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  1. I'm surprised at how much the developers participate in the forums.
  2. Reviving an old sith? They already did that in Jedi Academy. Besides, these Sith Lords would probably want to conquer the galaxy by themselves.
  3. Make the single saber stronger. It was annoying how weak it was compared to the other two variations. Add more single saber stances as well, I hated KOTOR's single saber stance.
  4. He is Sidious' apprentice and that makes him Sith. I still can't believe they named him Dooku...
  5. Damn, I thought I had all the advantages shot down. Anyway, having a curved blade would be too "controversial" to some of the Star Wars "veterans." The double bladed lightsaber is barely tolerable to them. <_< Besides, we can already somehow stop light without any explanation. We can't just decide that we are able to bend it, ya know.
  6. Hair to your knees? You want to be Sephiroth or something?
  7. If you want it to look good and run better, get the PC version. PC > Consoles.
  8. Lightsabers cut through everything (cortosis = stupid) and are easy to unsheath which nullifies the need to have a curved blade. Oh yea, they are weightless, so no wind resistance or anyother problems. Katanas are better than European swords though.
  9. Anyone here play the Legacy of Kain series? The voice talent in those games are amazing. I would love to hear some of those voices in Sith Lords.
  10. Having a curved lightsaber blade would have no use other than aesthetic purposes.
  11. Just a tip. Separate paragraphs, commas, and periods are your friend.
  12. Well, it'll be the same in KOTOR 2. It'll be nice if they can give you a neutral ending though. Being "grey" has so much disadvantages.
  13. KOTOR lets you become a neutral character, but you still ended up becoming pure light or pure dark by the end. Neutral isn't real in KOTOR.
  14. Nah It still seems the same to me with a few new animations. Check these vids out... http://www.xblgamers.com/E3/KotOR2/
  15. This pic looks like she is ready to use that arm cannon of hers. http://xboxmedia.ign.com/xbox/image/articl...11105208900.jpg
  16. I heard someone say that we are able to advance to other sections without the presence of our party members.
  17. Ehh So what Maul was an apprentice? This doesn't mean he cannot use a lightsaber effectively. He was able to take two Jedi at the same time... his arrogance was his weakness. Anyway, the rule of two seem to give use two really powerful sith. I guess this is to make up for the Jedi having power in numbers.
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