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  1. Do you have a source for this? Where have you read this information? Thank you for your answer.
  2. As per title. I have no menu names, cna't read options... there is no text at all O_o
  3. As per title. I get that there is no romance (and no, of course i don't want to talk about romance, i accept the fact that there isn't and that's it). But i was curious about the NPCs you can have in the party. Are they influenced by your actions and answers to other people? I mean, can you anger them to the point that they leave the party or even betray you? Or can you make them so fond of you that they basically would lie their life for you? Is there a clear influence/alignment system? Thank you all for your answers, if there are answers
  4. As per title. Will i get the Royal edition? the champion? Moreover, i got the version with two Keys, will both of them be champion/royal, or only one of the two? It was the 125$ tier.
  5. I can't understand how can someone seriously state that obsidian writing can't make someone "feel" for their characters. I felt the deepest "feelings" one can feel for a game character in KOTOR 2, and even characters from New Vegas were memorable, many of them. How can someone say that PoE is a dungeon romp is Beyond me. It's heresy.
  6. Lol, It entertains me to unreasonable ends that Sensuki is now Subway. Eat fresh, my friend. ROTFL. Do not underestimate the power of a late night post under influence of.... spirits. But lo and behold, if you are entertained, then all's well. i just have this fear, seriously speaking, of "early spring" becoming "early winter" and then "early 2016" and so on and so on.
  7. Yeah, of course no intention of being rude. But i am starting to wonder if a published has some merits, after all. I get your point, Subway, more time for development means less bugs... but no game comes out bugless or issueless. QA never solves everything, nor do beta testers find everything that's wrong. A publisher could have forced a release date, and after that they could put Patches and such, but at least we would be playing. Do i remember incorrectly that hey said that the game is already playable from start to finish? If so it is in a good enough state for me. Then, in a year, they can release a director's cut for free like CD Projekt does with The Witcher. Cough cough.
  8. A release date would be mostly appreciated, although we already HAD a release date for october. Then it became early 2015. Then it became early SPRING 2015.
  9. Sorry if i post on a topic i opened myself... but i am confused. Surely someone else must have noticed this? Or well... i was hoping in some feedback. Of some kind
  10. I have played the beta for some hours, using a Death godlike. One thing i found strange is that people did not react with disgust or hate or at least with a lack of "faith" in me. In Neverwinter Nights 2 if you were a tiefling or a drow you received answers that took into account your race, facing racism, mistrust, hate, prejudices. I found it Always very nice to have in a game. But here.. even if i am somewhat a monster, and something that "is killed normally at Birth", no one minds my appearance. Isn't that strange?
  11. Oh. Thank you. I will just make answers then. I believe many of what i find will be also found by Others but... well. I am just trying to help. Thank you again.
  12. I will update this single topic with all bugs i will find. I believe this will make things more "ordinate". My gaming rig: Custom made clevo laptop, assembled in Italy by Santech. CPU: i7 4710qm RAM: 8GB Hard Disk: 120gb SSD + 500GB 7200rpm Video card: Geforce GTX 860m Playing resolution: 1920*1080 Operating System: Windows 8.1 (Italian) Drivers Always updated to latest version. If needed ask for my dxdiag and i will add it. I hope i can help you make an even better game. Sincerely. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISSUE NUMBER ONE When going in the option menu, when clicking on "Game, Graphics" etcetera, the names on the tabs disappear. Screenshot: http://i58.tinypic.com/2ymc9e9.jpg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISSUE NUMBER TWO The game does not work well with ALT+TAB. When trying to return to the game after pressing ALT+TAB the game will not reopen. This happens while playing full screen. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISSUE NUMBER THREE not found yet
  13. Hahaha, i well understand you, chummer. We are in the very same boat. Just made my pledge and can't wait to have the game
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