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  1. It seems to be far worse in windows 1903. Instead of dropping frames it literally stops for a couple seconds. This is terrible and should be fixed. I don't know how they plan on porting to consoles with this kind of performance.
  2. I have a large library of games I have not played. I can hold out until its on steam
  3. Ya this NEEDS to get fixed. I'm sorry but how do you release part 2 of a game that does not work properly on the latest hardware at the time, and nearly a year after release still have no fix in sight?
  4. I won't buy from epic games. All these pc store fronts are ridiculous just to play some games. Please put on steam and or other platforms, this exclusive store front business is crazy. So lets see we have steam, epic games, ea origins, ubisoft, bethseda, gog and what else.
  5. I like the idea of action points as well. This way faster abilities/characters can do more things in combat. Also in addtion to action points remove all/most free actions.
  6. Yes I agree as well. There should be a way to make faster characters/abilities faster. This seems watered down. I like the idea of action points, rather then just 1 point.
  7. so we can't just improve the old system to make it dangerous to leave dungeons? So instead we do a 180 and chuck the old system away.
  8. I like the old system better. Special abilities and spells felt special because they were limited. if you were running back to the inn constantly its because you were not playing well and don't understand the system. Everything is spam now with less sense of adventure and no wearing down of the watcher.
  9. My guess is they are on vacation. Since its summer and before 4th of July. This patch has been kinda dragging though lol
  10. Good to hear when I saw all the changes coming after release I decided to delay playing this game so I had a more complete version. With every major addition it seems it was worth waiting for.
  11. I ended up getting both. The reason, I've yet to actually truly play. Once upon a time I pre-ordered. Then got into Divinity Original Sin. Then it came out with lots of bugs. Then summer came and 2.0 and the expansion were announced. Well fall is coming soon so I will finally play with a more complete version lol.
  12. It really depends on whether it should scale or be a simple threshold. Typically percentages help scale better and make it more fair.
  13. I wish the devs would mention whats going on with druid, if things are working as intended or not. Right now many people think its kinda broken or not too useful
  14. Ya it needs to be useful in someway. A choice of specializing in spellcasting or shifting would be nice. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74477-druid-spiritform-balance/page-3?do=findComment&comment=1680695
  15. DAO suffers from trying to have 2 combat styles in 1. It wants to be either: more of an action game where you mainly control 1 party member in 3rd person mode Or more of a strategic game you go in overhead view and micromanage party members Since its split between 2 different styles of play this brings a challenge. Where Action players want lots of combat and lots of abilities spammed per party member per fight. Strategic players want fights and abilities to be more meaningful and strategic. So less fights but harder meaningful and interesting fights, and less ability spam but abilities with more strategic value.
  16. Apparently in the 1.05 beta notes nothing yet . i was hoping for something but not yet. Maybe the devs can answer if its somewhere in their road map? It would be nice if they allowed druids to specialize in either being a better spiritshifter or spellcaster through making choices on which talents you take. That way neither needs to be nerfed, you pick a play style or combination.
  17. Exactly people are exploiting the rest system by back tracking to the inn. So the devs need to prevent people from exploiting. This could either be by stopping them from going back, respawning the enemies if the player leaves the area incomplete or spawn enemies at the player on the way out for not completing the area.
  18. I'm kinda wondering the same thing. I'd like to know what they plan on fixing because I stopped playing for more patches. I know theirs some broken things, things that could be better, balance changes and the xp progression needs to be slowed. So I wish they would atleast state what they plan on fixing so I can plan on playing lol.
  19. Valsuelm those are good points. Coming from alot of NWN where you could basically rest anywhere and restore everything I hated that system. I'll honestly take any system that's thoughtful over NWN and DA.
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