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  1. If you plan on being any kind of front liner then don't dump CON, there are supposed to be plenty of CON checks as well. If you are tank it has been put forth that you actually do better maxing RES over CON for deflection purposes. I don't know how much more efficient it is. ETA: for tanks* and b/c ambushes, Engagement, and optional permadeath
  2. Have to admit I'm a Lil baffled over this line of discussion. Backers gave to the KS in return for (quite explicitly if I'm to be honest) an old school isometric party-based cRPG, which is exactly what Obsidian is giving them. The only specific promise about release was that it would be out March 26th and it will be. You can't move the goalposts from what was originally promised to whatever you feel like is right, for obvious reasons. They didn't let you do level design so why would they give you reign over any other tasks of development? You (presumably) don't know how to design a game like this which is why so many gave money to Obsidian to do it. They're game developers and this is a stage of development, let them handle it. And in response to whoever it was "only see[ing] the same names on this forum" happy with Obsidian... R u jk? Willful ignorance isn't an argument it's a lifestyle choice. What a weird thing to argue so long and hard about, the game comes out tomorrow. Be happy, take deep breaths.
  3. DL'ed in like ten minutes, but was disappointed to see a placeholder icon instead of the pillars icon on my desktop. Does the icon have to be embargoed?! Anyway, so excite.
  4. Thanks for the vid, I was really just watching to see the Stat effects but they kind of show their own effect. A couple of questions: Worthwhile to lower any stats below base? Con on ranged for instance? I know you can't test every build but any thoughts on the Swift Aim + Gunner Ranger with max dex? (I know you are not big on ranged ranger) And I know you said you would cover it in the next vid and I will wait for that if it's too much trouble but for the love of god can someone please explain to me how interrupt works? _ interrupt CHAR with _ interrupt GEAR vs. _ concentration MOB = _% for interrupt Ty again.
  5. I don't think this is really a NBA crowd but rest assured at least one person got it. Anthony Davis to OKC! ETA: but KD to the Wiz Sure it is. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68989-pro-hoops-2k14-2k15/ Leferd is a Sawyer-Lowe propagandist and not to be trusted.
  6. I don't think this is really a NBA crowd but rest assured at least one person got it. Anthony Davis to OKC! ETA: but KD to the Wiz
  7. Wild Orlan Ranger, (Lil?) Bripa, with the antelope. He was hunting and wuz bout to shoot the antelope when a huge ol' monster burst out and he kills it, then feels pity and nurses the antelope back to health from where the monster got it. Now he rides the antelope into battle and shoots things. Ranger with arquebus. Bc wild orlan, rujk?
  8. I was like 10 the first time I played FF7 and that was such an amazing experience because it was like a movie or a book I wanted to play all night just to find out what happened. I know jrpgs are the devil around here or whatever. Played pretty much every jrpg to see a western release for 6-8 years probably. The Fire Emblems and Wild Arms and pretty much any Nippon Ichi title. Uh, when I was a kid I got Baldur's Gate and liked it. Playing it now I appreciate it a bit more. Just have always been into swords and sorcery. Being the hero, epic scale, climactic battles, etc. Now I kind of just like fantasy settings for the face they can put on universal issues. Also monsters. I love monsters, monster pseudobiology, monster design, etc. As an adult I just started hating the mostly boring conventions of jrpgs and played mostly 4X or StarCraft/War Craft 3 (like everyone else I had like a 2 year Dota phase when it first started). So Steam. Some witcher, aow3 definitely. I was big into Awesomenauts (and was league 1 tyvm!) And then Divinity Original Sin came out. Blew my mind/devoured my life. So I Google upcoming rpgs after I was done with that. It sent me to this 10 RPGs to watch for in 2014 slideshow, Pillars of Eternity was #8, I googled it and here I am.
  9. Conveniently sidestepped the questions about Josh Sawyer's relation to Rob Lowe that so many in the community have been demanding answers for. First cousin? Second cousin? Brother?! We can hear your cadence sir, and we want answers.
  10. In every instance where this q has been posed to the dev team including this past PAX East panel, the answer has been basically no. I don't know what minute of the panel discussion but I believe someone asks, in the context of Minsc/Edwin the same q and the answer has been no, your companions won't fight to the death. I have never heard a hard no to them leaving your party but I would assume that they probably won't unless you REALLY want them to (kill their family, tell them to leave, try to kill them, etc) Eta: this was in responsee to the will companions leave you thing not the rep thing cuz yeah there is
  11. Ok so did Josh Sawyer grow up in the same area as Rob Lowe? Are they related? Cuz I couldn't put my finger on it but those two dudes have the exact same cadence.
  12. I call for romance threads to be renamed flame wars vol. __ and the actual word "romance" to be filtered to "cucumber" so anyone who reads it can laugh.
  13. As someone playing through BG EE atm, the Neera "romance" is not really a support for the pro romance crowd.
  14. @Morality I did like that game quite a bit, a lot of the terrible random mechanics from LUACT were tossed. LUACT still my fav (of TO/OB) though for challenge/story. I'm playing BG:EE. Fun. All evil, Dorn/Vic/Shar Teel/ Kagain/ Neera. I like evil even though there's rarely a choice to be full blown evil. Kagain in mid-late game is a monster. Can't get over how bad Shar Teel proficiencies are tho. Basically forces dual wield on you. Can't wait for PoE!
  15. Wasn't there mention of interrupts breaking engagement for 1-2 seconds when interrupt is finally fixed? I think this liberates the battlefield and makes perception a much more valuable Stat and still offers some stickiness to the front line. As long as there is an obvious indicator (selector circle flashing on interrupted unit) and your units are not auto-absorbed into some other unit's engagement I feel like this is a good compromise (between battlefield freedom and stickiness) and should at least lesson the rage from the anti-engagement camp. Maybe? Please?
  16. My impression was that the continent was supposed to be roughly analogous to North America, with a far afield "civilized" world discovering it's existence at roughly the same time and the most developed trying to become the dominant colonial power.
  17. Ok I guess since (barring bugfixes) this is the best feel we're going to get for the game, my questions are as follows: I gather the Ranger is still the worst class. Is it unique enough to be worth it anyway? I'll definitely play through more than once with different classes but had my heart on Ranger first. Since the HP link between ranger and companion has been tossed, can someone explain what makes tHe ranger subpar? I know it's been explained a hundred times but for the pitiable intellects out there (in here ;_... what is the roll for interrupt? If I have 50 interrupt and foe has 50 concentration, for example.
  18. I've heard this a lot but it's simply not true. Playing dead is a useful (viable enough to be an evolutionary imperative in some species) tactic for survival against certain larger, stronger animals that attack out of territorial and not predatory instinct. Most animals would be very much more likely to focus on the active theat and not the unconscious lump. And I'm general: Out of all the beefs with PoE this is the one I understand least. How is this any less immersion breaking than the idea of someone dying and being brought back to life? As has been said, this system of logic means that essentially any death in the narrative is reversible and meaningless. It doesn't change gameplay. It isn't any more immersion breading than the alternative. It just refuses to let people come back from the dead... which seems like a pretty solid idea.
  19. First NWN main was halfling (rogue) although I prefer monstrous races (practically begged for a goblin in D:OS but it never happened). I have just always wanted a game where I could play a goblin or orc or troll with the same depth as a human or elf. Doesn't ever really happen (AoW3 ♡). So looking forward to my Wild Orlan cipher (if ranger isn't fixed) experience.
  20. Not really something worth worrying about. Playing through and grabbing open opportunities should land you somewhere in the low 20's which is more than you need to wrap up the main plot. Divinity being quite flexible and all. In regards to the subject at hand, it has been talked to death, resurrected, and promptly talked into its grave once more. It won't change (OP actually late to the party) at this point in development. If this is a deal breaker for you then, well... The deal has been broken. I was originally uncomfortable with no combat XP but I love the aesthetic and the genre and the lore so I feel like that's enough to take a chance on the game. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to expand your horizons.
  21. Some people really need to go back to school and learn reading and comprehension. Stun didn't say Skyrim is the best crpg ever made. He said it wasn't a waste of development time. And it wasn't a waste of development time. He used the money made by the game as the sole means to represent its worth, a logical construct wherein the Avengers would exist as one of the greatest films ever made... But ok. Lets just say that I am wrong and that he is not saying the money Skyrim made justifies it outright. Where he's saying because it made money it cannot be considered a waste. He's not saying that. Reading and comprehension are so hard. And how I imagine it to be? Yeah I'm totally making things up, there's a ton of variety between playthroughs of different races besides offhand comments made by NPCs. I care so much about Skyrim that I just had to make up the fact that there is so little difference between races because while I was playing through it I was so focused on this element of the game that I began to imagine things. I personally think you are imagining a much, much better game when you think of it. It would be wonderful if we had a word that described our personal perception and tastes... Like opinion, for instance.
  22. ROFLA 5 year development cycle that results in a $1 BILLION payout is not, by any definition, a waste of development time.Under this logic The Avengers is one of the best films ever made. If you can live in a world where there is a cogent argument for this then we have nothing to argue over, we simply disagree on the basic elemental makeup of reality. ETA: Just so we're clear I acknowledge that Skyrim, as a means to line the pockets of its developers was an overwhelming success. Just like Coke and Pepsi, TES is a brand that has and will continue to carry out this function, that of making money, for the foreseeable future. But I also don't think that stops coke, Pepsi, or Skyrim from being poison. ETA#2: I actually don't dislike Skyrim that badly. My main gripe is its titanic mediocrity. And utter soullessness. But I don't really have it in me to bash it much further, it would be both a false sentiment and a moot point.
  23. What about the mechanical differences? Kajits and Argonians get different racial bonuses. That would be a tremendous waste of development time. I think Argonians get a resistance to poison... Doesn't really impact play too significantly. Skyrim was a masterclass in tremendous wastes of development time. A lake with a hundred mile radius, an inch deep.
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