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  1. Yeah, meanwhile I enjoy my DRM-free games.
  2. I had similar problem - it is one of bugged quests I could not complete - I tried all possible combinations (killing either party, taking him prisoner, convincing him to give himself up, allow him to flee) and it all ended with small cutscene and quest left in unfinished state. There is bug with this quest.
  3. Apparently, you didn't read what the characters involved in the quest were saying...
  4. For Eder you are looking in the wrong building in the wrong district. Correct about Wael quest though.
  5. AFAIK - not a bug. Zrin admits and I have strong suspicion that patriot247 also stole books before doing quest. That's how I messed it up as well. Had to redo all of Defiance bay because of that.
  6. I have no idea what this is supposed to be, but there is un-named and invisible enemy, which can be seen by highlighting intractable items. http://i.imgur.com/Bx3cre9.png. Running 1.03.
  7. Another example with Kana's gun flash being somewhere else. http://i.imgur.com/N78aO9y.png
  8. I've noticed that with 1.03 patch spell effects that affect me are being duplicated and shadowed off characters. Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/DAupVAM.png Not always and not with all the same spells and/or abilities. Setting graphics quality to different value (I use max) doesn't seem to affect this.
  9. You guess wrong. But I've been involved with enough national level PR issues.
  10. As I am still waiting for 1.03 patch to be made available by GOG, I have only internet screenshots to go on. From what I read and if my hang on English and poetry is good enough, Firedorn, you made it even better now. I just hope SJW don't read the new poem too closely. I would buy you a beer. To Obsidian While you fixed the issue and I went from 'chuckle' while reading original poem to 'laughing' while reading the new one, you overacted. And I am saddened by that. You promised a product, which explores mature themes like soulless babies, soul implantation, rape, experimentation on
  11. I reaaaaaaaaaly do hope to get my hands on patch before weekend. One of four days I could spend on this game is halfway already gone...
  12. Yes there is. Read the patch notes. You run into this if you loot temple before accepting quests.
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