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  1. This ties into a point I want to make; If rest is unlimited, why bother with the mechanic at all? It's just a button you press after every fight to get everything back up. Random encounters? Only encourage you to rest compulsively if you don't want to be caught at 1/3 health with no spells. I just don't see the point of resting at all, if it is not limited in some way. I mean, cripes, it's not about realism surely. Exactly. Their has to be a limit somewhere. How does resting for 5 minutes restore characters to full health after being near death with no supplies no food, meds nothing. Although I am in favor of limiting rest I do think the system could be improved or changed.
  2. The resting resource is good because it adds strategy. Its unrealistic to rest everywhere anytime. Its unrealistic and tedius to rest after every fight. If your finding it tedius to go back to an inn and rest its because you missed the whole point. The point is that your NOT SUPPOSED to go BACK to the INN. Your supposed to be complete the area/dungeon first. If you cant complete the area/dungeon your either there too early and its too hard or you have room to improve your play, or finally you should play at a lower difficulty. If it were up to me I would have made it harder. If you back track out of a dungeon without completing it because you ran out of rest supplies I would have made it so you would be attacked on your way out. This way either your good enough to complete the dungeon or good enough to recognize early enough you have no chance and to come back later. This way adventuring would feel even riskier. If you don't complete a dungeon I would make the enemies slowly respawn back. I might even make it so that if u dont clear enough of the area around you to rest you have a higher chance of being attacked while resting. Its too bad you cant barricade yourself in rooms before resting to make it "safer". Survival stealth and lore could have helped with your chance of being attacked. Mechanics to make you safer barricading yourself in.
  3. That would be terrible and would really hamper any sort of fighter who wanted to do any damage. Currently a fighter needs high resolve and perception in order to get a good deflection, cause interruptions and defend against interruptions via concentration. To do decent damage you need a high dexterity and might. This leaves intelligence and/or constitution as dump stats to fund the stats that you think are more worthy. Dropping intelligence drastically reduces your durations but is a fair trade off. Dropping constitution to high single digits, 7-9, is a calculated risk, you'll have less endurance but you can survive by being either having more deflection or doing more damage faster. Your proposal would force fighters to pump up constitution or else be dropped as fast as a wizard without the benefit of staying safely in the rear. The only place to get the points would be from dex and might, the two stats that increase your damage. This would force fighters into being only damage sponges. The effect on glass cannon casters would be negligible or even give them a boost depending on the default starting endurance level. The ranged classes already have a big advantage in the game, no reason to nerf fighters who try to do decent damage while still being able to survive in melee. The proposal of having constitution reduce armor penalties would be interesting if it was comparable to the speed increase from dexterity. A fighter could then drop dexterity in favor of constitution to maintain a balanced tanking/dps or drop the tanky stats in order to go as fast as possible. This would open up many options for builds. But Isn't that the point? If you want a heavy hitting fighter get an avg constitution of 10 or so, if you want a tank that soaks damage like a sponge pump it up to 20 and risk not being able to spread your points into other stats to do stats.... seems balanced You could always play with the numbers to bump up the base constitution so its not so unforgiving, but I Believe something along these lines would be useful. Plus it kinda makes since a high constitution character will have lots of health vs one that has little. endurance = level * constitution points * someSmallMultiplier. Maybe wizard someSmallMultiplier = 1.0 A rogue someSmallMultiplier =1.5 Fighter someSmallMultiplier = 2.0 This way the more hardy classes will be more hardy because they will get more endurance/health per point of constitution.
  4. Well one reason for asking that's not mean is: What if the person asking is very young and looking at getting into programming or game development.
  5. Here is a thought. A lot of you are saying constitution is worthless mainly because classes that need it already have an endurance bonus which helps them vs. the squishier classes. So a way to make constitution more useful would be to not give other classes differing amounts of endurance. Lets say all classes start with a flat amount of endurance it could be 0 it could be 10 it could be 100 it doesn't really matter as long as its NOT ENOUGH for melee in particular. The endurance you get is then fully based off your constitution so something like endurance = level * constitution points. or maybe even endurance = level * constitution points * someSmallMultiplier. This would force melee classes like fighters, paladins, monks to spend more because having 3 points of constitution would suck and they wouldn't be able to perform their task. Where as having very little constitution for wizards wouldn't matter as much.
  6. Someone with supernatural fighting ability, probably. In a game where you have wizards and psychics and people who literally fight by singing a song, monks are the part that seems unrealistic? agreed!
  7. Maybe better spiritshift and unlockable forms? http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74477-druid-spiritform-balance/ Also in the dev update 74: http://eternity.obsi...ip-with-paradox It was stated: "Over the course of the game, druids can acquire additional spiritshift forms to give them more options."
  8. Steam for convenience. But I've got nothing against gog, and buy non steam games there.
  9. I too would like to see the druid fixed. Even if the druid has to give up something else for balance reasons. I dont like useless abilities and if done right they would be awesome. Also in the dev update 74: http://eternity.obsidian.net/news/update-74-the-mob-rulers-wizards-and-druids-and-our-partnership-with-paradox It was stated: "Over the course of the game, druids can acquire additional spiritshift forms to give them more options." Is this possible anymore?
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