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  1. I like HK-47, and I like his attitude, but I had to go with R2-D2. He has been my favorite since I first saw the movies. He is cool, quarky, has a nasity mouth ect.
  2. I'v never had a girlfriend. But I could try.
  3. I have to say that Leia is the sexest! And Jaina is next! Then Bastila.
  4. I feel for the girl. It must be hard with a kid and a Mom that owns her. And she is pretty. I like British accents! Unfortunatly, I do not live in the U.K, and I'm not old enough!
  5. No it does not! I have read ALL of the books, and it is very cool. I like the NJO time line, though I still like the KOTOR timeline, I have no sithing idea what happens afterwards.
  6. Its alright. :"> As I said before, I'm not a very good writer. I am trying to copy the form that most star wars books take, because they seem to work. I will start the second chapter soon.
  7. Ok, Here is the first chapter. I will tell you that I am not a very good writer, but I took my time, and this is the result. I can't fugure out how to add a hyper link, so I am pasting it here. It's probably crap, so don't get on me too hard please! Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Journey of Revan Chapter One My name is Revan. I am a collage of light and dark, for my history is twisted and evil. I hardly know who or what I am anymore. I have been so many things: jedi, sith, jedi again, soldier, adventurer, and lover. My life has taken many paths that lead me to this one. Life is but a bitter sweet memory for me. I live in a shell, the remains of a once proud man. A ship tore through the star cluster at blinding speed. Battered and worn, the ship was an old Czerca Star Traveler 500 light freighter. At the controls sat an enigma of a man, his dark eyes scanning the controls for signs of trouble. This kind of travel was dangerous, jumping blind into an unknown star system, but was necessary giving the fact that there were no known charts of the area. Nebulas, planets and asteroid fields washed by in a blinding blue and white tunnel, and then retracted to a solitary system. The ship reverted to real space, and began to scan the area. After confirming the lack of living presence, the ship laid a course towards the nearest planet in the system and entered its atmosphere. Dodging mountain ranges and storms, the ship finally settled down on an obscure landing pad in a cloud of dust kicked up by the repulsocoils. In the ****pit, the man turned slightly and spoke to his dark companion who stood in the shadows.
  8. I am always lightside. I like the DS, but I hate Hanhar, though the handmaden looks very hot as DS (w00t) (Very sexy!)
  9. You have to go down the tunnels on either the right or the left. At the end, there is a console with a lever. Move it, and the door opens.
  10. Hav'nt there already been five or so of this topic? Anyway, I always use ophilia and upari crystals. If I am dark side, I get the bad ass crystal from the cantina on Onderon. And, lets not forget the parts! That is where the real power is! Get the improved gem beam lense, the ultimate (red) power cell, and a duleing emitter, and I have gotten on saber up to 25-27! It kicked ass!
  11. Yeah, they are in two places. The liberary on Korriban. You have to create a new student account in the computer near where Meikle was. Access the learning material, kick some assassin ass, and carefuly open the box. The second place is on Dantooine near Koonda. See the Sullestien (the guy with the bug eyes and big ears outside) after you have discovered if hydrospanner in a droid in Koonda after most of the level is done. (you'l figure it out). You can kill him, and loot his body, or be nice to him, hear his woe is me tale, and give him money, and he will give you the charges I think!
  12. I would like the see Eowen in the KOTOR games! She kicks serious ass, and is very hot!
  13. They did make up for it on a few planets, like Telos station, each module had a little computer that you could quickly trasfer from one module to the other if you had already been to that area. On duxn, after you beat the jungle, and want to go back to your ship, you can ask the mandalorian guide to take you back. Once you leave, and come back, he is at your landing site so as to take you there very quickly. On Onderon, in the palace, each of the wings that have the computers, there is an officer that will take you were you want. On Narr Shadda, there is a speeder that you can repair, but it takes a while, and they get stripped quickly.
  14. And I cannot stand their ****ing attitude of "were nutral, and you can't harm us, and were so perfect and we are so ****ing nieve!
  15. LOOK AT THIS REVAN SUIT OFF OF EBAY! I WANT IT! Some guy made it for a fan film, and is selling it for 500 dollars!
  16. Ok, I just finished a game at 3:00 pm. I started at 6 pm. last night. I had no sleep and a few crapper breaks! :D
  17. Hmmmmmmmmm....... I don't know. Try not making her a jedi. If you want her to be a jedi, get the save game editor. (use the forum search, there have been many topics on it). Once you get it, go to NPC, select Handmaden, and go to class. Add jedi gardian class to her, and then you can add powers that way. Now, I don't know if the jedi cutsceans with her will work or not, but now you have a jedi handmaden.
  18. Yeah, some dude quit his job to play more games, got to 50 hours of Halo, and died of a brain anurism.
  19. I just finished an all nighter! 9:45pm to 10:30am! I started a new game, and now I am at Malacor V! I need some sleep!
  20. I think its worse. It does not do much. I played through once without, then once with it, and I did not see much difference. And, it also created more bugs than the regular game! (big shock here! l) I just deleted it. It was crap.
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