreover that would be not fair for a backer who wrote this. Cheers, and don't feel offended with this post lol
  17. Ok, here's what I did to kill them gather your party into a tight formation so those douchebags won't kill your casters inside. Initiate encounter with your pet/useless character and cast some DPS buffs with your priest. Kill those bustards with fire spells (druid or mage). This fight took me about 5 mins, at the end only 2 my tanks were still alive.
  18. But how to use different one when your party dies after 2 secs of combat? It's so damn annoying to fight them, really, it makes me rage quit everytime I have to reload 20 times
  19. I find it nearly impossible, my party dies everytime I try to walk through this damn door. Any ideas?
  20. For me it's different, looks like people responsible for Polish translation of the game used to work with Baldur's Gate 1,2 too, since some of the key texts such as "gather your party before venturing forth" are translated same way. Good job CDprojekt!
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